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Asian Journal April 26-May 2, 2013 Edition

Asian Journal April 26-May 2, 2013 Edition

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Published by ASIAN JOURNAL
Community News, Asian Journal San Diego, April 26-May 2 2013 Digital Edition, Offices of Chua Tinsay Vega Immigration Law. Atty Rogelio Karagdag Jr U.S. Immigration Law, Atty Susan V Perez U.S. Immigration Law, San Diego News, Philippine News, Arts & Culture, Profiles, Balintataw by Virginia Ferrer, Lower Your Nets by Monsignor Fernando Gutierrez, Light & Shadows by Zena Sultana Babao, At Large by Miles Beauchamp, Take It From My Barber by Benjamin Maynigo, Street Poetry by Michael R Tagudin, Dark Nights of Father Madrid by Dr Ed Gamboa MD, God of the Oppressed by Rudy D Liporada, Mga Tula ni Romeo Nicolas, Showbiz Watcher by Ogie Cruz, Classified Ads, Atty Gail Dulay Harold Hom Immigration Lawyers, Simeon G. Silverio Jr
Community News, Asian Journal San Diego, April 26-May 2 2013 Digital Edition, Offices of Chua Tinsay Vega Immigration Law. Atty Rogelio Karagdag Jr U.S. Immigration Law, Atty Susan V Perez U.S. Immigration Law, San Diego News, Philippine News, Arts & Culture, Profiles, Balintataw by Virginia Ferrer, Lower Your Nets by Monsignor Fernando Gutierrez, Light & Shadows by Zena Sultana Babao, At Large by Miles Beauchamp, Take It From My Barber by Benjamin Maynigo, Street Poetry by Michael R Tagudin, Dark Nights of Father Madrid by Dr Ed Gamboa MD, God of the Oppressed by Rudy D Liporada, Mga Tula ni Romeo Nicolas, Showbiz Watcher by Ogie Cruz, Classified Ads, Atty Gail Dulay Harold Hom Immigration Lawyers, Simeon G. Silverio Jr

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Apr 26, 2013
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‘PH at the start of investment boom’
April 26-May 2, 2013
PhilippineRadioAM 1450M-F 7-8 PM
The original and first Asian Journal in America
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April 26-May 2, 2013
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For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Boston Marathon Bombing.. p 8
 Love, and do what  you will .. p 11
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
Msgr. Gutierrez
Ben Maynigo
 Philippine Election 2013: History Repeats Itself .. p 6 
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Latest PH ‘report card’ seen toboost real estatePeaceful solution to sea row:Phl no longer lone wolf
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 A Historical Novel by Dr. Ed Gamboa
 Inspired by a True Story ....
Chapter 40. American Bread 
The Dark Nights of Father Madrid
Retirement industry leaders: Long-stay visas will expand PHL ‘silver market’
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Tagaytay vacation homes
GMA News | MANILA,4/23/2013 -- The Philippinesshould look into providinglong-stay visas, setting upretirement communities andimproving its healthcare toattract more retirees to thecountry, retirement industrystakeholders said at the 3rdPhilippine Retirement andHealthcare Summit in Makation Tuesday.Long-stay visas would giveolder tourists the opportunityto see if living in the countrywould work for them, saidone of the summit’s speakers.“Retirees want to test outliving in the Philippines andthe best way to do that is us-ing long-stay visas that allowvisitors to stay in the coun-try for at least six months,”said European Chamber of BY CHRISTIAN BAU-TISTA, Rappler.com | MA- NILA, 4/18/2013 -- MA- NILA, Philippines - There is“anecdotal evidence” that thePhilippines is about to enter an investment boom.“From a simple macrostandpoint, we don’t have anevidence yet of an investmentcycle in the Philippines like inIndonesia and Thailand. Butall the anecdotal evidence,including the PPP projects,the economy... all indicationsare that we will commence aninvestment cycle in the Phil-ippines,” Christopher Wood,an equity strategist for HongKong brokerage and invest-
ment rm Credit Lyonnais
Securities Asia (CLSA), said.In a CLSA study he co-authored, Wood said thatPhilippines’ gross domestic product (GDP) data from the4th quarter of 2012 “showedgrowing evidence of an in-vestment cycle.”“Thus, the Philippines4Q12 (4th quarter of 2012)real GDP growth acceleratedto an annualized 7.5% QoQ(quarter-on-quarter) resultingin real GDP growth of 6.6%YoY (year-on-year) in 2012.But, most importantly, invest-ment grew by 8.7% in 2012after recording only 0.2%growth in 2011. This providesfurther evidence that an in-vestment cycle is underway,”the paper read.The CLSA study said thatan investment cycle wouldgive “a third investment legto the Philippines domesticstory” on top of remittancesand the BPO industry.
