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Lord’s service or those who have studied the Lord’s
What could you gain? When you act against the other
Does that mean He thought it wise to do so?”
That is why we are to pray alone. We must develop
I was warned and I choose to listen. Love does not
One’s church (all of humanity). That is reality and I
They will never accept a threat.”
Did he get what he deserved?”
The priest nodded and left the room. A student
The student looked shocked and left the room as
“That is double talk. The ‘Father’ is a god.”
I need to know in order for a peaceful life.”
How does science intend to stop war?”
“I can’t say now. We haven’t found the way yet.”
That could be a reason for you to believe.”
He must think for Himself and act for the group. To
I can’t communicate with will have to look out for
What else would they be?”
A world without all of the neighbors that the One saw
(that you felt you had nothing in common with) from
The person that lives within you does not communicate
The man who had been shown in to see him was
Lord and savior Jesus christ I would think you would
(for who of love would ever harm those they loved).”
God. I would be careful who I chose to insult in that
Kingdom. The Father that has never held his power over
The hoard had spread across the planet with abandon
They had their new weapon to thank for the ease of the
Then came the day when they came upon a bridge
Without pause they sent for the general
The commander gave the order for the man to be killed
The new commander sent word of the failure to
The man chuckled once again and continued to
When aimed at a broad area the weapon brought all
The general looked at the man and asked if he chose
When the general returned to the place where the
The man looked up and smiled. “You be the judge.”
The man opened his mouth and the fies of a million
It is quite a bit more painful than your weapon and the
“WHO ArE YOu!!!”
The man opened his mouth imperceptibly and a
The bodies of the men that had died started to heal
“Why should I have to clean up? Why can’t you do it?”
The man from the chair snarled and opened his
His word?”
The man from the chair glared at the second man
The man turned to face the second man. “You will
The second man opened his mouth and started
“That is not yours! That is all the ‘Father’.”
The frst man took his carving and left and the
You have a beautiful voice.”
Those of the deceiver’s number that were removed
How can we overcome what is loved?”
Father) and the enemy that lies within. singers sleep a
There must be more to your question.”
It is regrettable that they will remove some of the good
The teacher shook his head and turned away from
Do not expect me to hang such a stone on anyone. police
(instead of me)?’ ‘You’re just being power hungry.’ crime
Appreciate the diffculty of always being placed into
He knows his creation will not go smoothly so He is
He tries his best to accomplish that act daily. He has
The more I create imperfection in by my example, the
The young missionary had been held in captivity
That is what the challenge is in life (adjust to thrive).”
Freedom is not so easily restricted or dissolved.”
They imprisoned those who had committed no crimes
It is an action worn on one’s sleeve. The deceiver loves
I so easily overlooked when I was here. my captivity
“That’s it? ‘We don’t.’”
We are not held to any position that requires the change
(which is basically never having lived at all). There is
One). There is life with a cause that destroys you and
Those who live outside that window need to continue
We are not born to be creatures of the darkness. The
One has patience and so must we. They will tire of living
The reason they allowed the window in their lives is
The woman stormed into the room
The task is to love those we fnd diffcult to love.”
One. It is also against the third commandment in that
The tenth commandment is broken by you wanting
The savior came to save those who would never live to
He allow us to only have a few?”
He will be infnitely less capable than the One who
It is the residual effect of childhood. Even a good king
One who cannot be added to can slough off the urge
One had to convince the people of higher responsibility
They all wished to be as they were and to have the
One for they seek to make themselves into the One.”
One’s image so that they would compete to be better
He creates for much greater periods of time than He
Losing is never a good feeling. In a competition with only
Heaven. He was never satisfed with being better than
When he found they were not interested in how well he
One would not be competed against?”
One would give to each as it served him best. To give
To accumulate what will never love you and throw away
Heaven and he must lose it here if mankind is ever to
We will listen to our coach and not him. We will not
Heaven is the desire to be better than anyone else. You
Heaven. sharing is not in his nature. It is the attempted
(that we could be like God) we made that lie part of our
The student looked horrifed. “What could I possibly
Are they not worthy of your concern?”
We have not walked any mile in his shoes so we have
His judgment is his own and, if you wish no part of it;
The innocents are reunited with the One and his loving
The student thought for only a moment before he
The teacher remained silent for a long while and
There are no segments of society that openly teach
They teach their children to administer pain in their
Would you say that accusing the One of removing his
What did the son who left his father (in the story of the
Their lack of communication is not the doing of the
Father. It is the result of asking for your inheritance of
Father’s household. In doing that you will have asked to
