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Teamsters Local 728 @ Work

Teamsters Local 728 @ Work

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Published by Eric Robertson
Newsletter of Teamsters Local 728. Representing over 7,000 members in the state of Georgia.
Newsletter of Teamsters Local 728. Representing over 7,000 members in the state of Georgia.

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Published by: Eric Robertson on Apr 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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United We Stand:
Teamster Members are Fighting Back Together
Winter/Spring 2013
UPS Members Fight for their ContractProgress in ABF NegotiationsTeamsters at Republic Authorize StrikeOrganizing Brings GrowthSchool Bus Members Fight for BenefitsLocal 728 Assists in Hurricane Relief 
And More...
This story can fit 75-125 words.Selecting pictures or graphics is an important part of adding content to your newsletter.Think about your article and ask yourself if the pic-ture supports or enhances the message you’re tryingto convey. Avoid selecting images that appear to beout of context.Microsoft Publisher includes thousands of clip artimages from which you can choose and import intoyour newsletter. There are also several tools youcan use to draw shapes and symbols.Once you have chosen an image, place it close to
Caption describing picture orgraphic.
Scott Webber Chuck Stiles
Together We Can Make a DifferenceTogether We Can Make a DifferenceTogether We Can Make a DifferenceTogether We Can Make a Difference
New Roles for Officers at Local 728New Roles for Officers at Local 728New Roles for Officers at Local 728New Roles for Officers at Local 728
The financial crisis brought on by the greed and reckless behavior of thebanking industry has had a devastating impact on employers across the country,Teamster represented employers have been no exception. This crisis, combinedwith a well calculated and coordinated political assault on unions in every state,has created huge challenges to our membership.Employers have been spurred by the sluggish economy to make moves to push forconcessions both during contract negotiations and in the middle of contracts that are yet to expire. In somecases these concessions have been necessary to save Teamster jobs, in many cases however, employers aresimply using the crisis to try to take away our rights and benefits they could never get when the economywas healthy.Corporate interests have also made a coordinated effort inthe political arena to role back the gains won by the labormovement since the 1930’s and weaken our ability to nego-tiate and enforce contracts. In Georgia, the Chamber of Commerce and it’s political cronies at the capitol continueto aggressively work to cripple us and make Georgia thefirst state to be more anti-union than even “Right-to-Work”.Teamsters Local 728 has not taken this assault on ourmembers sitting down. We have mobilized Teamster mem-bers to take political action that has made our enemiesthink twice before they move forward with their attacks.We have shown that we will stand up to attacks on our livelihoods. Whether it is fighting harassment at UPS,fighting to protect jobs in freight, winning strong contracts for newly organized workers, or taking on anti-union politicians at the capitol. Local 728 members have proven that by standing upand taking action, we can beat back the attacks on the middle class and our families.
executive board of the Atlanta NorthGeorgia Labor Council. ‘It’s about themembers’ said Stiles at a recent gen-eral membership meet-ing at the union hall.‘I’m proud to serve themembers in my newrole. I will always giveeverything I have tomake sure our localstays strong and grow-ing’. Rachad Fitz-patrick, UPS package car steward fromthe East Center at the Pleasantdalefacility was asked to serve as a trusteeon the Local 728 executive board.The Local 728 executiveboard sets new roles for Lo-cal leaders. Longtime ABF andCarolinaFreight me-chanic, 24year and 2
 generationTeamster,Scott Web-ber hasstepped intothe position of SecretaryTreasurer of Local 728. Web-ber is excited to serve themembership in this new role.‘I’m always willing to take onnew and challenging duties. I’m hum-bled by this new opportunity toserve our hard working members’.Chuck Stiles, whospent over two dec-ades working atTeamster freightcompanies, neverhesitates to take onnew assignments aswell. As the AssistantDirector of the IBT’sSolid Waste division, Stiles was askedto serve as Local 728’s new VicePresident. Stiles was also appointedto serve the local’s members on the
Scott Webber Chuck StilesRachad Fitzpatrick 
Randy Brown 
UPS, UPS Freight Teamsters Fight for Fair Contract
Sunday February 24
. Early thatmorning, nearly 500 UPS Teamsterspacked the building to hear fromGeneral President Hoffa, Ken Hall,Vice President Ken Wood andPresident Brown about current up-dates and next steps.The rally at Local 728 in Atlanta waspart of a contract campaign tourthat saw thousands of members ral-lying for strong contracts at eventsacross the nation. “UPS and UPSFreight are successful companieswhich, thanks to the hard work of Teamsters, have weathered the re-cession in good shape,” said Hall,Package Division Director and Co-Chair of the national negotiatingcommittees. “Teamsters shouldshare in that success.”
‘‘Protect Our Healthcare’,‘Stop Harassment’ readthe stickers on thousandsof Local 728 members asthey walked in to work atUPS hubs, centers andwork locations acrossGeorgia on February 21
 National UPS and UPS Freightnegotiations are in full swingas the July 31
contract dead-line quickly approaches. Thecontract protects over250,000 Teamsters and is thelargest collective bargainingagreement inNorth America.Health care, pro-duction harass-ment and subcon-tracting top theTeamster agendain bargaining asUPS continues itsattempts to un-dermine long-standing employeerights and bene-fits. Teamsters are not justrolling over, they are fightingback. The sticker day was partof a ‘National Day of Action’at UPS and UPS Freight toshow Teamster unity in theface of such unprecedentedthreats to members’ stan-dards.The company is repeatedlycomplaining about its healthcare costs at the bargainingtable. UPS has even notifiedretirees participating in com-pany plans that their share willrise by as much as 10 timesbeginning in August.“We can’t allow UPS toattack our health bene-fits. UPS Teamsters de-serve the standards wehave earned and foughtfor over so many years”said Local 728 PresidentRandy Brown.President Brown andRecording Secretary JimHigginbotham are repre-senting Local 728 at na-tional negotiations which are beingled by General Secretary -Treasurer Ken Hall.According to theIBT, the UPSFreight NationalNegotiating Com-mittee has beenmaking steady pro-gress. The Commit-tee addressed sen-iority and work week issues, as wellas protections formedically disquali-fied drivers in recent negotiations.Stewards, member activists andLocal 728 Business Agents haveheld a series of parking lot meet-ings at UPS and UPS Freight loca-tions throughout the state updat-ing members on nego-tiations and preparingto do ‘whatever ittakes’ to win a faircontract.These efforts recentlyculminated in a masscontract rally at Local728’s union hall on
We can’t allowUPS to attack our health benefits. UPSTeamsters deservethe standards wehave earned andfought for over somany years
President Randy Brown.

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