PPP delays
“One aspect of this invest-ment cycle should be morerapid implementation of Presi-dent Benigno Aquino’s pub-lic-private partnership (PPP) program,” the paper read.Wood said that while in-vestors are disappointed withthe delays in the PPP projects,he does not think that thewhole exercise is a disaster.“Everyone’s concernedabout the delays. But onBy Tessa R. Salazar, Phil-ippine Daily Inquirer | MA- NILA, 4/19/2013 -- How im- portant to thelocal propertyindustry are“report cards”from foreigninvestors? Ap- parently, theycan spell thedifference be-tween progressand stagnation.Inquirer Property previous-ly reported that in 2011 the lo-cal property industry receivedsobering news that Manila had been ranked “below fair” to“abysmal” by foreign propertyinvestors (asreported inthe “Emerg-ing Trendsin Real Es-tate Asia Pa-
cic 2011”
surveyconducted by theUrban LandInstitute). However, the fol-By Aurea Calica, Philstar.com | BANDAR SERI BE-GAWAN,4/25/2013 — The Phil-ippines isno longer alone wolf in pushing for a peaceful reso-lution of re-gional maritime disputes, withthe international community – and not just the Associationof Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) – recognizing theissue’s importance.President Aquino arrivedhere yesterday for the ASEANsummit wherehe is expectedto continue pushing for a code of conduct in theSouth ChinaSea.The Phil-ippines wants ASEAN to beunited in pressing for a codeof conduct as it deals withChina, which claims virtually
PASACAT Presents 26th Annual Jr. PASACAT Concert
PASACAT reaches another milestone by presenting the26th Annual Jr. PASACATConcert on Saturday, May 4,2pm at the Educational Cul-tural Complex (ECC), 4343Ocean View Boulevard, SanDiego.
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What’s your goal? 
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he detention center was a large old hangar, made of high grade reinforced concrete, perhaps a relic of World War II. Detainees nicknamed it “AmericanBread” because its rectangular shape reminded them of aloaf of enriched white bread. And because bread was hardto come by in prison.The facility contained 16 prison cells, eight lined upalong each of two opposite rows and partitioned by a tallwall running through the middle corridor so the detaineesdid not see each other. The prison quarters occupied about
a third of the hangar’s oor space. Each rectangular cell
measured about 4 by 8 feet and included what passed for atoilet. The door of each cell was made of thick iron grills, secured with an outside lock.Meals were served in tin pans which the guards slid under the door. That always madeGeorge feel like a caged animal. But, he thanked God he was alive.The common Spartan bath, a cramped enclosure with a single faucet and a half-
clogged drain, was located nearby. Detainees took their bath by lling a pail with cold
water from the faucet then dousing themselves by scooping water with an empty can.They put George in a cell that was not exactly rectangular. More like a triangle because it was located underneath a staircase and was situated next to the common irondoor of the building. Aside from the individual cell doors, there was a gate or a second-ary door securing all the cells. George liked his cell. At least, he had a tiny outside viewof what lay outside the building. The other cells had no windows, and detainees staredat the unpainted cement wall across their cells, often bored to death.
If you got permission to exercise and climbed up the two ights of stairs, you would
Page 2 April 26-May 2, 2013 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
Latest PH
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Law Ofces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Dennis Chua
Legal Buzz 
Read Atty. Dennis Chua’s previous articles by visitingour website at www.asianjournalusa.com
Light & Shadows 
Read Zena Babao’s previous articles by visiting our website at
by Zena Sultana Babao
By Dennis E. Chua, Esq.
n one’s desire to get agreen card right away, people have resorted toentering into a sham marriageor a marriage for convenience.Some people have been suc-cessful in getting a green cardthrough this route but a lot of these individuals get caught by the US Citizenship and Im-migration Services (USCIS)committing marriage fraud.