“You keep saying ‘satans’. That is a singular term.”
Father had one son recognize his mistake after living
Where is the penal nature of any of that?”
I look the other way. I get no joy in watching you fail.”
‘‘But even the Father grieved when Jesus died.”
Because it says we think we can destroy what the One
There are no bad people created with demons attached
As long as he can blame the rock and not himself, the
If I can harm the other person so much that he cannot
How does one damage the deceiver to the point of him
When the pain is killed the rocks remain and we
The student looked at the teacher and shook his
The two students who were before him had created
That creates greed within the faith.”
He has shared what is inherently His with those who
(or the best interests of those we live with). Wealth is
We are called to aid those in need because we have
Where is the room for compromise in that regard? I ask
That is not compromise. That is acceptance of what is
The teacher looked at the student with a very
I feel is harmful. This joke harmed two people. That
The teacher turned to walk away
The man shook his head and left the room. The
It is the state of being in hell.”
Diffcult because we never believed in its power when
He will never desert us. That is love. Hell will teach us
To fail to learn it when it is wise to do so means that
When they are all turned off, we will learn the value of
The teacher reached out and hugged the student
That would require a death to the person you are.”
You will never have immunity from the thoughtless
(for they are susceptible to the disease). They have the
It is the possession of the individual. Free-will excludes
That is not conducive to achieving their goal.”
If peace were the possession of all that is, it would be
The student did and all of the other students were
In the same way, when one knows the challenges of life
It needs doing and not doing it won’t accomplish that
“Does ‘brother’s keeper’ ring a bell?”
(by that reasoning).”
The teacher nodded. “And the faith. You cannot bear
The savior told us we were to abide by the laws of the
One. Bearing false witness is against the rules of the
Who would wish a less than perfect backbone?”
The teacher smiled. “We all bring the problems we
He could only help you to leave it behind. Would you
Life unless they have requested they be removed. By
I do miss them and my world will be not as blessed
The teacher nodded his head. This was a topic that
Love is a powerful force and not one to be overlooked
He looked at their astonished faces and said, ‘can’t
They said, ‘It is one single plant. It will take decades
When he returned to their previous homeland he found
They have made an effort to remake themselves and,
Aren’t you angry? Don’t you feel loss?’
The beauty that is life returned and is not angry or
He has given me the one to be happy with. He would
The teacher fnished his story and looked at the
The student had been looking for the teacher in
The teacher nodded and stood. Then they began
In deciding to compete with the Father for power, we
(as a loving Father will). We had the opportunity to
(never cold or hot). We gave up true freedom for an
We desired ownership and never realized that we will
All the beauty that is would have been ours to share
You love responsibility.”
I will ultimately fail at what I believe I should do?”
Father. I cannot feed all of the children. I cannot see
That is the Father’s image.”
To not attempt the task at all is to fail the test and be
Like is a feeling that can come and go as one encounters
The people have petitioned for the privilege of hunting
The hunt is to only take what is plentiful. To take
They are not to take the predators. They may feel
They are not to take down the forest to plant crops
There is probable reason to believe that their removal of
They need to realize that the inability to feed their
They will see to the needs of their children before they
I know you will need to be frm in your answers. man
We will likely be the cause of our own extinction if
The student nodded and then turned to leave. The
There were few times when a teacher asked another
The teacher that had requested the help had been having
I do know what you mean. Other students have said
I wish to leave.”
The politician stormed into the room
I thought you would not object to me having a more
As for the entire world knowing my level of competence,
I would be wise to accept all help available to resolve
They demand higher pay for the same or less work
Father and yet you insist on being called good. The
I could run this country better than you. I seek to aid
I do not know of a way to aid those who only wish to
It is a condition. It is a condition that must be solved
The teacher smiled and nodded and went back to
“I guess I thought you would so ‘no’.”
Being with friends and listening to music and eating and,
I listen to the music that the One provided for me to
The teacher turned and walked away. The student
On the night of the party the student was surprised
It might be worth stepping outside their strict vision of
The teacher turned to the people assembled and
I am fearful that will always fail at the temple. There are
You seem to seek an escape from that which we seek
I should be.”
The teacher had been told that there was a student
Both students seemed distressed at the way the
We are individuals. We are not social pariahs. Do you
David left and sin jab entered
Is that acceptable?”
Who would accept him with his present hygiene habits?
By refusing to tell him the truth you were agreeing
How does one go beyond undeniable?”
There is no statement that can contradict that. To say
When the truth is known the hurt will go away. The
You must make it clear to those that listen to you that you
The student looked at the teacher and knew he was
