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Published by rupeshdahake

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: rupeshdahake on Mar 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TIME:- THREE HOURSMARKS:-100N.B1:- All questions are compulsory and carry equal marksSection A(English)Q.1. Answer the following questions in about 200 words each:-(10)OR
Draw a character sketch of gangu?form this story?
Summarise Hills views on the principles of good writing.
Q.2. Answer the following questions in about 200 words each:-(10)OR
Descirbes the central idea of the poem "Stopping by woods on a snowy Evening".
There were tears in the kings eyes. He look at all his courtiers we great affectionup. He took off his royal robes and dropped then gently on the ground. Chief mitendely and kissed them and sobbed like a child . Then the king took off his crowHe raised his eyes heaven and said,"O God,I give back to there gift of kingship wupon me. I love my subjects but I love huminity more ". Then he addressed his cfriends, I go into the forest to pray for the rest, of my life in order to find peace of 1. How did the king look at his courtiers?2. What did the king do then?3. What where the feelings of the chief minister?4. What was the king's prayer?5. Where did the king want to go? Why ?Clerk in a firm.
1. What was jim's reaction on seeing Della after the hair cut?2. Why does Nitya's father call me Blasphemous?3. Why did Heycle put her arms around the secretary and cry at the end?4. How did the Gangu accept the Child born within the six month of his marriage
B. Answer any two of the following questions in about 50 wor(6)
1. Why does Nehru call Indira 'Fortunate'?2. Why is it advisable to write on subject of which one has personal experience?3. What is afforestation and in what way is it useful?4. What is air-resistance?
C. Answer any two of the following questions in about 50 wor(6)
1. Name the birds which ring to welcome the spring.2. How does the poem describe the bird's fear?3. What special significance 'Sleep' have in the poem?4. Describes the various images the poet evokes in relation to the woman setting
Narrate the story "A Duel"in your own words. 
. Summarise the story of a " Very Wise Man" which appears in Hiuen Isang's book.
Summarise the Poem "On His Blindness".
Read the following passege and answer given below:
Write an application with your resume to personal manager, Swami motors, Sava
Q.3. A. Answer any two of the following questions in about 50
D. Answer the following questions in one or two sentence eac(2)
1. What is the purpose of right to information act?2. What is the punishment for faliure to supply the required information?
Q.4. A. Write report on 'House on Fire'.(5)
Write a brief dialogue.
(5)C. Answer the following questions in one or two sentence eac(4)
1. For how much money did Della sells her hair?2. Where had Monsieur Dubis reviewed during seige of Paris.?3. Which book in the town library become popular with young man because of th4. What was people's opinion about Gomti?
D. Identify the titles and authors of the following sentence/Li (6)
1. You know, sweetheart, how I dislike sermonizing and doling out good advice.2. My voice was sepulchral.3. Such land, existing as it does of finely divided matter,is usually very fectitle.4. This knowledge was sufficient for him to design his simple boats and weapons.5. The only other sounds is the sweep. Of easy wind and downy flake.6. Butterflies, and banks of noon, leap,flashless,as they swim.
a. The child has been ill from two month.b. He resembles with my brother.c. They ask my who was that boy.d. The old man is a philosophor and a thinker.
ii. Correct the errors in prepositions in the following senten (02)
a. The lion attack on mohan. b. Ram married with Sita.
iii. Correct the errors in nouns in the following sentences a (02)
a. Politics are interesting. b. The catle is grazing.
a. Kalidas was shakespeare of india. b. Banares has an univesity
B.i. Write one word substitues for the following:-(04)
a. Lack of government in a state.b. A citizen of the world.c. That which cannot be heard.d. A speech made for the first time.
ii. Write the Synonyms of the following:-(03)
a. Wrath b. Pangs c. Deplore.
iii. Write the Antonyms of the following:-(03)
a. Barrer b. Knowledge c. Courage
 Your friend wants to invite you to a movie on Monday. You are free and so you
Q.5. A.i.
Correct the errors in tense in the following sentences and
iv. Correct in articles in following sentence and re-wirte the

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