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Case Study

Case Study

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Published by keglenn
Social Media Disaster case study
Social Media Disaster case study

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Published by: keglenn on Apr 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kaitlin GlennAmerican Apparel Case Study Karen K. Lee - English 3745February 20, 2013
American Apparel is a clothing brand that has originated in downtown Los Angeles.Known or its basic clothing designs that appeal to young adults as well as people o all ages,they have maintained a vertically integrated business model (an example would be a morgtagecompany that both lends money to homebuyers and collects monthly payments.) and the use o sub-contractors and oshore labor.At headquarters located in Los Angeles, knitting, dyeing, sewing, photography, market-ing, distribution, and design are just a ew operations perormed. In 2007 the company became apublicly traded company, merging with Endevaor Acquisition Corp. With over 12,000 employeesworldwide, 7,500 are accounted or the LA-are actories alone. American Apparel has becomea leader in the ashion industry, making their products available to young adults as well as any other group that may be interested in their products.
Te Event
Post Hurricane Sandy on the night o October 29, 2012, American Apparel sent out emailsto all its customers that were signed up or their mailing system with a printed one page ad orthe specic states o Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Te ad was titled “Hurricane Sandy Sale” and theoer was 20% o to customers or the next 36 hours during the hurricane.Te backlash rom the internet especially on social media sites like witter was outra-geous. weets rom all over the area were ound with a common distaste o the ad and uttershock o the gall o American Apparel. Te ad specically read “In case you’re bored during thestorm. 20% o everything or the next 36 hours” and also included a map o the United States & the states in red or which the ad applied. At the bottom o the ad it listed the states in red andalso gave instructions: “Just enterSANDYSALE at the checkout” when you order on the website. Te ad was meant to target onlneshoppers who were staying indoors to seek reuge rom the storm.
witter was lled with tweets that were overwhelmingly negative against the ad and mosto them mentioned American Apparel directly in the ad. Most o the tweets that were highlight-ed were eelings o disgust and anger that a company could take advantage o a crisis and try tomake a prot o o it, especially one that took so many American lives.American Apparel was hesitant to comment, but when a spokesperson nally did makea statement he stated that “ O course we’d never mean to oend anyone and when we put theemail out yesterday it came rom a good place” “Retail stores are the lieline o a brand like oursso when they are closed, we need to come up with ways to make up or that lost revenue. Peopleorget how expensive it is to run a made in USA brand like American Apparel and i we madea mistake here it came rom the good place o trying to keep the machine going- or the sake o our employees and stakeholders”

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