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Preparation for Heaven by Spurgeon

Preparation for Heaven by Spurgeon

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Published by glennpease


Now he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, wks
also hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit. 2 COR. V. 5.


Now he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, wks
also hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit. 2 COR. V. 5.

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Published by: glennpease on Apr 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PREPARATIO FOR HEAVE.BY CHARLES H. SPURGEOow he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, wksalso hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit. 2 COR. V. 5.HOW very confidently Paul contemplates theprospect of death ! He betrays no trembling apprehensions. With the calmness and serenity, not merely of resignation and submission,but of assurance and courage, he appears joyousand gladsome, and even charmed with the hopeof having his body dissolved, and being girt aboutwith the new body which God hath prepared forhis saints. He that can talk of the grave and of the hereafter with such intelligence, thoughtful-ness, faith, and strong desire as Paul did, is a manto be envied. Princes might well part with theircrowns for such a sure and certain hope of immortality. Could emperors exchange their treasures,their honors, and their dominions, to stand side byside with the humble tent-maker in his poverty,they would be great gainers. Were they but ableto say with him " We are always confident, andwilling rather to be absent from the body, and tobe present with the Lord." they might well barter(353)PREPARATIO FOR HEAVE. 359earthly rank for such a requital. This Bide heavenwhat can be more heavenly than to be thoroughlyprepared to pass through the river of death ? Onthe other hand, what a dreary and dreadful st ,teof mind must they be in who, with nothing beforethem but to die, have no hope and see no outlet,the pall and the shroud their last adorning; thegrave and the sod their destination ! Withouthope of rising again in a better future, or realizing a better heritage than that which shall knowus no more ere long, without any prospect, of seeing God face to face with rejoicing; well may men
dislike any reference to death. So they shrink fromthe thought of it; far less can they tolerate its being talked of in common conversation. o marvelthat they recoil from the shade of mortality whenthey are so ill-prepared to face the reality of thesoul s departure. But, dear friends, since it is sodesirable to be ready to depart, it cannot be inexpedient sometimes to talk about it: and on mypart the more so, because there is a proneness inall our minds to start aside from that grave topicwhich, as God shall help us, shall be our subjectthis evening preparation for the great hereafter." For," saith the Apostle, " God hath wrought usfor this selfsame thing;" he has prepared us for thedropping of the present body and the putting on of the next, and he has " given us the earnest of hisSpirit."Our three departments of meditation will bethe work of preparation itself; the Author of it; and360 THE PRESET TRUTH.the seed ivliich he sets to it, the possession of which mayresolve all scruples as to ivhether ive are prepared or not.I. THE WORK OF PREPARATIO stands first. Is it notalmost universally admitted that some preparationB is absolutely essential? Whenever the death of friend or comrade is announced, you will hear theworst-instructed say, "I hope, poor man, he wasprepared." It may be but a passing reflection, ora common saying. Yet everybody will give expression to it "I hope he was ready." Whetherthe words be well understood or not I do not know,but the currency given to them proves a unanimous conviction that some preparation is necessaryfor the next world. And, in truth, this doctrine isin accordance with the most elementary facts of our holy religion. Men by nature need somethingto be done for them before they can enter heaven,and something to be done in them, something tobe done with them, since by nature they are enemies to God. Dispute it as ye will, God knowsbest. He declares that we are enemies to him, andalienated in our hearts. We need therefore that
some ambassador should come to us with terms of peace, and reconcile us to God. We are debtors aswell as enemies to our Creator debtors to his law.We owe him what we cannot pay, and what hecannot pardon. He must exact obedience, and wecannot render it. He must, as God, demand perfection of us, and we as men cannot bring him thatperfection. Some mediator, then, must come in topay the debt for us, for we cannot pay it, neitherPREPARATIO FOR HEAVE. 361can we be exempted from it. There must be a substitute who shall stand between us and God, onewho shall undertake all our liabilities and dischargethem, and so set us free, that the mercy of God maybe extended to us. In addition to this we are allcriminals. Having violated the law of God we arecondemned already. We are not, as some vainlypretend, introduced to this world on probation; butour probation is over ; we have forfeited all hope ,we have broken the law, and the sentence is goneout against us; thus we stand by nature as condemned criminals, tenants of this world during thereprieve of God s mercy, in fear of a certain andterrible execution, unless some one come in betweenus and that punishment ; unless some gracious handbring us a free pardon; unless some voice divineplead and prevail for us that we may be acquitted.If this be not done for us, it is impossible that weshould entertain any well-grounded hope of entering heaven. Say then, brethren and sisters, hasthis been done for you? I know that many of youcan answer " Blessed be God, I have been reconciled to him through the death of his Son ; God isno enemy of mine, nor I of his; there is 110 distancenow between me and God: I am brought near tohim, and made to feel that he is near to me, andthat I am dear to him." Full many here presentcan add " My debts to God are paid ; I have lookedto Christ my Substitute; I have seen him enterinto suretyship engagements for me, and I am persuaded that he has discharged all my liabilities ; J

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