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CitrusDB 2.4 Manual

CitrusDB 2.4 Manual

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Published by arteepu37022

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Published by: arteepu37022 on Apr 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CitrusDB 2.4 Manual
Table of Contents
1 Introduction2 Chapter 1: Installation2.1 Installing the Main Internal Application2.2 Installing the Public System for Customer Self-Service2.3 Upgrading CitrusDB3 Chapter 2: Setup3.1 Login3.2 Organization Configuration3.3 Settings3.4 Users3.5 Groups3.6 Billing Types3.7 Holidays3.8 Services3.8.1 Adding Your Services3.9 Linking Services with Setup Fees, and Bundled Services3.10 Taxes and Fees3.10.1 Linking taxes3.11 Field Assets3.12 Searches3.13 Attribute/Option URL Links3.14 Setup Finished4 Chapter 3: Customer Service4.1 Searching for Customers4.2 Customer Records4.3 Billing Records4.4 Editing Billing Records4.5 Invoice Maintenance4.6 Individual Billing Record Refund Report4.7 Prorate Services4.8 Service Records4.8.1 Example Billing Combinations4.8.2 Edit Service Records4.8.3 Service History4.9 Customer Notes4.9.1 View notes sent to you4.9.2 Editing a customer support note4.10 Billing Status4.11 Billing History4.12 Payment History4.13 Billing Details
CitrusDB 2.4 Manualhttp://www.citrusdb.org/documentation.html1 of 48Wednesday 24 April 2013 05:47 AM
4.14 Re-Running Declined Credit Cards4.15 Welcome Letters5 Chapter 4: Billing and Payments5.1 Billing Tools5.1.1 Credit card batches5.1.2 Invoice printing5.1.3 E-Invoice emailing5.1.4 Entering Payments5.1.5 Processing Refund5.1.6 Importing New Accounts5.1.7 Importing Service Usage5.1.8 Importing Credit Card Changes5.2 Reports5.2.1 Customer Summary5.2.2 Revenue Report5.2.3 Refund Report5.2.4 Past Due Report5.2.5 Payment Status Report5.2.6 Service Report5.2.7 Source Report5.2.8 Exempt Report5.2.9 Print Notices5.2.10 Service Growth6 Chapter 5: Server Administration and Integration6.1 Backups6.2 Custom Modules6.3 Account Activation and Deactivation6.4 Credit Card Batch Exports Format6.5 Credit Card Batch Imports Format6.6 New Accounts Data Format6.7 Service Usage Data6.8 Credit Card Change Format6.9 Automation6.9.1 Automatic Credit Card Billing6.9.2 Automatic Invoice Printing6.9.3 Automatic Invoice Emailing7 Chapter 6: Data Security Implementation Guide7.1 CitrusDB Configuration7.2 Physical Data Center7.3 Passwords7.4 Encrypting and Decrypting card data7.4.1 Encrypting existing card data7.4.2 Changing encryption keys for card data7.5 Purge old cardholder data7.5.1 Remove Exported Batch files7.5.2 Remove Canceled Customer Records7.6 Logging of user activity7.7 Keeping Up-to-Date
CitrusDB 2.4 Manualhttp://www.citrusdb.org/documentation.html2 of 48Wednesday 24 April 2013 05:47 AM
8 Online Resources9 Appendix A: GPG Commands9.1 Creating A Key9.2 Listing Public Keys9.3 Listing Private Keys9.4 Export Public Key9.5 Export Private Key9.6 Importing Public Key9.7 Import Private Key9.8 Delete a Public Key9.9 Delete a Private Key9.10 Encrypt Data with Ascii Armor9.11 Decrypt Data9.12 Edit a Key9.13 Key Signing9.14 Key Trust9.15 Revoke a key9.16 Command Options10 Appendix B: OpenSSL Certificate
1 Introduction
CitrusDB is an open source customer service and billing database. It can be used bycustomer service personnel to provide sales and support to customers, and by billingstaff to bill customers for their services via invoices and credit card batches.Customers may access the Online customer account manager to view their services,billing history, and make service and support requests online.Requirements:PHP 5.2 or greaterMySQL 4.x or greater An SSL Certificate for the domain where it will be installed (Can be self signed) A GPG Key Pair if you are storing credit card data A Web Browser with Cookies and Javascript
2 Chapter 1: Installation
Before you install CitrusDB you should check whether a web server with the PHPmodule, and MySQL database are installed on your server. To check whether MySQL,and PHP are installed in your server correctly you can upload a simple PHP file to your server that contains the following code:
CitrusDB 2.4 Manualhttp://www.citrusdb.org/documentation.html3 of 48Wednesday 24 April 2013 05:47 AM

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