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PMS Treasures 1-28-13

PMS Treasures 1-28-13

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Published by Krista Fasoli

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Published by: Krista Fasoli on Apr 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 28, 2013
Weekly Thought:
“There is no more powerful engine driving anorganization toward excellence and long-range success than an attractive,worthwhile, and achievable vision of the future, widely shared..”
 Burt Nanus (1992, p. 3)
NOTT: JustRamblin’
Just this week,we celebrated MartinLuther King Jr. byobserving our annualnational holiday in hishonor. Like many of you, perhaps, I stilladmire this man and somuch of what he stoodfor. Although it is easyat times to forget theactual reason for manyholidays, I do try tokeep this man’s noblework in mindthroughout the year.One might ask how thispersonal aside relatesto our school. Well,recently, I have beentalking about our needto examine our school/district missionand to create a visionfor ourselves as aschool community.When considering theidea of a
, whatbetter place to startthan MLK’s “I have adream…” speech. Hisvision—expressed inthis brief, but powerfulspeech—is a lastingand dramatic exampleof the power that canbe generated bycreating andcommunicating acompelling vision of thefuture. As I mentionedin a faculty meetingrecently, a school’svision addresses the“what” question: “Whatkind of school do wehope to become?” or “If we are true to our purpose now, whatmight we become atsome point in the
future?” If we do notdecide what an idealParker Middle Schoollooks like, we will notbe able to adoptprograms, enact ideas,create policies, or behave in ways thatmove us to this idealstate. Getting frompoint A to point Brequires knowingexactly where point Bis and recognizing whatit will take to get thereand what it will look likewhen we arrive. Visioninstills an organizationwith a sense of direction. It articulatesa vivid picture of thefuture so compellingthat its members will bemotivated to worktogether to make it areality. Like a Specific,Measurable, Attainable, ResultsOriented, and TimeBound (SMART) goal,our vision should becredible, focused onthe essential, and usedas a blueprint for improvement.Here are a fewrandom visionstatements I admirefrom organizationsother than K-12education, which seemto fulfill the descriptionlisted above:1.From The SeaIsland Companyon Sea Island,Georgia: “To beknown as thefinest resort andresortcommunity inthe world asrecognized byour employees,members,guests, and theindustry.”2.From a John F.Kennedyspeech:
By theend of thedecade, we willput a man onthe moon."3.FromMcDonald’s:
"McDonald'svision is to bethe world's bestquick servicerestaurantexperience.Being the bestmeans providingoutstandingquality, service,cleanliness, andvalue, so thatwe make everycustomer inevery restaurantsmile."4.From McCawCellular Communications: “To develop areliable wirelessnetwork thatempowers
people with thefreedom totravel anywhere—across the hallor across thecontinent—andcommunicateeffortlessly.”5.From theUniversity of Kansas(Wichita) Schoolof Medicine:“We will be thepremier center for community-oriented medicaleducation,scholarship,patient care,service, andresearch. Our leadership willrevolutionize thedelivery of health care inKansas andbeyond.”Wow! Visionstatements can indeedbe powerful andmotivatingproclamations of organizational directionand focus. At theschool level, a facultythat works together tocraft a clear, sharedvision of the schoolthey are attempting tocreate benefits in anumber of ways:1.Shared visionmotivates andenergizespeople;2.Shared visioncreates aproactiveorientation;3.Shared visiongives directionto people withinthe organization;4.Shared visionestablishesspecificstandards of excellence;5.Shared visioncreates a clear agenda for action (DuFour & Eaker, 1998).I look forward toworking with all staff members in the near future to co-create abold and compellingvision statement for our school that shouldstand for the next threeto five years, at whichtime, it would need re-visiting to gauge our progress. As we worktogether in thisprocess, it is helpful toconsider severalquestions to guide thevision developmentprocess:1.What would youlike to see our school become?2.What reputationwould it have?

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