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Christ's Manifestation to Mary Magdalene.

Christ's Manifestation to Mary Magdalene.

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" Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not ; for I am not yet ascended to my
Father: but go to my brethren, and say nnto them, I ascend unto my
Father and your Father ; and to my God, and your Qod" — John, zz. 17.

" Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not ; for I am not yet ascended to my
Father: but go to my brethren, and say nnto them, I ascend unto my
Father and your Father ; and to my God, and your Qod" — John, zz. 17.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Apr 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRIST'S MAIFESTATIO TO MARY MAGDALEE.BY CHARLES H. SPURGEO" Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not ; for I am not yet ascended to myFather: but go to my brethren, and say nnto them, I ascend unto myFather and your Father ; and to my God, and your Qod" — John, zz. 17.This was the first appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ afterhis resurrection. In sundry piaces and at divers times during theensuing forty days he appeared to the different disciples, showedhimself openly to them when they were assembled for worship,and at other times ; but this was the first occasion of his beingseen by any of his followers. The whole occurrence is very fullof comfort, and we, who are poor weary pilgrims through thiswilderness, need some words of comfort every now and then, tocheer us on our way. May the Holy Spirit sweetly assist us inaddressing you now on the things of Christ, and may your heartsburn within you by the way.I. First, IT IS PECULIARLY ECOURAOIQ TO REMEMBER THATTHE FIRST PERSO TO WHOM JeSUS ChRIST APPEARED AFTER HISRESURRECTIO WAS Mart Magdalene. Romauists will have itthat Jesus Christ first of all appeared to the Virgin Mary, hismother, and they have invented some curious stories in order togive her this peculiar honor. ow this shows that in their opinionthere was a peculiar honor conferred upon the person who firstbeheld the risen Saviour, and I need not say that their wishingto say it was the Virgin Mary is only just another instance of theirperverting the truth. Mary Magdalene was the first who saw theSaviour after his resurrection ; at least, if the guards saw him whenthey fled far away, they were not his disciples, and I mean to saythat she was the first of the disciples who had the honor of seeing414 CBRIbT^S MAIFESTATIO TO MARY MAODALEB.him when he rose from the dead. It was a woman, then, that firstsaw the risen Saviour. It was a woman that was first in thetransgression ; it must be a woman who shall first behold JesusChrist when he rose from the dead. If there be — and there cer-tainly is — some degree of opprobrium connected with woman-hood, because Eve first of all touched the fruit, there is a fargreater degree of glory now connected with it, because Mary
Magdalene first of all behpld the Saviour at the tomb. ot onlywas it a woman, but it was a sinner — a woman out of whom hadbeen cast seven devils. Beside all that is said, I am inclined tothink that there were other devils in Mary Magdalene besidesthose that made her a demoniac. Luther used to say of her, " Somany devils, so many sins." She had been a sinner once, andthen she became a demoniac, and afterwards became a saint. Howstrange it was that Jesus should appear to her ! What, give themost honor to her who had the most of sin ! Sweet thought ! Thenif " I the chief of sinners am," if I have an interest in the bloodof Christ, there is no reason why I should not climb to the great-est heights of fellowship, and enjoy the best of the good thingswhich the Lord has prepared for them that love him. When Je-sus takes a sinner to himself, his pardon is so complete — ^so totallydoes he overlook all previous sin — that that chief of sinners,although he may not be as great a saint as the very chief of theapostles, who did most grievously rebel, so that he only obtainedmercy because he did it ignorantly in unbelief, may yet be themost highly-favored of the servants of the Lord, and may haverevelations made to him above measure. Mary Magdalene shouldcomfort you who, after years of sin, have lately found a Saviour.Oh ! think not that those years that you have spent in folly,though they must ever make you weep, will be the means of robbing you of his friendship. Oh ! no, he will restoie to youtne hours the locusts have eaten, and he will uol take away fromyou the pleasure of enjoying the bliss of God on earth, and cer-tainly he will not diminish your glorious happiness when youshall stand before the throne.Methinks, however, that Mary was selected to see Christ first,because she loved Jesus most. John loved Jesus much, but Maryloved him better ; John went away when he saw an empty sepulChrist's manifestation to mart maodalbnb. 415chre, but Mary stood without and wept. Love, you know, is akeen-eyed thing. They say love is blind. In one sense it is true ;but there never were such good eyes as those which Love cancarry in its head. Love will look after Jesus, and discover himwhere none else can. If 1 set the unloving heart to read a chapter,it finds no Jesus there ; but if I set a Hawker to read that sameportion of Scripture, he finds the name of Jesus from beginningto end. If I set a critical scholar to read a Psalm, he sees noMessiah there ; but if 1 set an enthusiastic lover of the Saviourto read it, he sees him, if not in every verse, still here and there
glimpses of his glory. Oh ! if you want to see Jesus, and havesweet revelations of his glory, you must love him : metbinks youmust add to that — ^you must weep for him much, you must seek him diligently, seek him in the darkness and the twilight, seek him when the sun is risen, seek him at the tomb before the stoneis rolled away ; you must seek him when you behold thalT thestone is gone ; you must seek him in the hollow tomb ; you mustseek him in the garden ; you must seek him in life ; you mustseek him in death; and then, the more diligent you are in seek ing, the more probability that Christ will manifest himself to you,and you shall rejoice on finding him. Mary was one of thosewho went forth bearmg precious seed ; she went forth weeping,but she returned to the disciples rejoicing, bringing her sheaveswith her, for she had a good message for them. She had sown intears when she went to seek her Lord, but she wept with joywhen she found him in the garden. Happy was that woman whofound Jesus and believed ; truly she might rejoice in him, for shewas highly favored among woman. You see, then, that there ismuch sweetness, more than I can tell you, in the thought thatMary Magdalene was the first person who was chosen to see theLord Jesus Christ.U, We will notice, secondly, some rkasoks for the prouiBiTiO GIVE I THE TEXT. Why was it that Jesus said, " Touchme not 1" And why was it that he gave this very strange rea-»>n — " For 1 am not yet ascended to my Father ?" There seem.'!to me to be very great comfort in this ; I know it has comfortedme if I understand it aright. When Mary Magdalene saw herMaster, and had called him Babboni, her next impulse was to cast116 CBRItfl's MAKIFESTATIOK TO MART MAaDALEX.herself upon him and embrace him. But Jesus Christ said, ^' o ;embrace me not" — for that is the fuller meaning of the word — " I have got something for you to do, I cannot allow you to stopto do that ; there will be plenty of time to do that another day.I must send you to my disciples with a message ; therefore, clingnot to me. The strengthening of my disciples is preferable evento the embracing of your Lord. Cling not to me, for I am notyet ascended." It strikes me that Mary was half afraid that herMaster would go directly ; and she thought, " That is him — ^I knowhis voice. But he will go ; I know he will vanish ; the Spirit of Godvill take him away." She thought just as Obadiah did of Elijah.' And when Obadiah saw him, he said. Go tell the king, behold,.ifilijah is here. And he said. ot so, my lord ; what, have I sin

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