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Christ is Risen.

Christ is Risen.

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By Rev. James Vaughan

** He is risen." — Mark xvi. 6.

By Rev. James Vaughan

** He is risen." — Mark xvi. 6.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Apr 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Christ is Risen.By Rev. James Vaughan
** He is risen." — Mark xvi. 6.'T^HERE is a triumphant scorn, amounting" almost tosarcasm, in the way in which that " young" man, sitting"on the right side, clothed in a long white garment," ad-dressed the three women that came early to the holysepulchre at the rising of the sun, — "Be not affrighted:Ye seek Jesus of azareth, which was crucified: He isrisen ; He is not here : behold the place where they laidHim."Would any words convey more contempt of the punyattempts of wicked men to hurt and confine his Master ?What a satire, intended or unintended, mingles with the joy, — "Jesus of azareth, which was crucified: He isrisen ; He is not here : behold the place where they laidHim."It reminds us of that second Psalm, — " The kings of theearth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel tog"ether;against the Lord, and against His anointed :" — there is thecrucifixion; — " He that sitteth in the heavens shall laughthem to scorn ; the Lord shall have them in derision; " — that is the resurrection; all the plots of the Jews andRomans turning to their own utter shame and confusion ; — "Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath, andvex them in His sore displeasure. Yet have I set my KingChrist is Risen. iiiupon my holy hill of Zion;" — that is the ascension, 'andthe veng-eance, and the destruction of Jerusalem, and thescattering of the nation.We can easily imagine with what righteous indignationangels must have looked on, at the Lord of life and glorybeing put into a tomb; and with what satisfaction, andhow jubilantly, they would sing, " He is risen, He is risen."
We are certainly led to suppose that it was not withoutthe ministration of angels that Jesus rose. We know thatangels bear the spirits of good men home, and angelsdefended the tomb of Christ. Do angels now watch overour graves, as they did over the grave of Jesus, till themorning comes ? Will angels roll away the sod ? Willthey be there to help the body to rise ? Will it be by thedispensation of angels that the great transactions of theresurrection will be carried out, — the trumpet, — the wak-ing, — the opening, — the robing, — the gathering, — thesong? Will they sing it over us, "He is risen. He isrisen ? '*Only, brethren, when I speak of angelic services at thetomb, do not forget that the whole Three Persons in theever blessed Trinity combined to make Christ's resur-rection. The Father, — "Him God raised up the thirdday ;" — the Son, — " Destroy this temple, and in three daysI will raise it up," "This power have I received of myFather, I have power to lay it down, and I have power totake it again;" — the Holy Ghost,— "put to death in theflesh, quickened by the Spirit."It is remarkable how all the greatest events in theBible, are enshrined in some bright manifestations of theHoly Trinity. Probably the first burst upon the mind of saints at their rising will be the glories of the Trinity.112 Christ is Risen.It would be a pure Easter joy, very like the joy of angels,if we could rejoice this morning that "Christ is risen"simply from the thought that He is happy. His troublesare all over. He has conquered, His words have all cometrue, and He is at rest ; there will be no more conflict now,no shame, no dying, — not even in the forty days : " He isrisen."Should not Easter gladness try to be less selfish?Would not it be truer and more generous if we de-lighted more irrespective of ourselves, — "My Master ishappy ? "I suppose that to an angeFs mind " He is risen " would
not express more wonder than the assertion of any of theprocesses of nature. It could not (and the angel knew it)it could not be otherwise ; for Christ could not but rise." It was not possible," St. Peter says, " that He should beholden of it." ow remember, that is not spoken aboutthe soul ; of that it would be obvious ; but it is said of thebody, — it could not chpose but rise.The whole doctrine of the resurrection is a doctrine of the body. The future and eternal life of the soul, wasknown, almost universally, before Christ. The heathenknew and talked of it. But with very few exceptionsindeed, neither Jew nor Gentile knew anything of thecoming to life again of the body, till Christ rose. He Wcisthe first-fruit of that science. It is to-day's great teaching,and I must follow it.There was a necessity, then, laid on the body of Christ,to rise again. Was it laid on His body only by virtue of the Deity that is in it ? I think not. On His, indeed, witha rapidity and a marvel which can attend no other; butChrist rose as a man, — as He did everjrthing else,— as aChrist is Risen. 113man, — according to the proportions and the properties of the human body.For is not it in the nature, and constitution, andobligation of every human body that it must rise ?Surely it is, — as much as it is in the nature of any seedto come up again; for it is God's own account of thematter. When you bury a body, you simply and youliterally sow a seed. It is true there are hidden mysteriesin . it which we cannot explain ; but so there are in thespringing up of the wheat, or of any other grain whichyou sow in the ground. You cannot trace the series of the decomposition, and the revival, and the fructification.But they have their laws, from which they cannot depart.And your body has its laws, from which it cannotdepart. It was made to rise. You were bom to rise, — asmuch made to rise as any seed which you ever put intothe ground. Resurrection is not properly a miracle. It isa grand loving provision of the counsel of God; it is a

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