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Bethlehem Star, how it could draw a direction

Bethlehem Star, how it could draw a direction

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Published by goldcross
A study to reveal the nature of Bethlehem star and the reality of Jesus birth story.
A study to reveal the nature of Bethlehem star and the reality of Jesus birth story.

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Published by: goldcross on Mar 29, 2009
Copyright:Public Domain


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Different types of bright objects in the sky
The holy bible used the vague word of “star” in its generality to describe all lightingobjects in the sky else than Sun and Moon, this was due to the lack of scientificknowledge at that time. Nowadays we can breakdown the vague “star” word into the following categories:
+ The meteoroid
A meteoroid is a small sand- to boulder- sized particle of debris in the Solar System. Thevisible path of a meteoroid that enters Earth's (or another body's) atmosphere is called ameteor, or commonly a "shooting star" or "falling star".
+ The comet
A comet is a Small Solar System Body that orbits the Sun and, when close enough to theSun, exhibits a visible coma (atmosphere) or a tail — both primarily from the effects of solar radiation upon the comet's nucleus. Comet nuclei are themselves loose collectionsof ice, dust and small rocky particles, measuring a few kilometres or tens of kilometresacross.
+ The normal star
A star is a massive, luminous ball of plasma that is held together by its own gravity.
Was Bethlehem star a comet ?
A thoroughly studying to comet behavior suggests that Bethlehem star was in fact acomet for the following reasons:1- The comet appears suddenly in the sky when its orbit is approaching narrower to bothof earth and sun.2- The comet first appears as a shining normal star when its distance is still far from sun.3- After period of time and by approaching much narrower to sun, the comet tail beginsto expand drawing a head-tail direction in the sky.4- The successive change in the head-tail direction from day to day accompanied with tailelongation is a manner which could be traced and simulated by overland marchingobservers.5- The comet tail elongation reaches its peak limit then it stops for period of time beforeturning backward to contraction.

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