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Omar Hammami Abc5ab Mane1b9a3c5abr Al Amrc4abkc4ab 22the Story of an American Jihc481dc4ab Part 122

Omar Hammami Abc5ab Mane1b9a3c5abr Al Amrc4abkc4ab 22the Story of an American Jihc481dc4ab Part 122

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Published by paulfarrell1895
Omar Hammami An American Jihad Autobiography
Omar Hammami An American Jihad Autobiography

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Published by: paulfarrell1895 on Apr 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Story of an American Jihaadi Part One
Important note:
In the Somaali language the letter "C" stands for the Arabic letter ""('Ayn) and the letter "X" stands for the Arabic letter "" (aa). The letter "O" is used to
 sound like "Oh," and doubling it only makes an elongated version of that sound…NOT likethe sound in the word "Spoon." Instead, the letter "U" is used for that sound (i.e. the"spoon" sound) and is doubled for elongation. The letter "I" is used to sound like the "E" in"Egypt," and doubled to elongate that sound. The letter "E" is used to sound like "Egg" anddoubled to elongate that sound.
In the Name of Allaah the Most Beneficent the Most Mericful. Indeed all praises are due tothe Lord of the Worlds and may He send peace, blessings, and
upon His Messenger and upon his family and companions, as well as those who follow his guidance until theDay of Judgment.Due to the unpredictable nature of the environment in the lands of Jihaad, I decided now isas good a time as any to release the first part of my auto-biography. Although nothingspecial, I thought my addition to the Jihaadi library could at least provide some benefit. Ifind the advice of Abu Muscab as-Suuri
that we should document our history extremelyimportant for a number of reasons: 1) events are happening more rapidly in the age of Globalization, 2) the war of narratives has become even more important than the war of navies, napalms, and knives, 3) with the internet, recording events and spreading reports of them has become extremely easy (so we should take whatever we can get).Due to the necessity of security the first part of this auto-biography only reaches up to myaffiliation with Xarakah ash-Shabaab al-Mujaahidiin. I'm sure everyone can understand theneed for such measures. But in all reality the lands of Jihaad are all similar and historyinevitably repeats itself, so I would imagine that the following information is enough of aglimpse into reality to provide the foundations for future insight.Still alive and well (by May 16 2012),Omar HammamiSomaalia
Who is Abu Mansuur al-Amriiki?
I have found myself affected by Abu Muscab as-Suuri's advice and example in numerousother ways as well. Following his lead I have written numerous strategy papers under the pen name: Abu Jihaad ash-Shaami. See: An Islaamic Guide to Strategy, A Strategic Studyof the Prophetic Siirah, The Vision of the Jihaadi Movement and the Strategy for theCurrent Stage, and A Strategy for the Land of the Gathering (Syria).
According to my passport, my drivers license, my social security card, my votersregistration card, my library card, and any other form of identification in the hands of theFBI the CIA and all of the rest of the alphabets: I am Omar Shafik Hammami. If that is allyou wanted to know you can just stop reading here.For those who would like to continue: since the cat is already out of the bag, I might aswell set the story straight for history’s sake. I am Abu “Muxammad Shafiiq” Cumar bin“Muxammad Shafiiq” bin Cumar bin Shafiiq bin Saliim bin Mustafaa bin al-Amiir, an- Najjaadi, ash-Shaami, al-Amriiki, al-Kanadi, al-Iskandari, as-Soomaali (the oldest son of the oldest son of the oldest son). That looks tough doesn’t it?Basically, as the story goes, there was a nobleman from around Saudi Arabia who decidedto move to a place near Damascus called Dayr Catiyyah. I’ve been told by my family thatthis man was from the tribe of Banu an-Najjaar. However, after a bit of personal research, Ifound out that the tribe in that area is called Banu Najjaad (and they are relative new-comers to Syria which would explain why the Amiir is only a few fathers back). So it's possible they made a slight typo in narration. We don’t know this man’s name or muchabout him, or much about the Najjaad tribe, at all. I attribute this fact to two things: 1) theDisbelievers/Apostates who secularized the Muslim world had a goal of removing the tribalsystem as part of their agenda to weaken the Muslim society, 2) when people live inurbanized environments the tribal system begins to weaken until it is no longer important tothe city-dwellers anymore.Regardless of how it all happened, that is as far back as I can determine my lineage for now. Even the two names before the nobleman, Saliim and Mustafaa, were only mentionedto me by my grandfather’s brother.However, my great grandfather Shafiiq is of course well known. It is said that he stillowned a Turkish Bathhouse which was the reason for the last name: al-Xammaami. These bathhouses are not toilets like some uncultured people might think. It’s like a spa resort or something of that nature which normally exists in the main market. There is a sauna,showers, a massage table, and all of that stuff. It’s strictly for men and there isn’t
any lewdness (for those Disbelievers who may misunderstand). For those who are alreadysnoozing, I repeat: this name is just a title that was given based upon occupation. In Syria,or rather urbanized Syria, most people do not know their tribe; they simply have a title based upon the occupation of their forefathers.At any rate, to continue, I am told that my great grandfather was religious and a kind man.As for his son, my grandfather, then he was a successful businessman and is well-known by many elite in Damascus. He married two wives (not at the same time) and had 9children (4 from the first wife who died, then 5 from the one who is still alive). Althoughhe made Xajj at least once in his lifetime (I hear more than once), he was not a veryreligious man. He died around February of the year 2012 and Allaah Knows best what hedied upon.

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