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Star Blade Revolution Book

Star Blade Revolution Book

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Published by Benjamin F. Kaye
Nothing new here - this is just the bound version of the individual "Revolution" episodes.
Nothing new here - this is just the bound version of the individual "Revolution" episodes.

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Published by: Benjamin F. Kaye on Apr 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© 2013 Benjamin F. Kaye
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New Utopia
Turned Upside Down
Another day in a 29
Century paradise and I was still in bed. I slowly stretched and put my feeton the floor. Here I was, in a tiny dome only thirty feet in diameter and ten feet high, on the outskirtsof New Utopia. The holographic panel in the center displayed the time, as well as an impressionisticpicture of a sun coming up over the mountains. Other than that, I was surrounded by black. I walkedto the edge of the dome and touched the surface; a triangular window appeared and let in the light.Actually, it was the earth rising over the lunar landscape.I folded the sheets and lay them to the side. I turned to the control panel in the center and
touched “bathroom”. Silently, the dimensions of the space slid this way and that, surfaces curved and
contorted; I then stepped into the shower. The mist was warm and relaxing
it made me think of nothing at all.
Having finished I got dressed slowly. Why I was going so slow I wasn’t quite sure. Today was
my first real job
even if I was only a currier. But what an opportunity; being a part of Jain Industries
was an honor. I touched “kitchen” on the panel and my surroundings once again reshaped themselves.I put a box of cinnamon oatmeal in the cooker and hit “go”. The oatmeal made me think of 
my time onEarth.
“We won, we won, we won!” Jenny’s voice came through loud and clear. Her face was one big
-believe-this-is-actually-happening grin.
I slowly put down the spoon and turned to the holographic panel. “And what did you win?”
“The pregnancy lottery! Jared and I were granted a license to procreate. Fitz, we’re going tohave a baby!” She fell back on her bed and laughed like she hadn’t laughed since we were kids.
“Well, dear sister, if I am to be an uncle, I had better prepare.” I smiled. “Keep me informed.” I
turned the panel off and the dome reverted to its original, bare state. So, my little sister was as lucky asI; I won the Earth Residency Lottery and spent five glorious years on earth and she won the pregnancylottery.I pulled out my Go Globe. It was such a fascinating little thing. It looked exactly like a hockeypuck. It felt warm and vibrated slightly from time to time. I set it on the floor and quickly tapped on ittwice. The top side turned red and I pressed my thumb on it. The device turned green and started toexpand. After a moment or two, I was standing in front of a sphere that was 7.5 feet in diameter. Itouched it and it slid open till only half the sphere was visible. I stepped in and the globe closed aroundme. A section of the dome parted and I started rolling down the lunar streets.

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