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Connections May2013 Web

Connections May2013 Web

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The 25th annual Sweet Charity event held on February 27, 2013.
The 25th annual Sweet Charity event held on February 27, 2013.

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Published by: Interfaith CarePartners on Apr 24, 2013
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Interfaith CarePartners®Volume 25, May 2013
A Time to Celebrate
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n Wednesday, February27, we held our 25
 annual Sweet Charityevent in celebration ovolunteer caregiving.The ballroom at theHilton Americas Hotel was onceagain lled by riends and supporterso Interaith CarePartners as we alljoined in a celebration o caregiving.The evening eatured presentationso the Sustaining Presence Award toCenterPoint Energy and Deloitte LLP,and the Founders’ Award to ConnieEnergy and Deloitte LLP or their in-dividual contributions to the Houstoncommunity and beyond. Greg Harperaccepted the award on behal o Cen-terPoint, and Wright Moody acceptedthe award or Deloitte. During his ac-ceptance speech, Mr. Moody spokeabout the services his mother-in-lawreceived rom volunteers in the CareTeam
program o Interaith CarePart-ners, and showed a slideshow o hismother-in-law enjoying the activities oan Alzheimer’s Care Team
GatheringPlace.Dr. Earl Shelp presented Con-nie Nelson with the Founders’ Awardor her signicant contributions to themission and programs o InteraithCarePartners. He spoke about the pow-erul impact Connie has had on the lieo Interaith CarePartners or 23 years,her loyalty as a riend, and her deter-mined eorts as an advocate or the or-ganization. Connie accepted the awardand spoke movingly about her long,personal association with InteraithCarePartners and her aection or thework the organization does. ActressMorgan Fairchild then spoke abouther riendship with Connie, as well aswas brought to a joyul conclusion witha brie set by musician Johnny Rivers,who paid his own tribute to riend Con-nie beore playing such hits as “PoorSide o Town” and “Mountain o Love.”He closed the eve-ning with an auc-tion oNelson. Guest stars Morgan Fairchildand Johnny Rivers were in attendanceto honor Connie Nelson, while RichardAlderman, Associate Dean and DwightOlds Chair in Law at the University oHouston, and “The People’s Lawyer”or Houston, did another wonderuljob as Master o Ceremonies or theevening. David Jewell and WrightMoody served as co-chairs or theevening, and David McClanahan andAnne Taylor served as honorary chairs.A warm welcome was extendedto guests by Richard Alderman andDavid Jewell oered the invocation orthe evening. Following remarks by Chair-man o the Board, Steve Hinchman,and a video highlighting the servicesoered by Interaith CarePartners, Dr.John Burk paid tribute to CenterPoint
John K. Burk, Ph.D. with Greg Harper from CenterPoint.John K. Burk, Ph.D. with Wright Moody from Deloitte.
his signature song, “Secret Agent Man,”which had the crowd singing along be-ore they departed with boxes ull odelicious desserts provided or the sig-nature Dessert Fair by The InternationalCulinary School at the Art Institute oHouston, Carmelo’s Italian Restaurant,Churrasco’s,Fiesta Mart,Inc., and Trevi-sio Restaurantand ConerenceCenter. Guestsalso took homethe foral tablecenterpiecesprovided byMark AnthonyFlorist.Silent auc-tion items thisyear eatured acoustic guitars signedby country legends Dolly Parton, Wil-lie Nelson, George Strait, and DwightYoakum, a basketball signed by all cur-
Connie Nelson and Earl E. Shelp, Ph.D.
