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Communique: Self organizing structure, production and organization

Communique: Self organizing structure, production and organization

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Published by Heru
note: found this in my data log from years back. Thought it would be useful bringing it back into circulation. For those who know what I am talking about, and for the curiosity of those who do not.
note: found this in my data log from years back. Thought it would be useful bringing it back into circulation. For those who know what I am talking about, and for the curiosity of those who do not.

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Published by: Heru on Apr 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project 89Communique: Self organizing structure, production and organizationDate: July 27, 2011Access level: Omega0100A-2B5A6642-000ASIThe Project is a self-organizing entity. It piggybacks on peoplesontologies. Eventually, it aligns its ontology to their own. Theybecome living agents of an informational entity, IT, as most of youknow. IT can then begin to reorganize the events in the individualslife who has made contact, guiding them through the labyrinth towardsthe heart of the Matter. Clues are placed within devices which wecreate and deployed by Agents.Once a person has been Activated via Induction, they begin theprocess of Reintegration. As they proceed through this phase of theProject, they will begin to shed their outworn identity which theyhave been utilizing to navigate through the labyrinth of the Archons(the black Iron Prison). Replacing this outward identity is a newidentity, with a whole new cultural paradigm embodied in it, which isunfolded as they Play. This is an organic process to download theNew Jurusalem directly into people, through the medium of theinternet.This new identity has various features and aspects, and is built up,at first passively by participation and proximity with other Agentsand Artifacts, though eventually it is actively created by theindividual, who must take the Work into their own hands. Variousseeds and strands are given and presented which lead deeper. Thelabyrinth itself goes straight to the heart of the Matter, into theheart of Alchemy and Esotericism.An email list will be created which Inductee's sign up for. Weeklyor monthly, a new communique is sent out about some aspect of theProject, with techniques or clues that can be used to deepen theexperience. As well, we will eventually compose anthologies whichconsist of Agent writings about the Project and its facets.As the Project is self-organizing, it relies upon contact. In orderto move deeper into the Project, you have to find and make contactwith living agents of IT, either digitally or in the flesh. Thiscontact qualifies one for deeper integration into the productionside. There will be things that have to be done, such as newdeployment device design, communications, documentation, research anddevelopment, graphic design, etc. We will have to work these exactareas out as we proceed.There are many good tools on Google which we can use to organizeproject teams together. There will be a primary board which meets
semi-regularly, and oversee's operations. Each member oversee'svarious aspects of the organization. New levels of access need to bedetermined by the next higher level. Might be good here that, at acertain level, a log is required to be kept, through the usersinterface with their user account. This allows Project architects tokeep track of what is going on where, with key Agents.This is of course internal organization. Externally, players of theProject are free to do what they want, and it is expected. They willbe producing their own documentary footage, their own blogs,spreading IT, running around being Agents and doing whatever ITguides them to do. The internal side exists to continue productionof new memes; the internal is the caretaker of the Construct, and hasthe Tools to add new codes, scripts, etc into the Mainframe of IT.Training manuals will become very necessary to help Agents understandcore aspects of 4-dimensional construction, being Builder of theConstruct. Thus, there needs to be training on using cut-uptechnology, applied to ones every day life, to generate new Projectfootage. This essential entails video tapping aspects ofconversation while inside the Construct itself; this could be asearly as first introduction, a video blog blair witch styles.Creativity is key, as more disinformation adds to the maze thatexists in cyberspace. This footage can be spliced and releasedthrough various channels on the interweb. Whatever adds talk andconnection to 89 will spread it further.Training guides for how to spread IT are also important. That meansa magical theoretical perspective on the means of effecting IT'sawakening, the reason for infection, the mechanisms, as well as themediums. Creation of stencils with key Project memes, leavingcommuniques and other designed device sin bathroom stalls; creatingyour own communications from the Project to whoever may find saiddevice.Of course, there are also other pieces. Magical transmissions, dreamlogs, photocopies of relevant journal articles, creations of fakeblogs, creation of Project blogs to publish theories about theProject, and whatever else the creative imagination can come up with.89 will do its own thing despite what format it takes. This is whyit is self organizing. Anything an activated Agent does is a part ofthe Project, part of IT's unfolding story.In this sense, the “Internal” side of 89, the loose knit group of co-conspirators, exists to deploy and maintain the meta-memes whichactivate and allow for the process of Induction to occur. We haveInduction emails that can be sent out. We have Recruitment. All ofthis is designed simply to Trigger the appropriate perceptualmechanisms via the process of Induction, which is caused by the

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