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Is Geo TV [Pakistan] Working for CIA???????

Is Geo TV [Pakistan] Working for CIA???????



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Published by Jamshaidzubairee
This document exposes the myth of Geo TV that is working for CIA and Zionist Agenda in Pakistan. it is an Anti-Pakistan TV Channel. that speaks against National Interest.
This document exposes the myth of Geo TV that is working for CIA and Zionist Agenda in Pakistan. it is an Anti-Pakistan TV Channel. that speaks against National Interest.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Jamshaidzubairee on Mar 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Is Geo TV a CNN affiliate or is it the psy-ops wingof the CIA?
 Just because it is in Urdu doesn’t make it true! Just because it was broadcast by aPakistani channel doesn’t make it right! Just because it shows the Pakistani flagdoesnt mean it it loyal to Pakistan or patriotic.
By Moin Ansarihttp://rupeenews.com
Why does Geo collude with foreign media? Why does itfocus on creating chaos and general discontent? Why does it act like an instrument of an politicalparty? Why does Geo behave like the arm of a foreign force? Why did Geo deliberately broadcastfalse bad news about the economy when the stock market was booming? What hand did Geo play in
scaring the foreign investors away from Pakistan? Why did Geo repeat the false news about thegrowth figures which led to the crash of the stock market? Why does Geo show wrong Pakistanimaps? Why does Geo almost never cover the insurgencies in India? Why is Geo so infatuated with Anti-Pakistan Bollywood films? Why is Geo bent upon creating a “Indianization” of Pakistan? Why does Geo pay so much attention to Bollywood? Why does Geo show dead bodies? Is this all part of apsy-op or is it part of an agenda? Mr. Husain Haqqani of the Hudson institute is on the payroll of JINSA and AIPAC (public information posted on Rupee News) is a known neocon with his ownagenda. His wife Ms. Isphani is involved with VOA and Geo pursuing the same Neocon agenda. A company is known by the company it keeps. Geo certainty deals with some “
” characters.Its genesis, consultants, and affiliations leave much to be desired. We have attempted to put together a thesis and a case on why Geo has exacerbated the conditions inPakistan and why it is biased. The article discusses the origins of Geo and its connections with shady operatives. We present the actual proof of the affiliates of Geo. The information on the CIA psy-opsdiscusses how the CIA operates in other countries.
There is a hidden hand in this” Sher Bukhsh Mazari
 SUMMARY OF ARTICLEThe bottom line of this article is that Geo has connived with shady characters who are associated with foreign powers and have been up up to no good. Geo’s track record in showing dead bodies, andrepeating nonsense on the economy, and providing place and comfort to the enemy. These facts aredescribed in detail with actual quites, references and pointers.1) Questions that Geo cannot answer2) General discussion of CIA ops3) CIA is active in Pakistan. NY Times report4) CIA Dirty Tricks Department5) Details on efforts to destabilize Pakistan6) Strange happenings at Geo that cannot be explained
7) Geo origins and the people who helped in starting Geo. Geo’s connections to some ver un savory characters8, Geo links with David Hazinski a known Neocon with deep links to Neocon organizaitons that havespoken up against Pakistan9) Discussion of Weinberger’s his beliefs and his association with Geo and Mr. Hazinski10) Discussion of the beliefs of Mr. Hazinski’s11) Detailed discussion of the Media’s role in destabilizing Pakistan12) Appendices, Farah Ispahani role in VOA and Geo, Resume of Mr. Hazinski
 Additional Research:
 The Plan To Topple Pakistan The Great Game Continues The Great Game Revisited  Video: Secrets of the CIA Codename Operation Enduring Turmoil Exposed! - Neocon Plans for Pakistan and rest of the World
 AMERICAN MEDIA WITH GEO AND ARY UNLEASHES ANTI-PAKISTANCAMPAIGN ON CUE:CIA PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS (PSY-OP) FROM THEMANUAL: The declassified documents are old, but it gives us a glimpse into what canhappen. New techniques are more sophisticated.
(The implements of psychological warfare are: open propaganda, subversion, special operations(sabotage, guerrilla warfare, espionage), political and cultural pressures, economic pressures. Theprincipal effects sought are persuasion, sympathy, terrorization, confusion, division and physicalinterference. These operations, ancient in origin, are modernly employed, notably by Italy, Germany,the Soviet Union and other principal powers. The programs are planned more or less centrally in all

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