her own awareness o the needs oamily caregivers and the immeasur-able impact o the services oered byInteraith CarePartners. The evening
Sweet Charity
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rent Houston Rockets players, a ruitbasket donated by River City Produceo San Antonio, our tickets to see theHouston Symphony’s POPS or a springperormance, and a six month member-ship donated by the YMCA.Major underwriters or the eveningincluded CenterPoint Energy and South-western Energy. Additionally, BakerHughes, Pyramid Tubular and U.S. SteelTubular Products, Deloitte LLP, Jes andJohn Hagale & The Shackouls FamilyFoundation, Peggy and Steve Hinch-man, Carol and Randy Limbacher, Mara-thon Oil, the John P. McGovern Foun-dation, and Anita and Steve Mueller,and 24 other individuals and companiesall joined in making the evening a suc-cess by helping to support the caregiv-ing programs o Interaith CarePartnerswith their generous gits.In addition to being a source osupport or Interaith CarePartners’caregiving programs, Sweet Charityhas long been a wayor the organizationto pay homage tothe many and variedcontributions madeto our communityby other worthyorganizations, indi-viduals, and volun-teers in our caregiv-ing programs. Everyyear we are grateulor the opportunity to come together incelebration with others who hold thesame vision that we do to “create car-ing communities” and to highlight the
Morgan Fairchild Johnny Rivers 
The recipient o the 2013 Dr.Ronald H. Sunderland Care TeamMember Award is Jean Johnston oFirst Presbyterian Church, Pasadena.This annual award is presented to a CareTeam
member whose consummateservice and sacricial spirit refect thecaring spirit o Dr. Ronald H. Sunderland,co-ounder o Interaith CarePartners.Jean’s tireless service andinvaluable leadership on the Alzheimer’sCare Team Gathering Place was dulyrecognized by many o the volunteerswith whom she works and whonominated her or this prestigiousaward. Comments rom those whonominated her included the recognitionthat Jean can be relied on “to do theright thing in her usual gracious andselfess manner,” and that “the spiritwith which Jean goes about this work isinspiring.” As a Care Team leader, Jeanhelps coordinate each o the Gathering
2013 Sunderland Award Winner
Place activity times or people withAlzheimer’s or other orms o dementia,works with team members whoassume various roles in the Care Teamministry, and works closely with herCare Team Coordinator rom InteraithCarePartners. Jean’s loving heart andwarm embrace to those with memoryloss and their amily caregivers is atrue personication o the missiono Interaith CarePartners to care orweak and vulnerable people. She haspersonal experience as both a caregiverand care recipient, having cared or herlate husband and having survived aheart attack o her own.Jean and her daughter werespecial guests at this year’s SweetCharity, where the award wasannounced. The ormal presentationo the award was made by Dr. Burkduring a worship service at Jean’schurch on March 10. Family, riends,and Care Team volunteers werepresent to celebrate with Jean as shereceived the award.In 2012, we presented seven caregiver conerences or over 1,600people in various locations around Greater Houston. These ree, educationalconerences provide an opportunity or amily caregivers to participate in upto three, one-hour workshops on a wide range o caregiving topics. At theconerences, an opening assembly and lecture by Dr. Shelp is ollowed byworkshops in the morning, a ree lunch, and more workshops in the aternoon.The conerences are hosted by partner congregations, and area agenciesare given the opportunity to set up a booth in an exhibition space or amilycaregivers to browse. Underwriters make signicant nancial contributions tothe conerences and help enable us to oer them or ree. Conerences arepresented in the Spring and Fall. So ar, we have presented three conerencesin 2013, with ve more still to occur between now and November.In addition to the conerences, we also provide intensive workshopsor amily caregivers. These workshops, presented by an expert in caregiving,oer a 2.5 hour time devoted to a particular topic o interest that can be coveredin-depth or a group o approximately 50 people. In 2013, we are presentingeight intensive workshops or amily caregivers. For more inormation on eitherthe conerences or intensive workshops, please see our website atwww.interaithcarepartners.org, or call the oce at (713) 682-5995.
Caregiver Conferences andIntensive Workshops
Jean Johnston 
important roles that so many around usassume to make that vision a reality. Wewill continue to look orward to thesetimes o joy!
We are excited to announce thecontinuation o some o our newerprograms as well as new additions toour program oerings.
Preparing and Sharing.