The teacher had invited a man who had visited
The man had not changed his opinion and, from what
He wondered what brought the invitation about, but
The teacher turned to his aide and told him to
You match none of those characteristics.”
The next king will defeat you and you will wish for the
The man pulled a gun from under his coat. “You still
The man fred the weapon. The teacher fell to the
The man looked at the paper in his hand and
You believe that the powerful can take whatever they
I love. The membership will not seek anything in return
A few weeks later the same student appeared before
A few days later the student demanded to see the
The student had been one of the teacher’s greater
When it was discovered that he had decided to quit the
I will never be taken seriously.”
There is the right to the life given by the creator. That
All other rights have the obstacle of free-will blocking
I would not appreciate that). I may have the right of
Father will bring.”
You cannot stop them if that is their desire. It is their
The young man had been sent out into the world
I met took advantage of that timid young man. Then I
I can continue to be at peace and live by my values and
Young man, I have been informed that you have a gun
The teacher chuckled at Jacob’s question
(if you cannot stop them)?”
I would never have asked for such a defense.”
The man had brought an entire flm crew to the
(making them wholly ineffcient).”
The man was quiet. He knew the answer to that
To say “no” would eliminate his argument
Who (but a child) would wish a perpetuity of pain and
The teachers were meeting to address the problem
Each boat is manned by one man only. It is the will of
Those factors make his boat handle differently than
The answer was obvious and the conference came
The savior said there need be no more sacrifces. Those
Father and the son. It is knowing that the world cannot
Father gave as rules?”
It can be used to make men subservient to those who
It can drive them to becoming drunks and addicts to
(to make the One appear brutal) have made the One
Avoid the contact that causes the itch.”
Act in His image and you will discover the fact that love
Garden into what we wish it to be (instead of what He
We already had everything that was necessary to live
Garden. When we took over the garden, we acted like
One had never chosen to place millions of humans in
Garden to hold them without harming the Garden).”
Him in telling us to go forth and populate the world?”
Garden was the best it could be when He planned it
One. We need to admit our error and stop trying to be
The reason for the woman’s decision to seek out
I should have known a wise teacher would know
I do not believe that all the men of your faith are bad
Only the fear of being seen as a coward by the whole
Any religion that seeks to destroy that which will not
The creator treats mankind well despite our refusal
“But what of your One? couldn’t He help?”
The woman nodded and turned to face the ugly she
Does it justify killing others?”
The teacher cocked his head at the student
The teacher nodded and continued
They are too embarrassed to show their faces there.”
That is indicated by the score (is it not).”
They are not members of the faith. We are to bring the
Winning is being the best you can be and losing is most
The student thought about that statement
I should just wait for the burden to be lifted from me or
The teacher shook his head and looked out over the
There would be only the recognition that something
His to repeal if it aids those He loves.”
The gates keep the darkness in and the light out.”
They then moved to law to make those considered
Once they learn to have confdence and competence
He could never be the One and he could never harm
(so that others will be seen as more lonely than they
We can’t harm anyone other than ourselves.”
It is the Father’s image and it is all competence and
What would a person raised in a cave (that he had never
Who covers the home in paint does not matter. The
There are intelligent people who should be able to know
There is no joy in the dark.”
Killing those who are reported to be enemies can lead
Joy can be dark student. It can be had in the success of a
When you venture out from under your rock you will
The One does not mention derogatory names in the
He sent of being cruel, vengeful souls (just to justify your
(and their family’s future) for a chance to be something
Heaven, we will grow old in wisdom and strength. We
Only when man learns that he cannot do anything as
If you believe that the love of the Father is anything but
They have the ability to destroy their own beings, but
He would have to essentially remake the world is of no
(because the One can heal any damage that mankind
(that the One does not allow permanent harm to those
He loves). When he learns that and accepts that he may
They are not silly men.”
They love to be greater than.”
Only a child would think that and only when he decides
We never took the time to discover what the One was
We never thought that the One has all the power that
(only the power). We thought the One was interested
One made two and was satisfed without either doing
His bidding or worship (neither is mentioned in the story
The movies are full of killing and other violence and the
The child will always seek to take over what the adult
One that was not His doing. The One is all-powerful. To
The teacher cocked his head and smiled. “That is
That was spoken to. It is not a chance to outdo your
The teacher looked at the student with as close as a
I do not have a defnitive answer for. This is for them
The teacher nodded and smiled
They would be satisfed with being knowledgeable. That
If you have love you would never infict suffering
Knowledge would tell you that love feels better than
