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Final Paper (No Track Changes)

Final Paper (No Track Changes)

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Published by Conor Chambers

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Published by: Conor Chambers on Apr 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chambers 1
Conor ChambersMs. CarusoEnglish 1102March 20, 2013CAP Letter 
: This letter is written to deans of different universities to convince them to sidewith my cause of banning food eating competitions on their campuses. Hopefully the
introduction will grab the reader’s attention and want them to continue reading until the end.
Asthe letter is being read, the reader should try to make connections, for example if they haveexperienced a time where they partook in a food eating competition and they felt sick afterwards.In addition, before reading this, they should understand how dangerous food eating competitionscan be, as proven with deaths caused by them.
Article responded to
: Protesting Nathan's Hot Dog Eating ContestAlbers, Susan, Psy.D. "Protesting Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest."
Confort Cravings
.Psychology Today, 3 July 2010. 12 March 2013.<http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/comfort-cravings/201007/protesting-nathans-hot-dog-eating-contest>.
Chambers 2
Dear Sir or Madam,A university has a responsibility to protect their students. Are you putting your studentsat risk? Are you putting the university at risk?It has been brought to my attention that your university participates in food eatingcompetitions. These competitions, though seemingly harmless, can have dire consequences.There have been 17 documented deaths, (see attachment, pg. 4), dating from 1983 to 2012,which have resulted from this
harmless fun
Donuts, marshmallows, chicken wings, bread,cupcakes, pancakes, noodles, hot dogs, dumplings, and bugs, to plain old water have all lead tothese untimely early deaths (ojrifkin).Chen, a 23 year-old Taiwan student, died participating in a steamed-bun eating contest(partysugar). He was just one of the 60 students, split into 30 pairs, who competed in a contest toeat two steamed buns stuffed with egg and cheese. The team who had the quickest time received$2,000. During the contest, Chen repeatedly vomited, fell unconscious, and died. Doctors believe he choked (Wang).Is a Nintendo Wii so amazing that one should risk their life to obtain one? Jennifer Strange took this risk at
a radio station and entered a “harmless” water drinking/ urine holdingcontest called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii”.
The 28 year-old mother of three lost. Shecomplained of a headache after the contest and died from acute water intoxication the next day.Her family was awarded a $16.5 million settlement (Saltzman).Even contestants, who are entering food eating contests (not water drinking contests),train their bodies by consuming large quantities of water, increasing the likelihood of water intoxication (Albers). Something as healthy for the body, as water, can be a poison if over consumed. An imbalance in electrolytes, from over consuming, can result in cell swelling. In
Chambers 3
the brain, the pressure of the swelling cells can lead to blood flow interruption. The pressure canalso affect the brain stem, lead to seizures, brain damage, and, in
Jennifer’s c
ase, death (Smith).The latest death was just last year. Edward Archbold, of Florida, died participating in acockroach and worm eating contest. The contest was to see who could eat the most bugs in afour minute period, and the prize, an exotic python (Whigham II). The citizens of his countywere so outraged, that they urged a ban on all food eating competitions. They noted thatalthough this competition was about bug eating, other contests such as the
types could lead to other poor outcomes as well (Barnard). Last year, the winninghot dog eating contestant, Joey Chestnut, ate 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes (Mazzeo). He couldhave ruptured his stomach or had a heart attack. Just one fatty meal can cause the heart to beatharder, raise blood pressure, increase triglycerides, and stiffen major arteries. Highcholesterol/fatty foods have also been shown to increase cancer chances (Barnard).I beg you to ban all food competitions at your university. Protect the lives of your students
 because they will do just about anything to receive something for “free”
. Foodcompetitions are dangerous!
By allowing these “fun” contests on your campus, you are
endangering the lives of your students. If you are not discouraging, you are encouraging or atthe very least promoting obesity. We as schools, we as a nation, and we as individuals need to protect the lives of students and make sure food eating competitions do not have a place inschools. Please restrict your school from having any type of food eating competitions, whether  big or small. With your help, lives will not be put at risk.Sincerely yours,Conor Chambers

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