The penalties are severe for those whoare found to have committed marriagefraud. Once their application for adjust-ment is denied, these individuals are putin removal proceedings with little or no
relief in court. Moreover, a nding of 
marriage fraud bars the approval of any
subsequent immigrant petition led for 
that individual. Thus, a new petition
led either by a relative or an employer 
for this individual will be denied be-
cause of the marriage fraud nding.
Some have even fallen prey to unscru- pulous individuals who have representedthemselves as immigration consultantswho will be able to help them legalizetheir stay after paying them exhorbitantfees. Unknown to the helpless victims,these consultants would make it appear that they were married to a US citizen by submitting fraudulent marriage and
 birth certicates. The victims would be
able to get a working permit, but their applications would eventually be deniedwhen they are asked to appear beforethe USCIS for an interview. These vic-tims later discover that they have beenduped by these consultants when theycould no longer locate these consultants.
When it is time for these victims to le
an application for adjustment of statusand this time based on a real marriage,they found themselves being confronted by the government with this previous
fraudulent application led for them by
the immigration consultant. In somecases, the USCIS will impute fraud to
these victims and would ask them to le
for a waiver where they can ask the gov-ernment to forgive them for the fraudu-lent application submitted for them. Inanother case, the government wouldgo as far as charging the applicant ashaving committed marriage fraud evenif the act committed does not fall withinthe purview of marriage fraud.Due to the severity of the consequenc-es of marriage fraud, one must think twice before entering into a sham mar-riage. Marriage is not the only optionif it is not true love, you may be eligiblefor other reliefs that are available toyou. More so now that a comprehensiveimmigration bill is being debated inCongress.
 Atty. Dennis E. Chua is a partner in The Law Firm of Chua Tinsay and 
Vega (CTV) - a full service law firmwith offices in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and Manila. The
information presented in this article is
 for general information only and is not,nor intended to be, formal legal advice
nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship. Call or e-mail CTV for an in-person or phone consultation todiscuss your particular situation and/ or how their services may be retained at (415) 495-8088; (619) 955-6277;(916)509-7280 Dchua@ctvattys.com.
Marriage Not The Only Option
By Zena Sultana Babao
There are times in our life when – struggling with loneliness, burdened bydespair, and overwhelmed with prob-lems – we feel abandoned by God. Andwe cry out to Him, and say, “God, youseem so far away … if only you couldsee me or hear me. I need you so!”Communion with the living God isvital, touching the very core of our lives.What we are, how we act, what we believe – are the fruits of this relation-ship. Made in God’s image, we werecreated to have a close relationship withHim. When our relationship with Himis broken, we are incomplete and needrestoration.Perhaps this is why a whole book of the Bible is dedicated to the worshipand relationship with God. This book isLeviticus, the third book of the Old Tes-tament, otherwise known as the “Book of Laws”.Some people bypass reading Leviticuswhen they read the Bible because they
nd the practice of animal sacrices
too bloody and too primitive. But theydon’t know why it was done and whatthe practice symbolized.We must understand that in the OldTestament, blood was required to beshed for the forgiveness of sin, and for  people to be able to commune with God.Hebrews 9:22 says that “without theshedding of blood there is no forgive-ness.”In the New Testament, the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the full andcomplete forgiveness of sin.We learned about Israel’s dramaticexit from Egypt in Exodus, the book be-fore Leviticus. After this dramatic exitfrom Egypt, the Israelites camped at thefoot of Mt. Sinai for two years to listento God. It was a time of resting, teach-ing, building, and meeting with the Lordface to face. What transpired in thosetwo years was a prelude to Leviticus,wherein God gave a set of instructionson how His people would worship anddo for the redemption of sin.The Lord told Moses to tell the peopleof Israel, “You must be holy, becauseI, the Lord your God, am holy …”(Leviticus 19:1-2). For a sinful peopleto approach a holy God, people must bemade holy (without sin.) As you haveread in the book of Genesis, sin enteredinto this world when Adam and Evedisobeyed God in the Garden of Eden.The penalty for sin is death!God’s system says that a life must begiven for a life! In the Old Testament,an animal’s life was given to save thelife of a person. The opening chapters of the book of Leviticus gave detailed in-
structions for offering animal sacrices,
the active symbols of repentance andobedience during those times.Whether offering bulls, goats, sheep
or even grain, these sacricial offerings
has to be without blemish, just like the
ultimate sacrice to come – JESUS, the
Lamb of God, who was without sin.
