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Sexually Transmitted Insanity

Sexually Transmitted Insanity

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How Our Public Schools Came to Promote a Social Disease
How Our Public Schools Came to Promote a Social Disease

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Published by: Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. on Apr 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Winter 2012 SALVO 39
 //Hazmats_with Judith Reisman
How Our Public SchoolsCame to Promote a SocialDisease
ot so long ago,
American high-schoolstudents were educated in “sex hygiene.”They were told, “Save the conjugal act untilmarriage or you’ll get horrid diseases; iyou’re a girl, you might become pregnant; and, boys,don’t marry an easy girl.” The lessons yielded lowrates o STDs, illegitimacy, abortions, atherless house-holds, and welare dependency. They saw high rateso virginity (even Hugh Hener was a virgin in college)and social stability.
But ater World War II, a new“science” arose that transormedsex education into an ally or thesexual revolution. Leading theradicals was the closeted sexualpsychopath, Proessor Alred C.Kinsey, “the ather o the sexualrevolution.” Backed by IndianaUniversity and the RockeellerFoundation, Kinseys pseudo-scientic claims in
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male
(1948) and
Sexual Behavior in the HumanFemale
(1953) would displacethe Judeo-Christian worldview insexual criminal law, public policy,medicine, art, and entertainment,and would lead to the creation oa new “sex education” eld.
The Infection
Kinsey’s books went viral and weretranslated into a dozen languages.According to Lena Lennerhed,a proessor o gender studies atSödertörn University near Stock-holm, the Swedes even spurnedFreud or Kinsey during legislativedebates in the 1960s:Alred Kinsey . . . was thescientic authority. Kin-sey’s rejection o Freud’ssublimation theory was in-terpreted as an argument
for the right among the young, even teenagers, tohave an unrestricted sex life
. . . and evidence thattraditional moral standardswere outdated and con-trary to human nature.
 (emphasis added)This opinion was parroted byproessors everywhere. Newlyminted college “sexperts” beganteaching wide-eyed students thatsexual sel-expression was healthyand that sel-control was repres-sion and psychologically bad oryou.By 1955, Kinsey’s sexual world-view had shaped the AmericanLaw Institute’s Model Penal Code,
40 SALVO Issue 23which urged all 50 states to viewour sex laws as “outdated andcontrary to human nature.” Con-versely, the institute report spurredlawyerly claims that “sex educa-tion” would reduce sex crimes anddiseases.Sexual libertinism becamethe leading scholarly opinion. In1964, as New York University be-gan awarding degrees in “sexualhealth,” “brave pioneers”
met atthe Kinsey Institute to allot “sexeducation” to the newly ormedSex Inormation and EducationCouncil o the U.S. (SIECUS). Thisorganization joined with PlannedParenthood in attacking sexualmorality on a global scale. Bothgroups were unded by the Play-boy Foundation to train childrenabout sexual “health.”In 1968, a book by Kinsey’s co-author and sometime lover WardellPomeroy,
Boys and Sex,
appearedas a school sex-ed text nationwide,normalizing sodomy, prostitution,sadomasochism, and homosexual-ity. It even described bestiality as“a loving sexual relationship withan animal.” Pomeroy advised chil-dren that “premarital intercoursedoes have its denite values as atraining ground.”
The Disease
By the 1970s, public schools in theU.S. were fooded with radical sex“education.” Thomas Sowell andothers have noted that teen “preg-nancies soared as ‘sex educationspread pervasively throughout thepublic schools.”
This all helped to erode thebarriers to legalized abortion, un-til
Roe v. Wade
wiped them outin 1973. That same year, PlannedParenthood’s president, Alan Gutt-macher, noted, “The only avenuethe International Planned Parent-hood Federation and its alliescould travel to win the battle orabortion on demand is through sexeducation.”
At that time, “sex positive” ed-ucation rarely mentioned condoms,an omission that likely helped leadto an increase in teen pregnanciesthat ended in abortion—which inturn increased the “need” or moreschool sex education.By 1974, Planned Parenthoodwas mass-distributing a bookletcalled “You’ve Changed the Com-bination.” It was a ull-blown,rontal assault on traditionalAmerican sexual morality, includ-ing marriage. The authors toldour children, “Sex is best betweenriends. . . . Have sexual relation-ships only with riends. . . . I she’syoung, always ask.” The bookletalso normalized homosexualityand ridiculed marriage: “Do youwant a virgin to marry? Buy one.There are girls in that business,too. Marriage is the price you’llpay, and you’ll get the virgin. Verytemporarily.”Today, Planned Parenthooddominates public-school sex edu-cation. It battles every attemptat abstinence education, or aresurgence in teen chastity wouldreduce teen pregnancies andthreaten Planned Parenthood’slucrative abortion business and itspharmaceutical prots.
The Spread
Today, the United Kingdom seemsto have run ahead o the U.S. insex education, as evidenced bya new program orced on Brit-ish schoolchildren. It starts withseven-year-olds, despite parents’protests. One reporter tried to puta light spin on his description o an
Groomed at younger and younger ages to besexually active, the students of modern sex educa-tion are being set up for exploitation by predatorseven as they are taught to exploit each other. Andthey will continue to suffer the consequences. Aslong ago as 1994, even the Guttmacher Instituteacknowledged that approximately one in foursexually active teens were contracting a sexuallytransmitted disease each year.
Sta members o the Kinsey Institute or Sex Research, 1953

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