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One Trophy for Two Exploits

One Trophy for Two Exploits

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Published by glennpease

1 For by thee I have run through a troop ; and by my God have
I leaped over a wall." PSALM xviii. 29.

1 For by thee I have run through a troop ; and by my God have
I leaped over a wall." PSALM xviii. 29.

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Published by: glennpease on Apr 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OE TROPHY FOR TWO EXPLOITSBY CHARLES H. SPURGEO1 For by thee I have run through a troop ; and by my God haveI leaped over a wall." PSALM xviii. 29.T sometimes puzzles the unenlightened believerto find that the Psalms often relate both toDavid and to David s Lord. Many a youngbeliever has found himself quite bewilderedwhen reading a psalm ; and he has scarcelybeen able to make out how a passage should be trueboth of David and of the Lord Jesus Christ, " ourSuperior King." This he cannot understand. But hewho is grown in grace, and has got far enough tounderstand the meaning of conformity to Christ, seesthat it is not without a high and heavenly design thatthe Holy Ghost has presented to us the experience of Jesus in that model of experience through whichDavid passed. My dear brethren, we all know as amatter of doctrine, but we have nut all proved as amatter of sweet experience, that we are to be like ourHead. We must be like him upon earth ; like himdespised and rejected by men in our generation ; likehim bearers of the cross. Yea, we must not shrink inany way from what is meant by being crucified withhim, and buried with him, in order that we may knowOne Trophy for Two Exploits. 113in after days how to. rise with him, how to ascend withhim, and how to sit with him upon his throne. ay,I will go further ; even in this life the believer is tohave a conformity to Christ in his present glories, forwe are even now raised up together in heavenly placesin Christ Jesus; in him also we have obtained theinheritance, for we are complete in him who is thehead of all principality and power. There is such aconformity between Christ and his people that every
thing that is said of Christ may, in some measure, besaid of his people. Whatever Christ hath been, theyshould be or have been. Whatever he hath done, hehath done for them, and they shall do the like, aftersome fashion or another. Whatever he hath attainedunto, they shall also enjoy. If he reigneth, they shallreign ; and if he be heir of a universal monarchy, theyshall also be kings and priests unto God, and shallreign for ever and ever. Thus the riddle becomessolved; the parable is expounded; the dark sayingthat was opened on David s harp shines clearly in gospel light. You can see not only how it is possiblethat the same psalm can relate to David and David sLord ; but you can see that there is a divine mystery,and a most rich and precious lesson, couching beneaththe fact that the Holy Ghost hath chosen to set forththe doings, the sufferings, and the triumphs of Christ,under the figure or model of the doings, sufferings,and victories of the son of Jesse. You will not, therefore, be surprised to hear me remark that this text hathrelation to Christ and the believer too. The doingsand triumphs of Jesus must, accordingly, first engageour attention ; and, ii) the second place, observe that114: Types and Emblems.we have here a picture of the wondrous doings of faith,when the believer is enabled to triumph over everyearthly ill, and over every human opposition. " Bythcc I have run through a troop; and by my Goohave I leaped over a wall."I. Let us take the first sentence with regard to Christ." By thee have I run through a troop." How accurately Christ s enemies are here described, described bytheir number, they were a troop. The Captain of oursalvation, although single handed in the combat, had totight with a legion of foes. It was not a mere duel. Itis true there was but one on the victor s side, butthere was an innumerable host in antagonism to him.ot only the Prince of Darkness, but all the powersand the principalities thereof, came against him. otsin in the mass, but sin in daily -temptations of everykind, and sin of every shade and form. ot only fromearth a host of human despisers and human oppo
nents, but a yet greater host from the lowest depths of hell. These, from their number, are well comparedto a troop.or does this expression describe their numbermerely, but also their discipline. They were a troop.A crowd of men is a great number, but it is not a troop.A crowd may be far sooner put to rout than a troop.A troop is a trained company that knows how to marchand marshal itself, and to stand firm under the attack.It was even so with Christ s enemies. They were acrowd and a mob ; but they were a troop also, marshalled by that skilful and crafty leader, the Prince of Dark ness. They stood firm, and were well disciplined, and ina close phalanx ; they were not broken. As thoughOne Trophy for Two Exploits. 115were but one man they sustained the shock of Christ sattack, and marched against him, hoping for victory. Insuch character do his opponents appear. However wellyou might discipline a crowd of men, yet they wouldnot become a troop unless also they have been trainedin warfare. A* troop means a body of well-disciplinedmen, all of them prepared to fight, and understandinghow to make war. Thus, all Christ s enemies were welltrained. There was the Archfiend of Hell, who in hundreds of battles against the Lord s elect in the oldentime had gotten a thorough knowledge of all the weak points of manhood, and understood how to temper hisattack, and wherein lay the greatest chances of victory.After him were all the fiends of the pit, and these wereall well exercised, each of them mighty, of giant staturelike Goliath all of them mighty to do great exploitswith any man less than God, however mighty that manmight be. And as for sin, was it not a mighty thing?Were not our sins all of them mighty to destroy ? Theleast one among the sins that attacked Christ wouldhave been sufficient to destroy the human race ! and yetthere were tens of thousands of these, well disciplined,ranged in order, and all thoroughly prepared for battle.All these came on in dread array against our Lord andSaviour Jesus Christ. It was a troop. I have notoverdrawn this, for Calvin translates this term "awedge," for in his day it was customary in battle for the

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