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How to Explore the New Planet

How to Explore the New Planet

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Published by Abhijit Juvekar
A short essay on planetary exploration strategy & our current world scenario.
A short essay on planetary exploration strategy & our current world scenario.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Abhijit Juvekar on Apr 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to explore the new Planet?
We are hearing in Science news that NASA is discovering various new planets outside our Solar System.Those exo-planets have their parent star more or less similar to our Sun. Some of the discovered planetshave resemblances with Earth & contain rich Atmosphere that could harbor Life.Imagine you are a Civilization capable of having advancement in Science in terms of Space exploration &
on a verge to find new worlds just like what we are finding today. Let’s say you find 10 s
uch planetsconfirmed to be habitable & capable of having life there. You plan to explore those planets in detail.What will be your strategy?Send the Satellite in orbit of the new planet to study the atmosphere & inspect the surface topography.This is what we done with almost all the planets in our solar system, particularly with Mars (MarsExpress), Mercury (Messenger) & Venus (Venus Express)Then Send a probe to crash on to the planet surface to study atmospheric gaseous composition &density. This we done for the Mars (Viking), Venus (Venera) & Jupiter (Cassini-Huygens probe)Then send a fully mechanized machine to land on planetary surface & explore around the topography totake soil samples, detailed atmosphere study & landscape images. This we done for Mars by sendingvarious Rovers (Pathfinder/Curiosity)Upon analysis of data gathered by various missions finally we make decision to plan a Manned Missionto Land on the Planet & Explore.After few years of Exploration data we may find something interesting on the planet e.g. Rich Mineral,Rare/New form of Life etc. That we require to have long terms colony to setup on the planet itself tohave detailed facility for performing experiments, machine maintenance, etc. It will also include buildingfactories for making machines required in exploration, mining the raw material required to run factoriesetc. That will also need more man power/labor which need a place to stay on planet so we have to buildcolonies, small towns etc. Now all this start sounding very familiar right? There will be multiple coloniestogether form cities, states, nations on basis of common interest. There will be wars, territorial disputes,mutual treaties etc. so after many years our initial purpose of coming to the planet (exploration) haslong gone & we made ourselves limited to world domination agendas by acting as slaves to our leaders.Exactly, what we have currently around us.Then someday some of the scientists again join together to explore other planets in solar system, send
probes , plan manned missions there & the whole story repeats…

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