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Here and Now v17

Here and Now v17

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Published by Phyllis Stephen
UK hyperlocal media today by Damian Radcliffe for NESTA UK
UK hyperlocal media today by Damian Radcliffe for NESTA UK

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Published by: Phyllis Stephen on Apr 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Town Hall
Librar y
Here and Now
UK hyperlocalmedia today
Damian Radcliffe
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Local media plays two important roles in people’s lives. It is both unctional, telling themwhat is going on, where and when, and also emotional, helping them to eel like theybelong to their local community. People eel attached not just to their city, town or village,but also to their neighbourhood and street.Location-based technologies, especially mobile devices, oer a potential revolution orvery local (‘hyperlocal’) media that can deliver at this level o scale.Over the last ew years, the UK has seen many launches o online local media services thatattempt to deliver hyperlocal content. But traditional media providers have ound it hardto adjust their high-cost models to a suciently local area. Meanwhile, hyperlocal bloggersnd it dicult to develop a critical mass o audience and to dene the right businessmodels to grow their oers into more sustainable services. Little evidence is publiclyavailable on the success or ailure o these services.NESTA believes that a diverse and sustainable hyperlocal media can build both publicand economic value. Together with our partners, NESTA is seeking to help support thisnascent sector and to better understand its potential. This review is the start o meetingthis ambition. It maps the current landscape o hyperlocal activity in the UK, bringing ininternational examples where relevant.The stakes are high. Successul hyperlocal services could deliver a plurality o relevantnews, inormation, entertainment and authentic local voices. They oer the opportunityo bringing our communities together or good purpose. They might hold public authorityto account or express democracy in innovative ways. Some o these services are alreadypresent across the UK in very local areas. But the very specic and ragmented nature ohyperlocal media oten means that activity happens under the radar o traditional mediaanalysis.This review is important because it oers an insight into a diverse, creative and emergingsector. To our knowledge, this is the rst time that such a comprehensive review hasbeen undertaken. We hope that this review will encourage an appetite or a greaterunderstanding o hyperlocal media rom both industry and policymakers.I’d like to thank Damian Radclie or taking the time out to compile and write this review,and to Andy Gibson or his editorial input.
Jon Kingsbury
Director Creative Economy Programme

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