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Element Magick

Element Magick

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Published by OliverPeltier
An introduction to some very useful applications of elemental magick work.
An introduction to some very useful applications of elemental magick work.

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Published by: OliverPeltier on Apr 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Element Magick What is Element Magick?
Element, or natural magick, entails the use of the four fundamental elements found innature; Fire, Earth, Air, and Water as the main focus of your spells. Each of the four elements can be used to magickally draw things towards yourself, or to drive themaway. By this time, you should have built a working relationship with the elements,from having invited them into your ritual space in the past. One of the main reasonsthat we call the elements to our circle is so that we can merge the energy of the landaround us with our personal energy, and the Divine Essence to produce a profoundmatrix of power that we can call upon at any time.The four elements can be used alone or together, however, it is best that you only useone element at a time in the beginning of your studies and work with the elements.Like all aspects of nature, the four elements have their positive as well as their negative attributes. To work with the elements you must have an understanding of each of them and how they work. When working with the elements, you need toalways match your endeavor to the appropriate element.
The Element of Fire
Fire can create and fire can destroy. Working with the element of fire often takes theform of moving energies away from your self. Often a person would write thesituation of problem on a piece of paper and then burn the paper while calling uponthe element of fire to “burn away” the problem. However, with the exception of candle magick, which is slightly more complicated, drawing energies to ones self isan aspect of fire magick not often touched upon in discussions of fire magick.To work with the element of fire in this way, visualize your magickal goal in theflames of a fire that you have built yourself, or perhaps, the rising Sun. As youvisualize your goal say aloud or to yourself: 
 I link my desire;To this fire; As it grows warm, My will takes form!
The element of fire is associated with transformation, healing and passion. It is both physical and spiritual, being related to sexuality and to divinity
The Element of Earth
Earth can create and earth can decay. Earth magick is often employed by buryingthings such as charms, talismans, remnants of spells, etc… near your front door or off of your property. Often a witch will form a sympathetic relationship in his mind withan object or thing that is biodegradable, and that which they want to move away fromthemselves. The witch will then bury the object in the ground while asking theelement of earth to move the unwanted thing away from them as the object decays.An example of this can be found in a folk magick remedy to cure warts. A potato isrubbed on a wart and the potato is then buried in the ground so that as the potatodecays the wart will whiter away.To use the element of earth in order to draw something towards you, spread a handfulof salt out on a flat surface and draw a symbol of your goal in the salt. It may be anastrological sign, rune, number, a key word or brief phrase. Focus on your desire andinvoke the element of earth asking it to bring your desire to you. Finally, gather thesalt and spread it out over your front door.Earth is the element that is most stable and dependable. It represents abundance, prosperity, and wealth, and is creative but in a practical, physical manner.
The Element of Air
Air can build things up or tear things down. This can be seen in nature withhurricanes, tornadoes, and less aggressively with breezes that cool the day or moveseeds towards their final planting bed. Air magick is most commonly utilized in thefollowing manner. The witch will form a sympathetic relationship in his mind with asmall light object that can be easily blown in the wind. He or she will carry the objecton a windy day and toss the object in the air asking the element of air to blow awaythe negative energy as the object moves away from him. Alternately, a situation or  problem may be written on paper, which is then torn into small pieces and thrown tothe winds.Air magick can be engaged to draw something to your self by the use of sacred breathand chanting. To perform successful Air Magick, draw a symbol in the air before youas in earth magick. Next, chant a spell to program the symbol and finally breathe on itto empower the symbol and send forth the energy to complete its task.The element of air is associated with mental processes and the mind. It is creative andis that which causes magickal intentions to become manifest. It is also associated withhigher consciousness and wisdom, divination and purification.
The Element of Water
Water brings life, and it can also take it away. Water holds the mystery of birth andthe unknown depths of the oceans. Commonly water magick is employed by writing a person’s name or a description of the problem or situation on paper. The paper is then placed in a bottle which is then thrown into moving water, so that the problem movesaway from you just as the bottle does. Alternately, the paper is actually placed in a bottle of water and left there for the water to break down the paper, so that the problem goes away as the paper breaks down.To draw something towards you with Water Magick, you can charge water with your goal and keep it in a small vial whose color matches your goal. The element of water is associated with the subconscious mind, intuition and emotions. As the primalsubstance of life, it is symbolized by the womb and is related to fertility.

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