The animal sacrices during those timeswere a precursor to the sacrice and
death of Christ.Many events and prophecies in theOld Testament are historical backdrops
of the coming of Christ, and of His nalsacrice to bring us back to God. And
for us to gain eternal life! “For God soloved the world that He gave His oneand only Son that whoever believes inHim shall not perish but have eternallife.” –John 3:16.True worship and oneness with God begins as we confess our sins and acceptChrist as our Savior and Lord. He is theonly one who can redeem us and help usapproach God. Jesus said in John 14:16,“I am the way, the truth and the life. Noone comes to the Father except throughme.”In Leviticus we learned about theLevites, the ministers and priests of their day who instructed the people in their worship. They regulated the moral,civil, and ceremonial laws and super-vised the health, justice and welfare of the nation.
The nal emphasis in Leviticus is
celebration. The book gives instructionsto Moses on how celebratory feasts or festivals were observed and conducted.These are:The Sabbath: a day of rest and sacredassembly held on the seventh day of the week. The seventh day is Saturday.
Sunday is the rst day of the week.
The Passover: a reminder to God’s people of their deliverance from Egypt.
God spared the lives of Israel’s rst-
 born children and freed the Hebrewsfrom slavery. It’s also a reminder of leaving the old life behind and enteringa new way of life.
Firstfruits: celebrating the rst crops
of the barley harvest and reminding the people of how God provided for them.The Feast of Weeks: celebratingthe end of the barley harvest and the beginning of the wheat harvest, and the people’s joy and thanksgiving for these bountiful harvests.The Feast of Trumpets: the beginningof the seventh month of the year whenGod’s people again expressed joy andthanksgiving to the Lord.The Day of Atonement: celebratingthe removal of sin from the people andthe nation, and their restored fellowshipwith God.The Feast of Tabernacles, celebratingGod’s protection and guidance in thewilderness, and the renewal of Israel’scommitment to God.Unfortunately, none of these feasts areobserved today. The Christian churcheshave adopted the pagan practices, withvariations, and introduced them to beobserved in the Christian world.The rules for daily living given to theIsraelites by God – rules concerningfamily relationships and responsibili-ties, diets, childbirth, sexual conduct,and diseases – are still relevant to us21st century Christians and needs to beobserved.
Communion with the Living God
lowing year the “ULI Emerg-
ing Trends 2012 Asia Pacic”
upgraded Manila’s rank to18th in investments (from20th in 2011), prompting anoticeable uptrend in prop-erty investments, particularlyin emerging urban districts(EUDs) and central businessdistricts (CBDs).
 Now, another report card fromforeign investors could give the local
ofce, manufacturing, residential
and retail sectors a big boost.CB Richard Ellis’ newly releasedspecial report showed the recent in-vestment grade and its implicationson the real estate industry.
Expected to gain
The second quarter 2013 report
said the Philippines nally achievedits rst investment grade rating
from one of the world’s major ratingagencies. It stressed that the realestate sector is expected to gain fromthis recent development.It stated that with the Fitch Rat-ings announcement upgrading thecountry’s sovereign credit ratingto BBB- from BB+, the country isnow on the global radar for invest-ments, and has legitimately becomean investment “hotspot.” Also citedwere two other major international
credit rating rms—Standard andPoor’s (S&P) and Moody’s—which
the report said “still rate the countryone notch below investment grade but are expected by analysts to soonfollow suit.”The report listed the sectors stand-
ing to benet from these ratings: theofce, manufacturing, residential
and retail sectors.The CBRE report said: “Foreigninvestors will logically move or expand to regions that are beingupgraded. This increased interest inthe country will boost the demand
for ofce and manufacturing spaces.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
inows, which grew by 15.5 percent
in 2012, the third highest in South-east Asia, are expected to continu-ously increase following the recentcredit rating upgrade. The entry of more FDIs will continue to fuel theresurgent manufacturing sector.”Growth in Clark, SubicThe Clark and Subic FreeportZones, which the report listed under the manufacturing sector, have been“accommodating a number of Japa-nese and Taiwanese manufacturing
rms and offer 13.4 million square
meters of leasable industrial space.”
