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The Revealings of the Holy Ghost.

The Revealings of the Holy Ghost.

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By Rev. James Vaughan

** All things that the Father hath are Mine : therefore said I, that He
shall take of Mine, and shew it unto you." — John xvi. 15.

By Rev. James Vaughan

** All things that the Father hath are Mine : therefore said I, that He
shall take of Mine, and shew it unto you." — John xvi. 15.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Apr 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Revealings of the Holy Ghost.
By Rev. James Vaughan
** All things that the Father hath are Mine : therefore said I, that Heshall take of Mine, and shew it unto you." — John xvi. 15.'T^HERE is an office of the Spirit — so important, and onwhich Christ Himself laid such great stress, just onthe eve of His departure — that I am anxious to draw yourattention to it, before we arrive at the actual festival of theHoly Ghost. I mean the office of a Revealer or Declarerof the thing's of Christ.And this appears to ine to be exactly the time toconsider this subject. For when Christ had died, andrisen from the g-rave, all that man actually wanted wasdone; it was a perfectly complete work; — all sin wascancelled, — every debt was paid, — every sinner was saved.But thoug-h it was thus finished, yet there it stood, andthere it would have stood for ever, — an isolated thing, — apicture, — utterly inoperative, — with no result at all,— inaccessible and unintelligible, — a useless history, — a barrenfact. It needed another positive thing to disclose it. Asmuch as the Son had done it, so it required the HolyGhost to "show" it. Man had nothing to do with thedoing of it, and man had nothing to do with the show-ing of it. Christ Himself did not show it, — it is theprerogative of the Holy Ghost.It is to this that I wish to lead your thoughts thismorning, — the Holy Spirit the Manifester of all things.o1 98 The Reveal ings of the Holy GhosLHut first, sf.-c how this ^ruth takes its place and ran£«itv:ir in the ;,'rcat (Lxjlrine of the Holy Trinin-. It is oniyin th'.'ir rdatiuns to us, that we can speak of the Trinin.Kverythin;,' that is, is and ever was the Fathers. Alixjw«*r, lov«:, wisdom, ^Tace, peace, happiness, holiness.
heaven, is the I\iiher*s. But as soon as Christ had difiifor man, — in consff juencc of that humiliation and death .— Cif I may so speak;, in retribution and oomj)ensatianfartiB:wonderful devotedness of His to us and His Fathers wilL — God treasured up ever>'thing^ He had for His creafflresin the person of Jesus Christ. He is the depositan* of hk whole property of God for the Church. In Him all fubcsdwells. Whatever we want is there, and it is only tbcstThere is no ^'^ood thing- out of Christ,— that is to say. iaother words, we must love Christ, — ^we must honor Qini — we must believe in Christ, — we must be Christ's.— ttobtain any one of the gifts of God-But then, thoug-h they are there in Christ, all stored ilxour sakes, ready for our use, we should not go for Aaa— we should not appreciate them, — we should not under-stand them, — we should not see them until the HoJyGhost does His sepawate part, and conveys the know-ledge of them to our minds, — the desire of them to ourhearts, — the possession and enjoyment of them to our souk.This is His to do, to the full as much as the other wasthe Son's. And you will see at once what an admirablywise arrangement this is. The bestowments of the Fatherare mingled with the sympathies of man by being placedin the human nature of Christ And then a Spirit, wluchb at once an actual part of Jesus Christ, and an actualpart of us, sharing His nature, and combining Himseliwith our own, communicates the apprdiension, and the love^The Revealings of the Holy Ghost. 1 99and the taste, and the exercise of all God's good thing's tous. "All things that the Father hath are mine : thereforesaid I, that He shall take of mine, and shew it unto you."I simply want to urge upon your remembrance this fact.ow let me take a common case. There are thousandswho have no peace; there are a great many in thischurch; they have no sense of forgiveness; therefore,they are not at peace. And yet, they are not wilfully, byany particular sin, putting peace away from them. Onthe contrary, they really wish to do right : they pray, theyread their Bibles, they use the means of grace, they strivefor peace; but they have it not. evertheless, all thiswhile, Christ has entirely finished their salvation ; there is
nothing more that needs to be done ; there is nothing morethat can be done to make them perfectly happy. Theirpeace stands for them a thoroughly prepared thing ; thereis nothing between them and peace. Then why do notthey take it ? Entirely because the Spirit has not yet"shown" Himself; they have not understood yet thenecessity of that thing. And until He does, they can nomore perceive it, than Hagar the water at her feet in thewilderness, or Elisha's servant the mountain full of horses and chariots of fire. The Son has been acknow-ledged in His work, but the Holy Ghost has not yet beenacknowledged in His. And therefore, for them, at thismoment, Christ has died in vain.Let me take another case. There is a man who has ageneral sense of sin ; but he is conscious that he ought tohave a much stronger feeling of particular sin, — but he can-not attain it. He longs to feel sin more* He goes throughgreat exercises of mind to get at a deeper feeling of hisown wickedness; he uses self-examination; he thinks of 200 The Revealings of the Holy Ghost.all the wrong thing's he has done, and yet he is painfullyconscious that he has no true repentance. He cannot seehis sin as done against God ; he is not really softened norhumbled. And why is this? The Holy Ghost has notdone what Christ said would be His first work when Hecame, — to ''convince" the soul "of sin" as committedagainst Christ. Therefore sin is not yet to that man whathe knows it ought to be ; it does not act upon his heartmeltingly; it is cold and abstract; he never "looks onHim whom he has pierced and mourn ; " he cannot confessweepingly.Or again, we have all found what a very different thingthe same verse of the Bible can be to us at one time andanother. There are times, when words, over which weonce shed tears, are meaningless to us as the stones of thedesert. And there are times when the oldest and the mostfamiliar passages of the Bible wake up to us like a newcreation. Why is this ? The Spirit has made them tocome forth so prominent and so clear. I believe this to bea constant method of His working. He has a purpose of love to you, — He is pleased with you, — therefore He puts

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