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Spin Magazine

Spin Magazine

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Published by zara_media_studies
Homework 27/04/13
Homework 27/04/13

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: zara_media_studies on Apr 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How does the publisher make money?
SPIN is owned by
, a media publishing company exclusively for music. They are renowned and have a surplus in profits, so they canafford to make investments into their website. However, because they are popular among people in the US, they make extra revenue by usingGoogle Ad Choices on their websites to attract viewers to buy products and once clicked on they can make a small profit. They also use videostreaming to make money and social networking advertisement as well.
Who is the audience and what tells you this?
The audience includes individuals aged 20-30, who are predominantly interested with alternative rock and indie music. However, the site alsoverges on some hip-hop and pop music. The website structure is more formal and organized than that of websites such as
Top of the Pops
(for ayounger demographic), suggesting that it may be useful to people aged 20-30. The stress on new rock and indie music implies that this websitehas a purpose of informing rock/indie enthusiasts about more of that genre. However, feature
s of pop such as ‘PSY: Gentlemen’
can keepreaders up to date with mainstream music.
How are you intended to use the site?
The site features many spotlight events and stories. Inevitably, the site is a ‘reading’ site, where the viewer can learn abo
ut current musicthrough learning and reading. However, the site is ample in new music such as a live playlist. This makes the user connect with the websitethrough listening to the music it represents. However, plentiful videos and pictures make it a visual and vicarious experience which a magazinecannot offer.
How would you apply audience theories to the site?
The best theory applied here is Uses and Gratifications. The audience is an active member of the magazine and the website. They areresponsible and active in passing information from one person to the other. The website fits with the uses and needs of the consumer, so theywill take a direct approach in finding out information such as music news and events; then in turn, sharing it and connecting with other people.The website can also entertain the audience through music as well. Through this, the viewer gets a sense of personal identification andrecognizes them self as a SPIN fan or indie addict etc. Surveillance can also mean that audiences can get their hands on the daily lives of theirfavourite artists.
Identify the effect of ‘value
added content’ such as photos, videos, forum, etc. on the target audience (users of the
Most features here are not present in a typical magazine, giving websites a competitive advantage over magazines. These contents have manyeffects on the reader as well as the publisher and the website. Firstly, photos are a standard and effective way of communicating events throughvisual concepts. Like this, the audience can understand a piece of texts through images and appreciate the event more. Also, this has a two-wayworking system; the photographer is also accredited. He/she is promoted for taking such images and the exclusiveness of these images are agreat way of representing the website.Videos, on the other hand, are even more effective. The can produce a vicarious effect on the viewer. They can feel as if they were really thereat the event. Also, like images, because they can only be found on such a website, the website can gain viewers. Furthermore, the images andvideos can create a buzz and discussion among the viewers. So, it is only logical for there to be a regular blog or forum discussing these newimages and videos. It cohesively binds with the Uses and Gratification theory- that the TA do not only just look at the magazine/website and go,they play an active role in producing much of the content in there.
Menu Bar- A
clearly laid out format on top of the entire webpage,underneath the masthead and a few sponsor images. The text is size 14,larger to the main text around. It is white, sans-serif and bold. Each text isproportionate and has equal distance from each other. The colors are wellselected against the dark background; creating a focal point around thetoolbar. When hovered over, the text becomes thicker and red as well asunderlined- highlighting the interest of the user. This makes it clear and eye-catching. Also, the menu has sub-divisions with a grey font, creating atertiary contrast and is chronologically ordered for the user to understandthe filing system of it.
Search Box-
A small search engine to search within the SPIN website. It hasthe universally recognized search symbol, to emphasize its use to the user.
This was found on the very bottom of the webpage. It’s placed at the top as
it is user friendly. Someone who aims to search something can do thisinstantly.
Moving Photos with Stories-
Equally paced slidingimages at the heart of the webpage. They areoften music news stories. SPIN uses the mostinteresting stories and images here, so they areappealing to the audience to click on. Also, if theyare promoting stars, they usually place them herefor the same reason. The scrolling images looks asif the page is being updated regularly, to border onthe side of music news.
Sign in/Register-
A button placed towards the topright of the page. This makes it immediate andcentral for the user to gaze at. It can increase theamount of registers like this and also organizes thewebsite so users are aware of what to do. Thewriting is also in bold suggesting this is one of themain features of the website.
Moving/ Stationary adverts-
Equalspace is taken up as the images as thisdraws more attention to the advert too.This also means the viewers see it firstand if the advert applies to them, theycan click on it- so SPIN makes revenueout of it.
The logo of the website.Bright block red with capital letters,sans-serif. Instantly catches theattention of the viewer. Through thistechnique the reader understands this isthe name of the site.

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