The ofce sector “looks to be in
great shape in the coming years because the Information Technologyand Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) industry boom won’t abateanytime soon,” the report said.It continued: “The industry, whichgenerated $13.4 billion in revenueand has 720,000 employees, sur- passed its 2012 target according tothe Business Process Association of the Philippines. Due to the current political turmoil in East Asia and the
nancial struggles in the Western
world, US and European compa-nies are more focused than ever onexpanding or relocating to emergingeconomies.”Joey Radovan, vice chair of CBREglobal corporate services, projectedthat BPOs will occupy 80 to 90 per-
cent of ofce space supply in 2013.
More multinational corporations willset up BPOs in the country in order 
to fulll cost reduction strategies,
while current locators are preparingto expand local operations to further reduce costs.Also discussed in the report werethe residential and retail sectors.It said: “In the long run, a domino
effect will carry the benets of aninvestment inux toward the resi-
dential and retail sectors.The report said: “As foreign busi-nesses enter the country, expatriateswill look for practical accommoda-tions such as upscale and luxuryresidences near business centers. Itwould most likely raise the demandfor residential condominiums inCBDs. Consequently, the jobs cre-ated by FDIs will elevate the spend-ing power of the middle class, whichin turn could lead to an increasedability to purchase houses or condo-miniums. Demand for affordable tomid-range residential segments willcontinue to pick up—and given the
 platform of low ination and mort-
gage rates—a democratized housingindustry will soon emerge.”
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com April 26-May 2, 2013
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 Blessie Trott, 4L6 DG
Digital Edition
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on scribd.com/asianjournal
Asian Journal San Diego
What’s your goal?
When you go on an energy diet, you’re also reducing yourmonthly energy bill. Just visit our website to get startedon your personal energy savings plan. You’ll nd videos,tips and tools that will help you set goals and create a planto cut those kilowatts and lessen those therms. What doyou have to lose?Connect at
to using less energy 
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I :
"It's an amazing accomplishment," proudly states Ed Sinsay, PASACATPresident. "To present 20-25 chil-dren ages 5-23, some performing on
stage for the rst time is enriching
for the students as they learn aboutthe culture of Philippines throughthe theatrical experience."PASACAT is known for its train-ing of various Philippine dances,music and song. The Junior dancers began the process of preparing for the presentation in January withlonger rehearsals on Wednesdaysand Saturdays. A transformationalso occurs as the members developa sense of camaraderie and a spiritof helping one another."They're adorable!" declared asmiling Anamaria Labao Cabato,Executive Director of PASACAT."At a rehearsal last week, one of thenew dancers, 6 year-old KarismaColoyan, waltzed out for her exit.She was so cute that the other danc-ers laughed, but she was embarassedand ran to her mother crying. An-nabelle and Bryanne Pangilian, 8
& 7, ran to her to encourage her toreturn to the dance oor to rehearse
the remaining dances. And she did(return.)"The ninety-minute performancewill include dances of the Northern
Cordillera, Spanish inuence, Mind
-anao and the Countryside. Dancerswill wear colorful costumes whichhelps the dancers come into char-acter while the lilting sounds of theRondalla and Indigenous PercussionEnsemble bring the ambiance of thePhilippines.Tickets will be sold at the ECC
 box ofce one-hour before the
 performance. General admissionseats are $12.00 with discounts for students and seniors.For more information:Call: 619-477-3383Website: www.pasacat.orgFacebook: PASACAT Philip- pine Performing Arts CompanyPASACAT's 2013 season is
funded in part by AT&T Cares
Foundation, County of San DiegoCommunity Enhancement Fund,Creative Communities of San DiegoGrant and the Jacobs Center for  Neighborhood Innovation.
