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Published by B. Merkur
Heralding the imminent arrival of Moshiach
Heralding the imminent arrival of Moshiach

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Published by: B. Merkur on Apr 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thirty-ve years have already passed sincethe histalkus of my revered father-in-law,the Rebbe. G-d forbid to say that for thirty-ve years he has not been among us. G-dhave mercy upon us for such a mindset! *Source materials compiled by Rabbi ShlomaMajeski. Underlining is the emphasis of thecompiler.
The foregoing were allexamples of the Rebbe MH”M’sapproach in the wake of theRebbe Rayatz’s
.However, the Rebbe clearlymaintained these views evendecades later, as we see, forexample, in the following
 of 5745. In fact, the Rebbehimself draws attention to thelong passage of time since the
, thirty-five years,saying that that only causes hisinfluence to be more active andmore efficacious in the world:
(After Moshiach Tzidkeinuarrives, when the promiseof “awaken and sing, you who dwell in the dust” willbe fulfilled [i.e., when those who have passed away willbe resurrected], certainly the[Rebbe Rayatz’s] teachingson Chassidus will still bestudied, and his Chassidim will continue to go “upon thestraight path he has instructedof his ways, and we shall walk upon his path forevermore”(
Tanya Igeres HaKodesh
Ch.27, pg. 146a). Indeed, together with the fact that Jews willlearn Torah from the mouth of Moshiach Tzidkeinu – A new Torah shall issue forth fromMe” – each Chassid will go with his Rebbe. All of us – eachof us – will go with our Rebbe,the leader of our generation, who continues to live even
– “
 hu ba’chayim
– he isalive.”)
 Hu ba’chayim
,” of course,means “
– life” in theliteral sense, being alive inthe physical world, “below ten handbreadths.” This isapparent from the contextin which the phrase (“
”) appears in theGemara. Namely, in answer tothe question, “Was it in vainthen that they eulogized andembalmed [Yaakov Avinu],etc.?” That is, the Gemaraanticipates that there willbe those who argue thatsince there was a
,a funeral procession, thesaying of Kaddish, etc., theydeduce that he is not [alive]in this physical world. Inresponse to this perspective,the Gemara declares the rulingthat notwithstanding theperformance of these burialrites, etc., they all knew thatthe truth is that “
 he did not die,
” rather, “
 hu ba’chayim – he is alive
”!In fact, not only doeshe remain alive after the
, but more thanthat. After the
he ispresent, alive, in this world
than he was before the
, as stated in theZohar: “The righteous whopass on are present in all worlds
than when they were alive.” Indeed, the AlterRebbe elaborates in
D’vaR MalchUS
16 Iyar 5773
that “even in
this world of action
[the physical world] (not just the supernal worlds)…he is
present,”“more than when he was alive.”The underlying reason, asexplained there in
:“The life of a
isnot physical life but spirituallife, which is faith, and [the]fear and love [of G-d].” Thus,“when the
was aliveupon the earth, these threequalities were contained withintheir ‘vessel’ and ‘garment’ inthe realm of physical space, which is the dimension of thesoul as it is bound to its body.”This passage of 
teachesthat during the physical life of the
he was subject tothe limitations of a physicalbody – albeit a
body, even
 holy of holies
, but ultimately he was still limited by a physicalbody. For example, when thebody becomes fatigued fromTorah study, from giving
, and the like, it mustrest.However, after the
, it is understood thatthe Rebbe is not constrainedby bodily limitations. Thus,his efforts and influence are
.This is so with regard to theRebbe’s service in the Worldof Truth [in Heaven]. There,he is constantly involved withthe study of Torah and thefulfillment of Mitzvos (in themanner by which Mitzvos canbe performed in the World of Truth).Likewise this is true withregard to the Rebbe’s service“in this world of action [thephysical world],” for “hisprogeny is alive.” That is, hisstudents/emissaries study Torahand fulfill Mitzvos with hisenergy and on his
“the emissary of a man is likehimself” – “[going] upon thestraight path he has instructedof his ways, and we shall walk upon his path forevermore.” All those who add in the studyof Torah and the fulfillment of Mitzvos overtly add in “he isalive,” including with regard toevoking blessings and bringingabout salvation and successto the Chassidic communityand to all the Jewish people. After his
, all of thisbeneficence is bestowed “
morethan when he was alive
It comes out that althoughthirty-five years have alreadypassed since the
of my revered father-in-law, theRebbe, G-d forbid to say thatfor thirty-five years now hehas not been among us.
G-d have mercy upon us for such amindset!
The opposite is true. Forthirty-five years now the Rebbehas been present among us and within us “
than when he was alive,” and from year to year his vitality and activity inthe physical world
 progressively gains force
. That is, he isbecoming more active and hisactivities are being performed with more vitality, in a mannerof “
maalin ba’kodesh
advancing in matters of holiness.”This goes well with whatthe Rebbe discusses in the
distributed onthe day of his
[YudShvat 5710, the day of his
]. There the Rebbestates that the term “
signifies bringing about a moreprofound manifestation andrevelation of G-dliness. Thus,[the related term] “
is to be understood in the sensethat he is manifest and revealedin a greater way, “more than when he was alive”!
(From the address of 12 Tammuz5745)
The opposite is true. For thirty-ve years now theRebbe has been present among us and within us“more than when he was alive,” and from year to year hisvitality and activity in the physical world progressivelygains force.
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