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(eBook - Gurdjieff - EnG) - Gurdjieff - Gurdjieff Meetings in Paris Vol. 1

(eBook - Gurdjieff - EnG) - Gurdjieff - Gurdjieff Meetings in Paris Vol. 1

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Published by blueyes247

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Published by: blueyes247 on Mar 29, 2009
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 Eight Meetings in Paris
1943, 1944, 1946
G. I. Gurdjieff
Thursday, April 8, 1943Thursday, July 22, 1943Saturday, Sept. 18, 1943Thursday, Dec. 9, 1943Thursday, Jan. 18, 1944May 25, 1944Thursday, July 13, 1944Monday, Dec. 9, 1946
============ ~ * ~ ===========
Meeting of Thursday, April 8, 1943
Lebeau: Can one work in a Turkish bath and what is best to do?M. G. The "hammam" is an excellent place for work if one can work there. (Particularlywhen one is in the warmest room or between the hands of the masseur.) Self remember without ceasing. Even do exercises there. (Tracol says that he fearshere especially imagination in the work. M.G. replies to him that even in thiscase it would not be very dangerous because the time passed there is short.) In
order to be able to work there give yourself your word before going there. Think.while there. Set yourself a task because in the beginning it is difficult; however if one succeeds, one can do some excellent work there. Animalism expands, one iscompletely inside his agreeable corporal sensations and to work here offersdifficulties.Phillippe: How does one understand the words: "sacrifice thy suffering."M.G. (First where do these words come from?) (From a talk with M.G.) Sacrifice your suffering for your neighbor, your voluntary suffering, not for yourself, but for others. (This rule used to form part of the oath pronounced formerly by doctorswhen they were astrologers and a long time ago when they had to promise tosacrifice their sleep, their fatigue, their suffering, for others.Phillippe: Why does the major part of human suffering revolve around love and things of sex?M. G. Why this question? It does not concern you personally. Ask it in another way:Phillippe: Why are the major part of the associations, which interfere with the work, sexualassociations?M. G. This question is subjective. It is not so for all men. It is an abnormality which isa result of infantile masturbation.But what is the connection between this and suffering. There is not trace of suffering here.Each man has in him three excrements which elaborate themselves and whichmust be rejected. The first is the result of ordinary nourishment and eliminatesitself naturally, and this must be each day, otherwise there follow all sorts of illnesses. (The physician knows this well.) For the same reason that you go tothe bathroom for this maintenance, you must go to the bathroom for the secondexcrement which is rejected from you by the sexual function. It is necessary for health and the equilibrium of the body; and certainly it is necessary in some to doit each day, in others each week, in others again every month or every six months.It is subjective. For this you must choose a proper bathroom. One that is goodfor you. A third excrement is formed in the head; it is rubbish of the foodimpressions, and the wastes accumulate in the brain. (The physician ignores it, just as he ignores the important role of the appendix in digestion, and rejects it aswastes.)It is not necessary to mingle the acts of sex with sentiment. It is sometimesabnormal to make them coincide. The sexual act is a function. One can regard itas external to him, although love is internal. Love is love. It has no need of sex. Itcan be felt for a person of the same sex, for an animal even, and the sexualfunction is not mixed up there. Sometimes it is normal to unite them; thiscorresponds to one of the aspects of love. It is easier to love this way. But at thesame time it is then difficult to remain impartial as love demands. Likewise if one
considers the sexual function as necessary medically, why would one love aremedy, a medicine? The sexual act originally must have been performed only for the purpose of reproduction of the species, but little by little men have made of ita means of pleasure. It must have been a sacred act. One must know that thisdivine seed, the Sperme, has another function, that of the construction of asecond body in us, from whence the sentence; Happy he who understands thefunction of the "eccioeccari" for the transformation of his being. Unhappy he whouses them in a unilateral manner.Aboulker: Why do religions forbid the sexual act?M. G.: Because originally we knew the use of this substance, whence the chasteness of the monks. Now we have forgotten this knowledge and only remains the prohibition which attracts to the monks quantities of specific disorders andillnesses. Look at the priests where they grow "fat like pigs", (the concern abouteating dominating them) or they are "skinny as the devil" (and they have insidelittle love for 
their neighbor), the fat are less dangerous and more gentle.

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