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Why I Like Thailand

Why I Like Thailand

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comedy satire
comedy satire

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Published by: Earick Von Werkindirk on Apr 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Thai lady beautiful too mutt!2.Thai food aroy mak mak!3.Thailand not too expensive same Farangland.4.Thai people always happy! Not complain and awk thequestion like Farang all the time. Why falang always awk somequestion? I'm so boring to hear from them about the questioneverytime.5.In Thailand we have freedom drive the car anytime, any way,any style, it's very comfortable when we drive the car, even wewant to crash you can do it's norman, not too seriot sameFarlangland you mutt to drive the car very seriot, or policeseriot and awk you "Why you crash!?" "You idiot!" "Why youdrive the car anywhere on the road!?" In Thailand no body awkyou that question if you have accident or you don't want to usethe turn signal in your car. We can choose. Or maybe we drivevery well and police complain and we have to pay. So we notworry any more about that, no need to be seriot, because youcan have problem anyway, so there is no problem, just drivecomfortable, its your style.6. In Thailand you don't have to think seriot about someproblem you will have. You can always do the wrong thing andenjoy. Nobody will make you seriot and tell you, "you don't dothat," You can have your problem later, it your problem, and itlater and before everything smooth and so calm, it's nice andsmooth style. Farang always say "Don't do that! You musn't dothis." Hey! Why not!? Just do! Have cheap electrical installlationyou can save 500 baht is ok for me and don't complain laterhouse already burned down. You save 500 baht, what youwant!? Why you always cry about that house, its already gone,why you can't just let something go, what will happen aboutanything, anytime we don't know, so don't seriot.7. In Thailand we can imagine everything and live the life. It notpolite people tell you, you are tosser. In Thailand maybesomebody say, "Oh we have landed on the moon," you must tosay, "Yes, I like the green moon with the tree where we landed,"even you don't think we on the moon and is green. It's soboring like farang, "It's not green! We not in the moon? Whyyou say that? What you talk about? Idiot!" Or "Hmmm…that'sinteresting…it looks green to you." What? Why it so interesting?Farang always complaining, asking question, have some
comment it so boring! What? I have to fill out some papers foryou now, the liar report from President of Farangland? Just weon the moon and maybe you think it is green, OK!? Only nowmaybe! Maybe I have eye problem?! Why you want to makeme think about eye problem. Tomorrow maybe normal color, sowhy you seriot, so boring! Oi!8. In Thailand we can say, "hey, fuck you!" to the Englishteacher! It's not impolite, its just some English words, it veryfunny for the student! I know for farang, "Hey fuck youteacher…" its too seriot.9. In Farangland, people always say, "Hey! What? I'm talking toyou!Goddamnit!" I know what you say! But I don't answer, itsso boring I always have to say, "OK!" or "sure!" "uh huh!" Or Ihave to awk you some question and you not really want toanswer, but I cannot to say nothing or you angry, "Why you notlisten!" Thai we don't have to answer with some nonesense andmake arguement and problem and headache same farang.10. In Thailand we can change the time. I am tired so I don'thave to tell you I already change our meeting. Why you notknow anyway, why you not awk me before? Farang alwaysangry about that, you change the time you not tell anybody,I'm waiting for you and you don't answer your phone.11. In Thailand if you don't understand me, its no problem forme. In Farangland people say, "What the fuck are you talkingabout!" or "Why you never tell me?" It always so seriot. Hereyou mutt to undertsand, even I don't tell you. Even Thai peoplecannot understand, some bad Thai people always complaincannot understand Thai people, "Hey! Why? I am Thai people!"Good Thai people its no problem for them, they just say "I don'tknow what you say.It's no problem for me too."12. In Thailand I can sell anything broken to you and why younot check it before? You already give me the money, and so Idon't have. Why you awk me that question, about the money, Inot have! So silly, so why you awk me?13. We can always enjoy the doctor visit in Thailand too mutt.We can receive so many interesting kind of medicine and havemany experience with medicine or we can make a kind of 

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