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Social Media Disaster Case Study Final

Social Media Disaster Case Study Final

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Published by keglenn
Social Media Disaster Case Study revised
Social Media Disaster Case Study revised

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Published by: keglenn on Apr 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 American Apparel Case Study written by: Kaitlin GlennApril 25, 2013
American Apparel is a clothing brand that has originated in downtown Los Angeles.Known or its basic clothing designs that appeal specically to young adults but also cater topeople o all ages.At headquarters located in Los Angeles, American Apparel employees perorm taskssuch as knitting, dyeing, sewing, photography, marketing, distribution, and design. In 2007 thecompany became a publicly traded company, merging with Endevaor Acquisition Corp. Withover 12,000 employees worldwide, 7,500 are accounted or the LA-are actories alone. AmericanApparel has become a leader in the ashion industry, making their products available to youngadults as well as any other group that may be interested in their products. (AmericanApparel.net)
Te Event
During Hurricane Sandy specically on the night o October 29, 2012, American Apparelsent out emails to all its customers in the states o Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, NorthCarolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia that were signed up ortheir mailing system with a one page ad highlighting a specic sale. Te sale was titled “Hurri-cane Sandy Sale” and the oer was 20% o to customers or the next 36 hours during the hurri-cane. (Li, Mashable.com)Te ad specically read “In case you’re bored during the storm. 20% o everything orthe next 36 hours” and also included a map o the United States with the states in red or whichit applied. At the bottom o the ad it also listed the states and gave the instructions: “Just enterSANDYSALE at the checkout” when you order on the website. Te ad was meant to target onlineshoppers who were staying inside to take reuge during the storm. Te ad can be seen below:
witter was lled with tweets that were overwhelmingly negative against the ad and mosto them mentioned American Apparel directly in the tweets. Most o the tweets that were high-lighted were eelings o disgust and anger that a company could take advantage o a crisis and try to make a prot o o it, especially one that took so many American lives.One tweet shown here by user Jamie Calder, showed his distaste or the ad by mocking itswording and asking American Apparel i they were going to run a new ad aer the storm usingmore harsh wording. Tis is a good respresentation o the negativity because it shows the user’sanger toward the ad and eeling that the ad should have never been run. Tere is no way tocount how many negative tweets or other social media comments were posted about the ad, butwhen American Apparel is put into a Google search, the negative comments are just a ew downon the search list.When spokesperson Ryan Holiday or American Apparel was reached by email he made astatement that “For us, this is about us working like crazy to get and keep our stores open. We’vegot employees who can’t work when stores are closed due to weather and the biggest Made inUSA actory in the country that sits idle–we would never try to oend anyone or capitalize on anatural disaster, this was simply an eort to mitigate some o the eects o the storm on our busi-ness.”“Sending out this email was a separate little thing that was never intended to cause a ruck-us, but just an attempt to keep our business going and keep our employees working,” Holiday wrote.

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