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The New Erudition April 2013

The New Erudition April 2013

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Published by Shaidatul Nadia
The New Erudition April 2013, Kuliyyah of Science, IIUM Kuantan
The New Erudition April 2013, Kuliyyah of Science, IIUM Kuantan

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Shaidatul Nadia on Apr 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the name of ALLAH, the mostgracious, most merciful . . .
 Assalamualaikum to all readers. We are happy to an-nounce that the 2
volume of The New Erudition is nowofficially released and we would like to take this oppor-tunity to thank all the readers and supporters for antici-pating this edition.
 As you all notice that the name of this magazine is TheNew Erudition which differs from the previous Erudition.My apologies to all that we didn’t have the chance to ex-plain further about The New Erudition on our first edition. Actually we intended to make this bulletin quite differentfrom the previous bulletin. .
The New Erudition should displays rather stimulatingcolumn with pictures and short sentences. Our team triesto create a fun to see environment rather than heavyreading type of bulletin. We also try to attract more par-ticipation from all the students so that the bulletin wouldinclude everyone. That’s where the TweetUp Eruditioncolumn was born. We try to make this bulletin full of Sci-encess student’s faces. In relation to the advance tech-nology nowadays, The New Erudition also comes in vir-tual world which comprises videos from interviews andsurveys.
For this 2
edition, we received many requests to workon the topic PRU13 and we are happy to announce thatwe did. With the General Election is going on, we’re surethat many of us are really excited and can’t wait to seewhich parties would succeed. A word of advice from myhumble opinion, regardless which parties we support,what cause did we stand for, whose leadership we long-ing to follow, don’t forget. We are Malaysians. In the end,we are the same. Don’t hate each other and being tooobsess with PRU13 until we forget the most importantpart of all, the unity amongst us. What’s the meaning of new reformation if we are still not united towards onepurpose, making Malaysia a better country to live.Enough words from me.Unravel this piece and Ihope you will be mesmer-ized by our piece.
ackbone of 
Head of PRI :
‘Abdul Hakim bin
Kamarul Bahrin
Asst. Head of PRI :
Nor Amira Yusoff 
Editors :
Mohd ZulmadiBin Sani Anis Syazana binti
 Ahmad ‘Asri
Graphic Team :
Nur Atiqah bintiMohd HafniMuhammad Syafiqbin Abdul Ghafar Norfarahim bintiIbrahimNur Husna bintiDzulkafli Aisyah binti Zainal Abidin
Video Team :
 Adini Qisthi ArifahNurul Fikri Risan
Reporter :
Fatin Lyana binti Azman ShahSyarafina binti Sabri
Proofreader :
Mohamad Farid binMat Jamial
Technical :
Rahmah binti MohdLokoman
PRU 13
Whats our vice presiden of SRC got tosay about the coming General Election
When Pen Meets The Pad
Subject to Change : check out the win-ner for our When Pen Meets the Pad forthis Month!
Words With Alyaa
An interview with one of our SRC onGeneral Election the !3th
Our SCI EXCO says…
Words of advice from our Exco of Sci-ences Student Society
Voting for DUMMIES
Simple step by step guide to voting
Photo of The Month
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See what our student had been tweeting
and posting. If you’re lucky your tweet
might be inside
Comic Strip
Check out fun comic strip drawn by ourown student!
Like what you see? Take out your walletand spend it wisely.
dawned with a growing ancipa-on for the General Elecon. Sincethe year 2011, the dissoluon of parliament has been a big quesonfor the people.
lhamdulillah, on 3
of April allare revealed by an ocial an-nouncement from The 5
 Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Campaigns by all contesng paresare intensifying with me as futurecandidates are spreading their mani-festos from one place to anotherthroughout the enre country. Thisalso opens doors and provides moreissues for certain media personal in-terests in creang aacks against thecontesng pares.
In general, the eld of demo-crac elecons is a solid plaorm forthe people to choose a competentleader through the vong process. Itis a democrac mechanism whereone selects a suitable candidate to llposions such as legislators, policymakers and execuves, represenngthe people eciently.
In the context of Malaysiatoday, being part of the elecon is anobligaon for eligible individuals. Ac-cording to the Federal Constuon,the clause 119 (1), a cizen who hasreached the age of 21, residing in aconstuency and is registered is eligi-ble to vote. It is a
method in ac-cordance with the claim:
a must dois not perfect but with it, then it be-comes mandatory.
According to the Federal Constitution, the clause119 (1), a citizen who has reached the age of 21, residing in a constituency and is registered is eligibleto vote
Based on the stascs issuedby the GE 2012 electoral commis-sion, over 2 million people have reg-istered to vote in the general elec-on but not all really did vote whenthe elecons came. It is unfortunatefor us when there are individualswho choose to not join in theelecons and disregardits importance. Everyvote counts in deter-mining the future of the country. Shouldthe reins of leader-ship falls into thehands of responsiblecandidates, it wouldnot be an issue. However,if it falls into the hands of the wrongpeople, what should we expect?
According to the study bypolical researchers in Malaysia, thepercentage of voters under the ageof 40 has increased to 52 percentcompared to 48 percent last year.The study also found that 30 percentof all registered voters have yet todecide which party should they sup-port in the elecon. Interesngly,almost all of them are young voters.
Roughly, from the 52 youngvoters, nearly 30 of whom are fence
siers. What can be concluded is,there are sll many among us young-sters who prefer to be ignorant to-wards what is happening in ourcountry. The decision we make to-day, shape our lives tomorrow. To-wards a prosperous future, young-sters should show interest in the po-lical climate of our country.
Hopefully, with the atudethat we portray, the candidates willrealize how the power and trust giv-en to them is a responsibility.
In Surah al
Qasas verse 26;
One of the women said, "O my  father, hire him. Indeed, thebest one you can hire isthe strong and thetrustworthy." 
The meaning of "al
Amin" (trust) and "al
Qawiyy" (strong) in thecontemporary contextrefers to factors such asintegrity, transparency andother
characteriscsnamely knowledgeable, competentand the ability to communicate well.These are some of the guidelinesthat God has given us to select theright leader. Let's ensure that ourcandidates will be elected in accord-ance with the guidance from theQur'an and hadith.
Each of us has to know theimportance of parcipang in theelecons. What a good thing it iswhen we pracce what we know.Use this opportunity as best as possi-ble. Each vote counts. Cast yourvotes for the candidates who under-stand the true essence of leadership.
, a beer future for thiscountry is within our reach.
Ahmad Fathi

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