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2001 Annual Report

2001 Annual Report

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Published by Legal Momentum
Legal Momentum's 2001 Annual Report.
Legal Momentum's 2001 Annual Report.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Legal Momentum on Apr 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund
2001 Annual Report
to the great-hearted women of GroundZero: firefighters, police officers, EMT andEMS personnel, volunteer iron workersand welders, carpenters and cable splicersand the toilers on the bucket brigadethey fought for the right to be there; wewere there with them then and we are withthem nowand our admiration and respect for themgoes beyond words
It’s a simple proposition. Women’s civilrights and our right to full participation insociety are not political issues, and they’renot negotiable. In the face of a rising tideof conservative reaction, much of our work this past year has been holding fast tothose rights, won — many by NOW LegalDefense — over the past four decades. Oneof the major threats we are facing is anexpanding litigation challenge to ourfederally guaranteed civil rights, a campaignin which the conservative faction in oursociety is deeply engaged.Because the world is an increasinglycomplex place, we are at the same timefacing, and taking on, new challenges.Fast forward. A drastic shortage of childcare, of any quality, at a time when almostthree quarters of all American women withpre-school children are in the workforce. The specter of tens of thousands of people,mainly women with young children, comingto the legally mandated end of their welfarebenefits in a contracting economy.And of course the almost overwhelming task of rebuilding America, not just the World Trade Center area, but the economic infra-structure that affects all our citizens, and thechallenge of putting all of our citizens towork on making that happen. We cannotafford to bar half of America from the tableswhere the decisions on how and when andwhy we rebuild are made. And we will notallow half of America to be barred from a fairshare of apprentice training programs inthe trades and good jobs in expandingindustries, nor from the thousands of contracts that will create a new downtownManhattan. We are determined that womenwill be there to help rebuild America. Ourcountry deserves no less.While we plan how to take on these newchallenges, we take heart from the success-es of this past year. With the Associationof the Bar of the City of New York, weco-sponsored the new annual Ruth BaderGinsburg Distinguished Lecture on Womenand the Law. Dean Kathleen Sullivan of Stanford University School of Law brilliantlydelivered the first lecture and an admiringJustice Ginsburg was there. The secondGinsburg Lecture will be delivered onDecember 13, 2001, by Madeleine Albright.Our Legal Director, Martha Davis, arguedbefore the U.S. Supreme Court in the caseof 
Tuan Ahn Nguyen v. Immigration and Naturalization Service,
taking on one of thefew federal laws that still discriminates onthe basis of sex, in this case penalizing menbecause of tired stereotypes about thedifferences between mothersand fathers’relations with their children. We arguedwith skill and commitment, but lost bythe now too familiar one-vote margin.Nevertheless we are undaunted —legislative approaches are in the works.Years of tenacious effort by our publicpolicy staff and our New York basedlawyers resulted in the reauthorizationof the Violence Against Women Act,at twice the original funding level —more than three billion dollars — aremarkable achievement. And welaunched several new programs: ablue ribbon corporate task force to work onchild care issues; Employment Rights forSurvivors of Abuse (ERSA), an innovative andextraordinarily successful program to helpdeal with the workplace impact of domesticviolence; and the Federalism Project, aneffort, generously funded by The OpenSociety Institute and The Ford Foundation,to craft strategic new responses to the grow-ing conservative effort to use the courts,including the Supreme Court, to rewrite theConstitution and strip Congress of its powersto create and protect national civil rights forwomen and marginalized groups.It’s been quite a juggling act. Holding fast.Fast forward. But we’ve made it, and we’reproud of our record of accomplishment. This next year undoubtedly will be harder. Tighter money. Harsh pressures. Competingdemands. Indecisiveness caused by fearand uncertainty. War and recession. Dissentover priorities. But with your support we’regoing to make it through again; we aregoing to become stronger and better.Count on it because so many are countingon us!Sincerely,Kathy RodgersMichele Coleman MayesPresidentChair of the Board
Dear Friends,

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