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Meeting Guide - Final

Meeting Guide - Final

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Published by FeelGood World
Meeting Guide - Final
Meeting Guide - Final

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Published by: FeelGood World on Apr 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MEETING GUIDERelationship Building with Campus Administrator
Meeting Initiator:
Chapter President
Team Supporter:
Co-President and/or Deli Manager 
Support Materials:
Sample agenda (below)
Customizable “Intro to FG” PowerPoint Presentation* (add
Customizable “leave
behind brochure”* (add URL)
*NOTE: Be sure to download the PowerPoint presentation as a .ppt file and the brochure as a.docx file so that you can customize them with your school logo and chapter information.
Suggested Administrative Contact
 While the best administrative person to contact will vary by college or university, it willoften be the
Director of Student Life* or the Director of the Student Union.
Theytend to be oriented toward student empowerment and success, and are likely to be ableto provide guidance and connections to help get your chapter established.
*NOTE: This department may also be called Student Activities or Student Involvement.
Meeting Purpose and Goals
  An initial meeting is meant to lay a foundation for a supportive long-term relationship by:
Gaining an understanding of their position and responsibilities.
Sharing the vision of the FeelGood movement in general, and your chapter inparticular.
Getting their perspective on the “lay of the land” from an ad
ministrative and
dining service’s point of view: The attitude, policies and contracts relevant to your 
objectives, and guidance on how you might best proceed.Ultimately, over time, your objective is enrolling them as an advocate and/or a resourceyou can go to with questions or for guidance, approval or input.
Useful Tips for Before and After the Meeting...
When requesting the meeting, be persistent and reach out in multiple ways(phone, email, in-person visit to their office) to demonstrate your commitment.
Show up 5 minutes early for the meeting.
Dress professionally.
Have materials prepared, and review them in advance.
Within 24 hours of the meeting, send a follow-up email summarizing theconversation and next steps.
Within 72 hours, send a handwritten note of gratitude to them via campus mail.
[Note: The key to a successful relationship is passion
plus follow-through!
Be sure to follow up
on all your action items in a timely manner so that your administrative contacts know you areserious. When they see you are serious, they will be more responsive.] 
[Note: This agenda is based on an approximate 30-minute meeting. If you have more time, great.If you have less time, or if 30 minutes was not enough, remember that this 1st meeting 
needn’t be
your last. Ask for a follow-up meeting to continue the conversation.] 
INTRODUCTIONS (5 MINUTES)1. Introduce yourselves2. Express gratitude for having the opportunity to meet with them3. Acknowledge that they have many responsibilities; you know that they are busyand that their time is limited.PURPOSE OF MEETING (5 MINUTES)1. State briefly why you are here2. Ask them if they would mind telling you a little more about what they do.3. Example:
“We are in the process of founding an on
-campus chapter of a nationalorganization working to end global hunger, and are hoping to get someinformation and guidance about how to best proceed.
“We have a short presentation that goes into more detail about
our chapter’s
mission and the larger national movement, but would really appreciate firstlearning more about your role at the university. It will help us better understand
what questions to ask. Would it be okay to start there?”
[Note: If their answer 
is short, don’t be afraid to ask a few polite, probing questions… what a
typical day looks like, what their biggest challenges are, what is most rewarding about their job.Only ask if it feels natural and appropriate.] 
FG INTRO AND CONVERSATION (15 MINUTES)1. Thank them for sharing, and again express appreciation for their time2. Consider stating that clearly you have much to learn from them3.
Now say you’d like to tell them more about your student organization and why
you are starting it, with the hope they can offer some advice and guidance.4. Go through the presentation, the contents of which will lead into a dialogue withyour administrative contact.
[Note: PowerPoint provided. Some customization is required so be sure to review before presenting!] 
 CLOSE (5 MINUTES)1. Once your time has ended, quickly summarize action items and next steps.2. If a follow-up meeting is needed or desired, ask to set it up.

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