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March Newsletter

March Newsletter

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Published by Watertown Chamber
Watertown News & Views Newsletter
Watertown News & Views Newsletter

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Watertown Chamber on Apr 23, 2013
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News & Views
Volume 14, Edition 3March, 20135-Star Accredited Chamber of Commerce
What Happened in 2012at the Watertown Chamber?
Before we look ahead, let’s look back at some exciting new programs and projects theChamber was influential in initializing:
In this Issue!
From NEW events to a 5-StarAccreditation, the Chamber hadsome exciting things happen in2012:
5-Star Accreditation:
The Greater Watertown-NorthCountry Chamber of Commercewas honored in 2012 with a5-Star Accreditationfrom the US Cham-ber of Commerce.We earned the 5Stars based upon ourgrowth in the com-munity, opportunitiesfor our members andour marketing programs.We are currently the only5-Star Accredited Chamberof Commerce in New YorkState and 1 of only 75 in theUnited States.
NEW Community Events in theNorth Country:The Great Race:
 In June, the Great Race visited theNorth Country at the WatertownFairgrounds. This consisted of agroup of over 80 unique one-of-a-kind antique and vintage cars,trucks, and motorcycles with abody and drive train built 1969and earlier. Along with the greatracers, the Corvette Club, High-way Legends, local food vendors,face painters, etc. were also inattendance. The Great Race is across-countryrally thatpits driver/navigator teamsagainst the clock and againsteach other. The 2012 eventcovered the Great Lakes area,ultimately covering 19 cities, 2countries and 4 states.
Fireball Run:
In September, the Fireball RunAdventurally, a national live eventand film series, headquarteredat NBC Universal Studios, visitedDowntown Watertown. Theevent was an 8-day, 15 city, 2,500mile interactive road rally thatsupported the Race to RecoverAmerica’s Missing Children.This event was the largest activerecovery effort for missingand exploited children in thecountry. Over 40 teams wereassigned a child from theirhome region and giventhousands of posters todistribute along the route.Jefferson County hadtwo local teams entered,Mike Colello of Fron-tenac Crystal Springsand Erica Leonard of Leonard Printing. Theother teams entered in the rallyincluded celebrities, Fortune 500company owners and CEO’s, caraficionados, and local teams fromthe other 15 cities participating.Their first stop in the North Coun-try was Sackets Harbor, whichtook place on the polo field,located in the Madison Barracks.The event featured a live actionreenactment that highlightedSackets Harbors participation inthe War of 1812. Fireball Run thenproceeded to Downtown
It’s Back!
Back by popular demand, the Chamber’s print newsletter. We will bemailing these quarterly. If you are interested in placing a full pageinsert, email at marketing@watertownny.com or call (315) 788-4400.
What Happened in 2012at the Watertown Chamber?The “State of the Chamber”NEW JLI Alumni ScholarshipUpcoming Chamber Events
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The “State of the Chamber”Welcome Tom Brennan, Spring Drive Graphics2013 Chairman of the Board
As I write this, President Obamais preparing to give his State of the Union Address. If you haveever watched one of these, youknow that the President almostalways says “The State of the Unionis strong!This declaration isgreeted by lusty bipartisan cheersby our beloved elected officials inCongress. I would not venture tocompare myself to the President of the United States, but I would liketo echo the sentiment: The State of our Chamber is Strong!The Chamber has greatly benefitedby the contributions of our outgo-ing Chairperson, Lynne Ferris, andI am personally grateful for herexcellent leadership and willing-ness to tackle a challenge. TheChamber has been blessed in thelast few years by the input of manywonderful Board members, andis now well- represented by a newBoard that features intellect, cre-ativity, and diversity. I look forwardto working with this impressive newteam.The Chamber Staff is also a big partof why the Chamber is such a strongorganization. The Events, Member-ship Services, Marketing, Insuranceand PTAC are all run with compe-tence, integrity, and a passion to ex-cel. This professional and capableteam is led and managed by LynnPietroski, the CEO of the Chamber.Lynn has been at the Helm for overa year, and her leadership has beeninvaluable in bringing the Chamberinto a new level of efficiency andoutreach.2013 looks promising, with newChamber efforts to enhance thevalue of Membership, project lead-ership, and provide a strong voicefor the concerns of the businesscommunity. Which brings us to themain reason our Chamber is strong:The nearly 900 members that makeup the Greater Watertown NorthCountry Chamber of Commerce.We value your trust in us. Wewelcome your input, and ask you totell us what you want your Chamberto be, and how we can make it evenbetter. To this end, we will be invit-ing Chamber members to sit on ourvarious committees as we seek toprovide excellent value to our mem-bers, and understand what issuesare of the most importance to you.Please feel free to contact us withyour great ideas, and get involvedas we grow smarter and stronger.Excelsior!Thomas BrennanChairmanAs 2013 kicked off—the Chamberhas hit the ground running with anexciting year planned ahead. Theteam at the Chamber, including ourBoard of Directors, will be workingclosely with our members and com-munity to ensure the overall growthand development of the GreaterWatertown North Country Area!Change and growth are necessaryfor us to get to the future we desire.Successful people, and businesses,recognize the need for changeearly. They embrace it. And they golooking for it. Because of this, theyare also usually quick to see whensomething is not working and notafraid to change it.My philosophy has always been toembrace change because withoutchange there will be no progress.As Charles Darwin stated “It is notthe strongest of the species thatsurvive nor the most intelligent, butthe ones who are most adaptive tochange.”The community plays an integralrole in the overall success of theChamber. Our commitment thisyear is to enhance and make mem-ber benefits more tangible strongpartnerships with community mem-bers and seek more ways to makeJefferson County a great place tolive, work, and play.Best Wishes,Lynn M. Pietroski
