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Craving To Quit - Mindfulness by Jud Brewer

Craving To Quit - Mindfulness by Jud Brewer

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Published by BHcare
Jud Brewer
Jud Brewer

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Published by: BHcare on Apr 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Craving to quit: insights fromCraving to quit: insights fromstudies of mindfulness trainingstudies of mindfulness trainingfor alcohol, cocaine andfor alcohol, cocaine andnicotine dependencenicotine dependence
 Judson Brewer MD PhD Judson Brewer MD PhDMedical DirectorMedical Director Yale Therapeutic Neuroscience Clinic Yale Therapeutic Neuroscience ClinicAssistant ProfessorAssistant ProfessorDepartment of PsychiatryDepartment of Psychiatry Yale University School of Medicine Yale University School of Medicinewww.ytnc.yale.eduwww.ytnc.yale.edu
For our considerationFor our consideration
What is stress and how do we cope?What is stress and how do we cope?What is mindfulness?What is mindfulness?Does mindfulness help us with our addictions?Does mindfulness help us with our addictions?What do we know about neural mechanisms of What do we know about neural mechanisms of mindfulness?mindfulness?Mindlessness as a starting pointMindlessness as a starting point•Our ‘default mode’?Our ‘default mode’?How does the “average” meditator’s brainHow does the “average” meditator’s braindiffer from anyone else’s?differ from anyone else’s?How can neuroscience improve treatment of How can neuroscience improve treatment of stress and related disorders?stress and related disorders?
Consequences of the failure to respondConsequences of the failure to respondappropriately to emotional or physicalappropriately to emotional or physicalthreats to the organism, whether actualthreats to the organism, whether actualor imagined.or imagined.
[Ven.[Ven. SariputtaSariputta:]:]
"Now what, friends, is"Now what, friends, isthe noble truth of stress? …not gettingthe noble truth of stress? …not gettingwhat is wanted is stressful...what is wanted is stressful...
(MN 141)(MN 141)
Stress and AddictionStress and Addiction
Acute stress leads to increases inAcute stress leads to increases inself self--administration of drugs such as amphetaminesadministration of drugs such as amphetamines
(Bradley 1989)(Bradley 1989)
, cocaine, cocaine
, and alcohol, and alcohol
Stress induces drug cravingStress induces drug craving
(De wit 2003)(De wit 2003)
Stressful life events are associated with nicotineStressful life events are associated with nicotinedependencedependence
(Balk 2009)(Balk 2009)
Negative affect drives continuation of smokingNegative affect drives continuation of smoking
Stress and RelapseStress and Relapse
Stressful events, negative emotions andStressful events, negative emotions andpsychological distress are frequently cited reasonspsychological distress are frequently cited reasonsfor relapse to drug use among opiate and cocainefor relapse to drug use among opiate and cocaineaddictsaddicts
(Grant 1994, Lowman 1996, Marlatt 1985)(Grant 1994, Lowman 1996, Marlatt 1985)
..Exposure to stressors increases relapse toExposure to stressors increases relapse tosmokingsmoking
(Swan 1998, Cohen 1990)(Swan 1998, Cohen 1990)
Lapses in smoking abstinence that are triggered byLapses in smoking abstinence that are triggered bystress progress more quickly to relapsestress progress more quickly to relapse
 how we seehow we seethe worldthe world
angesangeshow we seehow we seethe worldthe world
“Craving, not having, is the mother of a“Craving, not having, is the mother of areckless giving of oneself.”reckless giving of oneself.”
--Eric Hoffer Eric Hoffer 

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