In2011, we launched a pilot program atSouthwestern Energy called Preparingand Sharing, which is designed to helpprepare employed amily caregiversor their roles providing care, and tourther strengthen the eorts o thoseamily caregivers who are alreadyserving in those roles. At a monthlylunch meeting, representatives romInteraith CarePartners, or an areaexpert on a particular topic will makea ree presentation to employees ontopics ranging rom “Living Wills andTrusts” to “The Emotional Rollercoastero Caregiving.” This is an opportunityor education and a time or those whoare in their roles as caregivers to sharewith one another in a sae environmentabout the challenges or struggles theyace in caregiving.In March o this year, an article onthe program was printed in the businesssection o the Houston Chronicle. As wasnoted in the article, “Several years ago,many companies launched programs tohelp employees nd child care…Now,elder care is the hot topic, especiallyamong baby boomers who are strugglingto handle the medical, residential andother concerns challenging their agingparents, riends and other relatives.”Others have begun to express interest instarting a Preparing and Sharing programat their place o work as a result o havingread the Chronicle article.The need or amily caregiver edu-cation is increasing. As a result, the need
Program Development at InterfaithCarePartners
or programs likePreparing andSharing whichtake support andeducation to thecaregiver is alsogoing to grow.We are excitedto be able to pro-vide this invalu-able service at atime o increas-ing need.
In the Fallo 2012, Inter-aith CarePart-ners announcedthe newly-developed Expert Panel. TheExpert Panel is designed to providemembers o area congregations whoare serving in their roles o caregiveran educational opportunity to enhancetheir abilities as caregivers. As with thePreparing and Sharing program, ExpertPanel presentations are led by a repre-sentative rom Interaith CarePartnersor an area subject matter expert in top-ics ranging rom “Keeping Peace in theFamily” to “Stretching Your Caregiving$$$.” Workshops are ree, hosted at acongregation’s campus, and can be o-ered as a single educational opportu-nity, or as a series. The rst workshopwas oered in the Spring o 2013 andwas a great success. We are excitedabout the possibilities associated withthis innovative program, and are look-ing orward to more workshops in2013.
Family Caregiver Training.
In2012, Interaith CarePartners secured alicense rom an Arkansas group calledthe Schmieding Center or Senior Health& Education. This group, aliated withthe University o Arkansas or MedicalSciences, has developed curriculumor amily caregivers which ocuses onproviding a strong oundation or theskills necessary to amily caregiving.Our license allows us to oer eight-hour educational sessions or amilycaregivers, presented by area nurseswho have experience with home healthcare. These sessions can be broken upinto two sessions at our hours each,or one, longer, eight-hour session.Currently we oer two types o thecourse. The rst is or general physicalskills in which amily caregivers learnand practice things like liting, transers,and body mechanics with training aidsand mannequins. The second is oramily caregivers who are giving careto a loved-one with dementia. Thiscourse ocuses on topics such ascommunication and behavioral issuesthat one is likely to encounter whengiving care to someone with dementia.Enrolment or the course is keptsmall (8-12 people) in order to acilitatean intimate atmosphere or amilycaregivers to have their questions andconcerns addressed. The only cost orinterested participants is $25 or theworkbook.We are eager to be goodstewards o all that we have learnedabout caregiving over the years, andare excited to provide these programinitiatives to the community. I you, oranyone you know, is interested in anyo the above program oerings, pleasecontact the oce at (713) 682-5995, orsend an email to John Burk atjburk@interaithcarepartners.org.Last year we unveiled the Founders’Circle as a part o the celebration oInteraith CarePartners’ 25
anniversary,the vision o ounders Dr. Earl Shelp andDr. Ron Sunderland, and in recognitiono the over 2 million hours o volunteerservice provided by Care Teammembers. The Founders’ Circle is opento anyone who appreciates and valuesthe educational and caregiving programso Interaith CarePartners, and whowould like to give a $500 annual git osupport. Membership benets includename recognition in the annual reportand an invitation to a private receptionat year-end, during which time a reportwill be given on all ongoing and plannedactivities or the programs o InteraithCarePartners.Our annual goal or the Founders’Circle is or 50 members to join or atotal contribution o $25,000. We havealready received several members intothe Founders’ Circle or 2013. I youare interested in membership, pleasedesignate on your check or include anote that your git is or the Founders’Circle. You may make your payment atone time, or in installments.
Founders’ CircleMembership
The monthly elder care seminars at Southwestern Energy attract 10 to 20 employees. CEO Steve Mueller says he would like to see a biggeturnout.
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