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Facility Management by Naresh

Facility Management by Naresh



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Published by NARESH KUMAR

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Published by: NARESH KUMAR on Mar 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Facility management is themanagementof assets like building, estates whichencompasses both physical product and services. The services can be dividedinto two hard and soft services. Hard services include thing like take care of air conditioning. Soft services include such as security, custodial, janitorial,landscaping, catering, mailroom, reception, photocopying pest control andmonitoring the performance of service providers. Facility management is alsoknown asproperty management, but mostly applied only to commercialproperties where the management and operation is more complex. Some or all of these aspects are maintained by computer system.Definition provided by theInternational Facility Management Association(IFMA)is "A profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, processes and technology."Another definition provided by IFMA is: "The practice or coordinating the physicalworkplace with the people and work of the organization; integrates the principlesof business administration, architecture, and the behavioral and engineeringsciences." (Ifma, 2008)The British Institute of Facilities Management defined the facility management asIntegration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop theagreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primaryactivities.(BIFM, 2008)
In this project aspects of facilities management with examples in circumstance of Indian hospitality industry from different books and websites were referred whichhad applicable data of Facilities Management and the Indian Hospitality Industry.And personal observation of training courses was also referred.
Role of facility management:
The role of facilities management is vast and is measured as quite importantapplication and management process in today’s fastest growing hospitality, itmake sure that everything is available and working properly for building residentsto do their work. It may range from the small scale to the large scale operation or even to international scale. it is not only restricted to just asset care andmaintaining, managing the design of the hotels also counted good facilitiesprovided to the employees that ultimately be giving good service to guest thatwill return in term profit. Now organizations provide the under contract facilitymanagement services like for a specific period, including repairing, inventoriesetc, main concern behind this is good service without any loss maintaining your asset for a longer time.Employees are also essential part of facility management department,employees only aware the management what problem guest face and what allrequired to solve them and maintain service quality. (Ransly et. Al, 2000 p 185)
How facility management works in hotels:
In hotels facility management have many sub department like assetmanagement, horticulture department, maintenance, information technology etc.The operational aspects of design in asset management left to the judgment of architect or plan team. In principle this should present no problems to a capableteam, but practically it is very difficult to understand the gloominess of anorganisation and details of its operational schemes. The design and constructionof a building typically require specialities and inputs. This is even in rather limiteddevelopments, like versions of an existing building to hotel or restaurant.(Ranslay, J 2000 pg 185) and hotel is a combined as food and room department,rooms earn most of profit for the hotels and properly facilitate rooms would serveas a long-term source of profits and attraction to the guest and facility provided toguest’s rooms comes under House keeping department and also amenitiesplacement and periodic maintenance are taken care by this department with thehelp of appropriate planning of facilities management. And all these service
provided to rooms after every guest leaves and proper all the amenities. Hotelindustry’s major concerns are rooms and keeping them in good condition whichhelps to reduce losses and earn profit. Strategies planned for rooms with thehousekeeping personals help to maintain hotels assets as these were before.Risks involved in room’s maintenance are also intended by the facilitiesdepartment of hotel risk like, fire, power cut etc. (management-hub, 2008)Facilities management is much varied field which is concern with all the facilitiesthat decorate and over all make up of the hotel. And gives a complete experienceto the guest staying at the hotel and employees working in it. but the mainproblem faced by the facilities management department is the assets and thelocation because locality plays a important role in the attraction of guest whichtarget to get certain facilities, asset management is one of the parts of facilitiesmanagement where the locality plays a major role which involves maintains andenvironmental concerns of the hotel. Maintenance department takes care of theware and tears of the hotel property and assets of hotel which is also called asasset management. But asset management differ from facility management it isonly a sub section of facility management and takes care of assets only like thebuilding, furniture etc, but it is very important part of facilities management, as far cost cutting initiative concern because facilities management also head thedepartment like, waste management, recycling, energy conservation,maintenance etc. The operational aspects of design are frequently left to thediscretion of architect or design team. In principle this should present noproblems to a competent team, but in practice it is very difficult to understand thenuances of an organisation and details of its operational strategies. The designand construction of a building usually require input from may different specialists.This is so even in quite limited developments, such as the adaptations of anexisting building to house a small hotel or restaurant . (Ranslay, J 2001 pg 185)

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