 by Aurora Cudal, PRO | SAN DIEGO,
4/23/2013 -- Lion Blesila Trott, the rst
Filipina to be elected as District Gover-nor of District 4L6, announced that theannual convention of District 4L6, LionsClub International will be held at theHilton Pivot Point Hotel, Yuma, Arizonaon May 3-5, 2013. Arrangements had been made by the District ConventionCommittee, co-chaired by past DistrictGovernors Scott Leslie and Bucky Blot-tin to ensure the success of this event.It is expected that the 61 Lions Clubsin San Diego and Imperial Countieswill be well-represented in this annualgathering.International Director Stephen Glassand his wife Cindy, will represent LionsClubs International and will be theGuest of Honor and main speaker atthe convention. Other visitors includeDistrict Governor Derek Ledda of Sac-ramento and 2nd Vice District Governor Sonia Menor of Los Angeles.Highlights of the Convention will bethe Dinner and Fellowship Night whichwill immediately follow the 4th CabinetMeeting; the Leadership Breakfast,International Luncheon; the AfternoonTea in honor of Lion Cindy Glass, wifeof International Director, Stephen Glass;and the Governor’s Ball and Gala Night.The Governor’s Ball will be openedwith a “Rigodon de Honor” choreo-graphed by Lion Rowie Mesina of theMusic Learning Center. The dance participants are DG Blesila Trott andWeldon Trott, 1st VDG Napoleon Napand Lion President Lydia Duro of theSan Diego Cosmopolitan Lions Club,PDG Brad Weeks and Lion PresidentHelen Quintanilla of the San DiegoExecutive Lions Club. Lion Mercy andPaul Walters, D4L6 Tail Twisters, LionPuring Lee, Otay Zone Chair and LionHermes Torres of the Mt. PinatuboLions Club, Lion Myrna and LawrenceLazaga, Premier Lions Club, Lion
Florna Arce of the Majestic Lions
Club and Neil Seefeldt, President of theChula Vista Lions Club, Lion PresidentEllen Sexsion and Lion Chino Torres of the San Diego Elite Lions Club. Invitedto render musical numbers are LionsChino Santos, Hermes Flores and LionPresident Nario Idos of the San DiegoGolden Hearts Club, and a specialappearance of Lenny Blottin, countrymusic singer par excellence. .DG Blesila Trott will be present-ing several awards of recognition toindividuals and clubs for outstanding performance in the delivery of projects
and services as well as certicates of ap
- preciation to those who have supportedher in making District 4L6, the Number 
First Fil-Am 4L6 District Governor Blessie Trottannounces May Convention in Yuma for 61-memberLions Clubs in Imperial, San Diego Counties
One District in the State of California.The Entertainment Committee com- posed of Lions Aurora Cudal (Chair),
Florna Arce, Lydia Duro, Myrna
Lazaga, Rose San Pedro, Mercy andPaul Walters, Ellen Sexsion and RowieMesina, have prepared a program of games, icebreakers, dance and singingcontests aimed to showcase the talentsand potentials of participating Lions, to build teamwork and to strengthen rela-tionships in the spirit of Lionism.
Tempo | Manila, 4/20/2013 – For his bold reforms to boost economicgrowth and unwavering resolve to assertthe country’s territorial sovereignty,President Benigno S. Aquino III landedon Time’s Magazine’s list of 100 most
inuential people for this year. In an
article posted on the Time website, thePresident joined US President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Chinese President
Xi Jinping, and other inuential leaders
in the prestigious list.The list, to be published in the maga-zine’s April 29 issue, also included other 
inuential titans, pioneers, icons, and
artists.“Upon being informed this eveningof his inclusion in Time Magazine’s
100 Most Inuential for 2013, President
Benigno S. Aquino III responded with amessage for the Filipino People: “Ito poay dahil sa inyong lahat,” presidentialspokesman Edwin F. Lacierda said.Lacierda also welcomed the President’s
inclusion in the list of inuential leaders,
saying it recognized Aquino’s “true grit”in governing the country.
 Aquino in Time’s inuential list
“This is the rst time President Aquino
appears in the list. He was recognized for stabilizing and invigorating the economy,for his leadership in pushing vital legisla-tion such as the Reproductive Health andResponsible Parenthood law, as well ashis bravery and regional leadership inasserting our national sovereignty in theWest Philippine Sea,” Lacierda said.“The article is a recognition of thetrue grit which characterizes his leader-ship, and the optimism, dynamism, andrenewed pride which has restored thestanding of our nation in the eyes of Filipinos and the world,” he added.Lacierda said Malacanang takes pride that the President’s ideas of goodgovernance and inclusive growth have

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