The Presidential Address
Thank you to our 2012 Ambassadors!The Chamber Staff and Board of Directors appreciates thehelp they provide to the chamber. We look forward to asuccessful 2013! If you are interested in becoming an ambas-sador, email Michelle at events@watertownny.com.
 Top Le f t: S y bil  Jones, e yBan k; S tep hen Barr, Procuremen t  Tec hnical Assis tance Cen ter; Lisa Coole y,  Je f ferson Communi t y College; a trina apus ta y, Procuremen t  Tec hnical Assis tance Cen ter; Sara h Colligan, Nor t h Coun t y C hildrens Clinic; ei t h  Jo hnson, AFLAC; Bo t tom Le f t: Man fred Lau be, Bes t Bu y; Re becca Ma br y, AmeriCU
Thomas Brennan, President
SpringDrive Graphics32377 NYS Route 12Depauville, NY 13632tom@springdrive.netwww.springdrive.net315-686-6110
Watertown, where they per-formed a series of missions basedon Watertown’s rich history andits impact on the nation. Thedowntown area also played hostto a farmers market, live radiofeeds, music and entertainmentfrom local organizations, fire per-formers, booths from local busi-nesses and most of all a chanceto be in a Universal Studios majormotion picture.
New Chamber Benefits:
2012 was a year of new oppor-tunities for our members. Theseincluded a FREE email ad to ourover 1800 business email list, aFREE entrance pass to businessafter hour for a year, 25% Off amembers first advertisement,discounted Sam’s Club member-ship, and much more...
PTAC and Insurance Programs:
The Procurement Technical As-sistance Center and the GreaterWatertown-North CountryInsurance Agency both offersbusinesses in the area uniqueopportunities for growth andsupport. PTAC helps businessesattain local, state or federal gov-ernment grants FREE of charge.The Greater Watertown-NorthCountry Insurance Agency offersproprietary based insuranceprograms for small to large busi-nesses.
Increase in EventAttendance:
In 2012, the Chamber had an in-crease in the attendance to manyof the events hosted throughoutthe year. The Chamber’s Busi-ness After Hours saw its largestincrease this year, averaging anattendance of over 225 monthly.We are currently booked through
What Happened in 2012...
New York JDA has something yourbusiness could use – money.
As forcefully outlined by Gover-nor Cuomo in his Urban Agenda,“Capital is the oxygen of business.If businesses cannot get access tocapital to finance their operations,they will stagnate or die.” New YorkState’s Job Development Author-ity (JDA) presents a powerful andexisting opportunity to support andexpand small business in the Statethrough the availability of competi-tive financing opportunities.The reenergized JDA is the longterm solution to helping many New York State businesses in their desireto access much needed capital.The JDA direct loan programprovides loans for the growth of manufacturing and other eligiblebusinesses through financing forthe acquisition or renovation of existing buildings, new constructionor machinery and equipment. JDAeligible businesses are engagedin manufacturing, distribution,warehousing and certain serviceindustries. Real estate loans may beup to 20 years, M&E loans may beup to 10 years or the useful life of the collateral, whichever is less. Theterm of a JDA loan is generally thesame as the term of the bank loan.Funds to make Loans are derivedfrom the sale of State-guaranteedbonds. In most cases, JDA Loanscan be for up to 40% of the totalproject cost of Real Estate projectsor M&E projects.Loans may beup to 60% for projects located inEmpire Zones or an economicallydistressed area.The combination of a bank loanand a JDA Loan allows up to 90%financing of a project.Typical financing structure:50% Bank Loan40% JDA Loan10% Borrower EquityJDA Real Estate Loan is normally asecond mortgage loan, subordinateto a first-mortgage loan providedby a bank; M&E Loans are securedby a first lien, co-equal with thebank’s lien, on the M&E beingfinanced.Real Estate project costs includethe cost of an existing buildingand renovations, purchase of landand construction of a new buildingand soft costs normally associatedwith a real estate transaction. M&Eproject costs include the cost of the machinery and its delivery,installation costs solely attributableto the machinery being purchasedand soft costs related to the M&Eacquisition.Eligibility:Facilities to be used for manufac-turing, distribution, warehousingand certain service businesses areeligible for JDA Loans.Loans for retail facilities, whichcustomers must personally visit inorder to obtain the goods or ser-vices being sold, are not eligible forJDA Loans, nor are loans for hotelor residential facilities.JDA does not make loans for motorvehicles, nor does JDA make Work-ing Capital Loans.Requirements:The Borrower must secure a letterof commitment from the bank pro-viding the 50% financing portion of the project cost.The Borrower must provide at least10% of the project cost as an equitycontribution to the project.Personal guarantees are requiredfrom any person owning 20% ormore of the Operating Companyfor whose benefit the JDA Loan isbeing made.New York State Supports SmallBusiness and we’ll lend you themoney to prove it.
North Country Region Watertown OfficeDulles StateOffice Building Watertown, NY 13601(315) 785-7907
March 6,Business of the YearAwards and AnnualMeetingMarch 20,March Business AfterHours at Immaculate HeartCentralApril 4, Job and CareerExpo 2013 at the Bruce M. Wright Conference Center, WatertownApril 17,April Business After Hoursat the The Inn at BonnieCastleMay 22,May Business After Hoursat The Riveredge Resort June 6, JLI Graduation DinnerClass of 2013, LocationTBD
For a Complete EventsCalendar, go to watertownny.com underChamber Events calendar
Upcoming ChamberEvents Calendar
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