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Final Toyota CSR

Final Toyota CSR

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Published by Chalee Lee

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Published by: Chalee Lee on Apr 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Toyota CSR Consultant 
As an international recognized company, with a global brand name that stretches all overthe world, it has come to my attention that there are a few business practices that your companypersists with, that are unlawful and do not follow the CSR rule. There are also some businesspractices which you carry out that are commendable.First
of all, let’s take a look at the negative aspects of the com
pany that I have found out onthe internet. I would like to ask you about the reports of human rights abuse in sweatshops in Japanthat make the products for your Toyota Company.The hours the workers were supposed to work at the Futabai Industrial Co. LTD, which is inJapan, whose main client is Toyota, is 9 hours a day. But what some workers have reported is that inreality, the typical shift was between 15 to 16 hours a day. The workers are forced to work those
long hours because Toyota has threatened to resign the contract if Futabai does not meet Toyota’s
needs and supply Toyota wi
th the products in time. Because of Toyota’s action, it has affected all the
workers in the company. To become more socially responsible, Toyota should set a due date fordelivery of the products that is realistic and workers would not be forced to overwork their shifts. I
would also recommend Toyota to stop threatening the Futabai Company as Toyota wouldn’t have
become this big on an achievement without Futabai supplying the auto-parts. By following myadvice, it will ensure that Toyota is following the entire CSR rule as Toyota will be benefiting from
Futabai’s products and will an ethical company at the same time.
 Another negative aspect of Toyota that I have found out is the news about HumanTrafficking related to Toyota. Tens of thousands of foreign workers are trafficked to Japan, strippedof their passports and are cheated of their wages. The workers are mostly trafficked from China andVietnam and are working under abusive sweatshop conditions producing auto parts for Toyota. If this news is spread any further, it would clearly be shown in
society that Toyota does notfollow any of the CSR rules. Toyota should also try not to be involved in any business with rumoursthat the company are trafficking humans as consumers will also think that Toyota is traffickinghumans as well. What I recommend your company do is to try and be more involved in helpingvictims of human trafficking. By doing this, it will erase the reports of Toyota related to humantrafficking.What I have just explained above are the two major negative reports about Toyota on the
internet. Moving on to some positive aspects of Toyota, I believe that Toyota’s environmentally
friendly car, Toyota Prius, has been very beneficial to Toyota. This is because this car emits 25%-30%less carbon dioxide than a normal vehicle, which saves the environment, and is also very profitable.This will show that Toyota is socially responsible as they are gaining profit, but also helping theenvironment at the same time.I have also found out that Toyota has recently said they will donate money to those affectedby hurricane Sandy. It has also said that Toyota decided to donate as they are following thefootsteps of the company BMW. I think this is a brilliant idea as donating to the people affected willhelp promote your company as well as benefiting the victims. Also, once everything is back to

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