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Business Process Management

Business Process Management

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Published by Smart Writer

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Smart Writer on Apr 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Business process management and strategy
Business process management is very important to both the developed and the developing business. Business process management can easily be said that it is the process of arranging the business function in a sequence that will be able to analyze and deliver the internal and externalenvironment condition of the business. For jack to be able to plan for the well being and theworking condition of a business and for him to be able to overcome the challenges that thecompany is facing at the moment he needs to apply business process management. Jack Company is facing problems due to lack of proper management of the company’s files and bythat they are unable to properly follow up the activities and the progress that the company hasattained so far. Cullen creative cooking should consider employing business processmanagement in there company which will help them to understand more how the employees can benefit from having and creating a good relationship between the technology that is thecomputers and the people working in the company. Jack should also have a company objectiveand create a strategy on how to achieve the objectives.Jack and other employees do not have a clear understanding on how good business process planning can be useful to the company. Jack and the employees need to understand whatBPM is and how it works for them to employ it in the company. Jack and other employees needto know that BPM will help them to in controlling and making the company work plan for effective by applying different technology. This will help Jacks company to be able to store alltheir files in a systematic manner where they can be able to view then and have a work follow upfor the all the strategies that the company has set. Jack and the employees can now use BPM totheir advantages.
He also needs to understand the advantage of business process management and how it can beused to relate with the internal and external environment surrounding of the business for better result. BPM will have several benefits to those companies using it. Some of the benefits of usingBPM include:There will be increased accountability this will be more useful in departmental functionaccountability for instance in Cullen cooking company most of the department have misplacedseveral files they are not sure where the files are supposed to be and the cannot account for thoseactivities.While using BPM there is more room where you can avoid waste of resources since all theactivities will be properly allocated to the specific department with the correct resources to beused and it will be easy to monitor each and every activity carried out.It creates a safe and a healthy working condition for the employees, employer and the customers.With well documented and arranged files the one is easy to follow up each and every activity.Jack learning the benefits of business process management, he will learn that BPM works closelywith the business strategies and that it only assist to accomplish the business strategies and tomake them effective. With a planned business strategy it will assists you to determine your goalsand how you can achieve them. Internally it will assist you t account for the resources, wherebyyou will need a well planned BPM to do that. It will also assist you externally to be able to keepall the records of your clients.For complete better result Jack will also need to work closely with both the chains valuesclosely connected with the BPM concept. Chain values can be described to be a collection of allthe activities that can be performed to promote a product line or to facilitate effective chain of communication. With effective communication chain it will help Cullen cooking company to
have a chain of command that is to be followed in every procedure of the company. For instancesituations where jack employees don’t know understand where to hand over the files when theyare finished in compiling.
Problem analysis
Jack Company is facing different types of problems which can be easily worked out withan introduction of BPM concept. The main problem facing your company is that your documentations method is very poor which sometimes lead to vague results. This is caused bythe poor communication channel that has been adapted by the company. The employees do nothave specific chain of command where they should forward their files to after they are throughwith signing them. Poor documentation has lead to poor management of funds where by some of the clients are in debt and nobody is following up to ensure that this debt are paid. If thefollowing up of debt is not done then this is where it bring up shortage of money to purchasemore Thermo pulse where you spend the company’s profit to purchase Thermo pulse and you areleft bankrupt.As-Is is used by business to analyze, understand and improve the project. It is veryimportant since it also helps to identify where the records should be entered. For this model to besuccessful it requires complete information about employees and resources used. As-Is diagramis commonly prepared to identify if the companies objectives have been accomplished.
Below is a sample of As-Is modelRequirements of As-Is business processmodelYes, No,N/AComments/conclusions
They have identified each point in thecurrent business process where information NoThis has happened due to lack of employment of business process

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