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Royal Emblems for Loyal Subjects

Royal Emblems for Loyal Subjects

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" And lie shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun ris-
eth, even a morning without clouds ; as the tender grass springing
out of the earth by clear shining after rain." 2 SAMUEL xxiii. 4.

" And lie shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun ris-
eth, even a morning without clouds ; as the tender grass springing
out of the earth by clear shining after rain." 2 SAMUEL xxiii. 4.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Apr 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Royal Emblems for Loyal Subjects
BY CHARLES H. SPURGEO" And lie shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun ris-eth, even a morning without clouds ; as the tender grass springingout of the earth by clear shining after rain." 2 SAMUEL xxiii. 4.EASTER despots fleece their subjects to anenormous extent. Even at the present dayone would hardly wish to be subjected to thedemands of an Oriental government ; but inDavid s time a bad king was a continual pestilence, plague, and famine a bane to the lives of hissubjects, who were under his caprice ; and spoliationto their fields, which he perpetually swept clean toenrich himself with the produce thereof. Hence, agood king was a rara avis in those days, and couldnever be too highly prized. So soon as he mountedthe throne, his subjects began to feel the beneficent influence of his sway. He was to them "as when thesun riseth." The confusion which had existed underweak governors gave place to settled order, while therapacity which had continually emptied the coffers of the rich, and filched the earnings of the poor, gaveplace to a regular system of assessment, and men knewhow to go about their business with some degree of certainty. It was to them " a morning without clouds."62 Types and Emblems.Forthwith, trade began to flourish ; persons who hademigrated to avoid the exactions of the tyrant cameback again ; fields which had fallen out of tillage, because they would not pay the farmer to cultivate them,began to be sown ; and the new ruler was to the landas " c*ear shining after rain, which makes the tendergrass spring up."I fear we do not value, as we should, the constitutional government which it is our privilege as Britonsto enjoy. Let us look where we may we need not
saj to the east only but to the west also we wouldnot wish to change the government under which welive so happily. Let us gratefully acknowledge toGod his tender mercy, and his goodness, in sparing usalike from the refractory elements of a republic, and theprodigious exactions of a despotism, and for giving usto dwell in a quiet and peaceable kingdom, whereinwe can sit " every man under his own vine and underhis own fig-tree, none making him afraid." We maysay, I am sure, of Her Majesty who is set over us inthe order of Providence, that she has been " as the sunwhen he riseth, as a morning without clouds." Underher generous sway our country has been verdant. As" the earth by clear shining after rain " bringeth forththe green herb, so have our institutions fostered ourtrade and commerce by the good-will and graciousprovidence of God.But, it is not my object at present to enlarge uponthe secular benefits that have fallen to our lot ; thoughI should not think it unworthy of the Christian ministerto pursue a theme which calls for so much gratitude toGod, and might foster so much good feeling among our-selves. We might make one another feel that there arevast mercies we enjoy which would be more esteemedif better known. Just as the Bible speaks of Christ sunknown sufferings, so many of the bounties that wedaily enioy have become so common that we are oblivious of them ; and, therefore, I might call them our unknown mercies. It well becomes us to lift up our voicesand hearts to heaven, and thank God for the happy land,and for the happy age in which the lines have fallen tous. Still, I take it that David was not so much speakingof mere political rulers as of Christ Jesus, King of kingsand Lord of lords, whose sway is always gracious andfull of good-will. May his kingdom come ! " Behold, Icome quickly," he crieth from heaven ; " Even so, comequickly, Lord Jesus," respond those whose love inspirestheir worship. His kingdom is " as the sun when itriseth, as a morning without clouds ; " and, when it shallhave been perfectly established upon the earth, all menshall know that the Sou of David, whom once they re jected, is he by whom God would make all generationsto be blessed for ever and ever. May we who havewaited and watched for his glorious advent live whenhe standeth in the latter day upon the earth, and may
we constitute a part of that glorious harvest, the fruitwhereof shall shake like the cedars of Lebanon. Thuswe look for the day wherein the Lord shall come inthe clouds of heaven.David says of Christ, "He shall be as the light of the m;rning when the sun riseth." This he is as king,already, in his church, and as the rightful monarch inthe individual heart of the believer. Wherever Christcomes into a soul, it is as the light of the morning when64 Types and Emblems.the sun riseth. The light of the morning is joyous,then all the birds begin to sing, and the earth whichis silent at night, save when its stillness is disturbed bystormy winds, or by wild beasts, or by riotous drunkenpeople, becometh vocal with songs from many mouths ;so when Christ cometh into the heart, the tuneful notesof the singing birds are heard ; and the voice of theturtle welcomes the gladsome season. Where darknesshad brooded before, the sunlight of Christ bringethmirth and blessed rejoicing. Oh, what streamers arethere in the town of Mansoul when Prince Emmanuelrideth through ! Happy day, happy day, when Jesuscomes into the heart ! Save the day when we shall bewith him where he is, I suppose there is no day that iscomparable to the first one, when we behold Christ, andsee him, as our Saviour and our King. The rising of the sun is joyous, and, besides that, it is comforting andconsoling to those who have been suffering from illswhich night might aggravate. " Would God tweremorning ! " has been the cry of many a languishing onetossing upon his couch : " Would God twere morning ! " may be the cry of many a heart that is troubledexceedingly with the guilt of sin. Ah, let the morningcome. Let the watchman say, " The morning cometh ; "let the day dawn, and the day-star appear in ourhearts, and " there is the oil of joy for mourning, thegarment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." Joy toheer and comfort the disconsolate Christ bringeth, forHe is as the rising of the sun.And, how glorious is the sun when from his pavilionhe looks forth at morn ! Job describes the sunrise as

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