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Item Cards

Item Cards

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Published by nickwedig5000
Descriptions of props used int he LARP.
Descriptions of props used int he LARP.

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Published by: nickwedig5000 on Mar 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Strange Crystal Artifact
It feels warm to the touch.
Large Alien Artifact
This thing is obviously artifical, but alsoobviously not of human manufacture.But what does it do?
Strange Machinery
A complicated piece of machinery. It’s purpose is not really clear, though ascientist type might be able to figure itout (ask a GM).
Fusion Reactor
Hey, why is there a warning light blinking on it? Is that bad?
Medical Kit
Full of a variety of science fictionmedical gadgets and wonder drugs.Anything in there that relies onelectronics has been fried.
Experimental Gun
What does it do, exactly? Is it safe tooperate?
A highly effective and highly addictivedrug used for enhancing intelligencelevels and in complicated brain research.
Brain Research Equipment
All the electronics seem to have beenfried with an overload of power. Thismakes all the equipment useless. Anddestroyed all their research records.
Hotwired Keypad
The keypad has had some unauthorizedmodification done to it. Why is this oneof the few electronic things working?
Neutron Bomb
Just in case things go completely wrong,the military has provided you with thisto clear the site. If this thing goes off, itwill take out the entire research station,and several miles of terrain in everydirection. Do you happen to know thecode for arming the bomb?(See a GM for destroying everything) 
Food Dispenser Unit
Standard military provisions. You pusha button, you get a nutrition pellet. Itain’t tasty, but it’s got what it needs tokeep you alive.
Locked Safe
An LED on it blinks “Security Clearancerequired”. What’s in the safe?
Allow you to detect unusualelectromagnetic phenomena, even downto quantum scale events.

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