The murders had shaken the temple. six of their
He is well known to the judge who will see to his
Your justice system cannot convict him of anything.”
Will their nap before their awakening be disturbed?”
That is as far as I will allow this conversation to go.”
We are fully aware that you and your legal system
The teacher looked at the ground and shook his
When will you stop giving title (and refuse to give
The man had approached the teacher in the streets
We break a lot of rules.”
The man was stymied. That was a statement that he
One remains (as it always has).”
The One gives you power to lead your life. The
He did not do the work so that He could be better off
He did the work so that those of creation could be better
He needed to feel better, it was so that those He created
When we look at them as extensions of our selves we
(to some degree)?”
As the man and the two students were leaving the
The men who stood before him had not achieved
You will die here and you will not be allowed to die
The Father could not make it so when He gave us the
He always ends up being his own keeper in that
I will likely fail in that pursuit.”
The standards must be strict so the advance can have
The man who had led the attack on the temple
The membership quietly responded by gazing from
The teacher stepped toward the occupier. “Our
You have been subjected to war by your own volition
Where is my questioning of you?”
I exist on a place of misery and strife? How can you
I know the cause of our dispute. You wish to speak to
“THE Father. The Father of all assembled here.”
The teacher had taken several of his students out for
There are few non-necessary portions of any body. Lop
(or inedibility). The world is a body student. If we were
The student walked over to a tree trunk and patted it
The woman who arrived with the student never
I leave I will never fnd anyone who is willing to marry
The student nodded and turned to leave. The woman
I answered your question. If you stay here you will need
We will force a pretty face on an ugly soul to change or
That is the best we can do.”
Love is not determined by marriage or the savior was
The student who approached the teacher had been
The third time he had been given the chance to return
“I thought I would be expelled then if I didn’t agree.”
(leaving us unhappy).”
I only said I did to keep from being expelled.”
One more reason to ask you to leave.”
We have not told you you could never use or lie again
We have chosen to refuse you the privilege of harming
Isn’t that against the rule of loving your neighbor as
If you continued to use your drugs the membership
The student looked at the teacher with contempt
The teacher watched the student approach him
The student was a good student in his studies and
I wanted?”
The teacher reached out and touched the student’s
(and you are a threat to that creator). Every interest you
What am I to do?”
I think I see where this is going. I have to see what I
It is what you have determined is a problem for your
Know that your well-being depends upon your being
The student looked at the teacher and left the
The men who approached him were the type of
You can accumulate that which has value without
(things that would have fed those starving children) in
How has the world gotten to be so paranoid?”
The news makes a daily routine of posting the horrible
The person who leads his own life and does not set
How does having the wrong answer to every question
The prey can easily exist without the predator. most of
I learn, the less likely it seems that what I have learned
It even seems unlikely that I would ever be accepted
Do you wish to be accepted or do you wish for the
I feel about my teacher.”
Adults accept the fact that lessons are important and
“And I can’t go ‘home’ if I remain a child.”
The student ran into the room
The teacher shook his head and headed to the
The savior warned against wealth.”
We must never take risks that we cannot explain the
“But I can’t be the Father.”
The others will make the same mistake the deceiver did
“‘Few years’? You switched subjects there teacher.”
(because you are young). That is not a legitimate
(and that is as fortunate as one can get).”
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What Have You Got to Lose?

What Have You Got to Lose?

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Published by WestBow Press
When you are tired of losing, it is time to stop being entertained and start being educated.

The answer to the question posed by the title of this book comes in three parts.

The first is that when all else fails, you have nothing to lose except the failure.

The second is that when all else fails, you have tried nothing but failing methods, and those methods must be left behind if you wish to achieve happiness.

The last is that most people don’t have a clue as to what it is that they have to lose. They would be well advised to learn exactly what the consequences of that loss would be before they act and find out the hard way. Failure is far greater than not achieving a goal.
When you are tired of losing, it is time to stop being entertained and start being educated.

The answer to the question posed by the title of this book comes in three parts.

The first is that when all else fails, you have nothing to lose except the failure.

The second is that when all else fails, you have tried nothing but failing methods, and those methods must be left behind if you wish to achieve happiness.

The last is that most people don’t have a clue as to what it is that they have to lose. They would be well advised to learn exactly what the consequences of that loss would be before they act and find out the hard way. Failure is far greater than not achieving a goal.

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