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A2 FILM STUDIES_key Sequences_key Debates and Critical Framework Analysis Handout

A2 FILM STUDIES_key Sequences_key Debates and Critical Framework Analysis Handout

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Published by candifilmstudies

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Published by: candifilmstudies on Apr 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We are going to watch what have been identified as 3 key sequences from Vertigo. You havechosen a focus
that relates either to a key debate/issue as a result of the film’s critical reception
OR a critical perspective / framework such as Feminism.
As you watch each sequence, try to find as many examples from the extract that youunderstand and relate the sequence to the focus you have chosen. Use the example belowto help:
Key Sequence Focus:
e.g. Spectatorship
Elster’s Wife –
 Chapter 5
Inside the restaurant, the audience are moved closer to Elster’s wife and we see
her from behind, this makes
the audience curious about Elster’s wife and 
anticipate meeting her. This is similar to how Scottie is also introduced to her and 
so Scottie’s anticipation of meeting Madeline mirrors
our own. The fact that Hitchcock has taken us to Madeline first suggests he is conscious of our role asspectators and our relationship with Madeline
 , just like Scottie’s,
is crucial to our engagement in the film.
The Tower
 Chapter 20
 Just before Madeline runs to the Tower, there is a sense of equilibrium as Scottieand 
Madeline embrace. However, Madeline’s ambiguous dialogue followed by 
her running into and then up the tower creates much suspense for the audienceand, just like Scottie, we could begin to believe that maybe she is possessed.Hitchcock has made us experien
ce Scottie’s relationship with Madeline fromScottie’s point of view and so plays with our reception at this point – 
the suddendisruption of the equilibrium creates suspense for the viewer 
we know Scottie is
happy but also know that he won’t be able to
reach the top of the tower to follow Madeline
in the same way that we can’t sitting in our cinema seat 
. This thereforeheightens the tension in the sequence, yet creates a twist in the plot and increases our enjoyment with the Thriller.
 Chapter 30
Key Sequence Focus: Key Issue - Spectatorship
Elster’s Wife –
 Chapter 5The Tower
 Chapter 20TheTransformation
 Chapter 30
Key Sequence Focus: Key Issue - Plot & Narrative Structure
Elster’s Wife –
 Chapter 5The Tower
 Chapter 20TheTransformation
 Chapter 30

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