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Bubblegum Crisis Part 2

Bubblegum Crisis Part 2

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Published by John "King" Roberts
Bubblegum Crisis Part 2
Bubblegum Crisis Part 2

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Published by: John "King" Roberts on Apr 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In Neo Tokyo there was anincident revolving around a being calledthe Sotie, or as she was named: Galatia.Galatia along with Sylia’s brother Mackey, were both artificial creations of Sylia’s father Dr. Stingray to create anartificial being to usher in a new era for man kind. The experiment revolvedaround a techno-organic object being placed into Sylia’s head, were it wouldmap her brain, and though patterns. Thefirst experiment resulted in Mackey’screation, however he was far to human inmany if not all respects and as such he was deemed a failure. However it was the second experimentthat proved the success. Galatia appeared in every was as Sylia, almost as if she were her twin sister.However Galatia was more techno-organic than organic, and her mind was much more like that of acomputer in some ways than a normal persons.Eventually Galatia went rogue sometime after her creation. Even as a child sized being she had the power to control machines, casing anything with metalin it to go rogue and bend to her will. Galatiaslaughtered everyone at the complex, until Dr. Stingraywas able to get her to return to her stasis cell, however Galatia was more evolved than the doctor had thoughand she mercilessly killed him as well. But the doctor was right about one thing, she was not yet ready, her mind was not as evolved as it needed to be. And so sheslept for several years only to reawaken through an ill-fated effort to destroy her by Sylia using a microwavecannon and the power from the skyhook.Sylia however underestimated the events, and she had unwittingly awakened Galatia. WithGalatia awakened every boomer in the room went rogue and attacked every one except for the KnightSabers, Mackey (who had been unwittingly drawn to the location and acted as a second catalyst for Galatia’s awakening), as well as Brian Mason, the mastermind of the whole thing. Mason had once been a lab assistant to Dr. Stingray and every since Galatia’s creation he has been obsessed with makingher his to raise up as a god. So when Galatia first went rogue, Mason convinced the head of Genom touse an experimental earthquake generator to level the entire lab, knowing full well that Galatia wouldsurvive. However he did not anticipate on all of Tokyo being affected and the lab actually moving to adifferent location because of this.So with Galatia reawakened, and all of the Knight Sabers unable to stop him since their ownhardsuits had gone rogue and fused with the labs floor, they were unable to stop Mason from takingGalatia away. Mason quickly teached Galatia about her purpose as a god to bring man and boomers
together, all but literally. Mason only wanted to stand watch over the fall of man kind and the rise of anew race of being. Galatia however was maturing quickly, not just physically but mentally as well.Galatia sensed a boomer with in Mason, an artificial heart. Galatia awakened the boomer causing it andMason to fuse into a pillar of sorts from which he would live and look out over Galatia’s changed world.Galatia was also constantly testing her powers and even caused dead boomers kept in the storage area of the AD Police headquarters to awaken in a zombie like fashion and slowly to take over the building andits powerful communications tower.This was all but a test for Galatia to see just how far her power could reach on its own. Shelearned that she could affect all of Neo Tokyo, and subsequently exorcised that power. The few peopleremaining in the AD Police HQ did survive thanks in part to Priss and Leon, as well as several hundredsof gallons of liquid nitrogen that froze the techno-organic mass of fused boomers that had fused with the building. After this Nigel had finished constructing the Knight Sabers first 2
type hardsuit, which wasworn by Linna who easily destroyed a Gargantuan boomer fused with a massive power line called theDragon Line. After this each of the Knight Sabers had a new hardsuit built, with Priss being last.Shortly after this Galatia caused every boomer in the city to go rogue, and the city became a techno-organic mess. The KnightSabers were forced to abandon their HQ and leftwith their mobile command unit only. When itcame time for a confrontation with Galatia,Sylia planed to go at it alone, but the rest of theteam refused to let her do so. The team foughttheir way into the Genom central office tower and eventually confronted Galatia. Sylia tried tokill her by jabbing her sword through Galatia’sgut, but she only began to fuse with Sylia’shardsuit. In the end the Knight Sabers wereforced to retreat as Galatia fused with the entiretower, transforming it into a giant ship in her own image. Sylia was devastated, not only by her failure, but by other events revolving around her  brother, Mackey. Sylia took a leave from the group at this point to take Mackey some place safe, and tokeep Galatia from trying to use her as a pawn in her game.Priss took charge after this and lead theKnight Sabers on a rather foolhardy stunt.Initially they had planed to get aboard a cargocontainer to be picked up by the Skyhook andtaken into space, thus reach a space stationcalled the Umbrella (it’s a massive space stationdesigned to collect solar energy, convert it andamplify it, then beam it down to the dragon lineto be used by the city. Galatia however coulduse the Umbrella as a giant transmission tower,allowing her to cause every machine in theworld to go rogue. When Nene’s plan to use thecargo containers fails (the ship that picks themup was not on time and all of the containerswere flying off the track), Priss decided that the
Motoslave was the best option. With a plead for more speed to the Motoslave, Priss was able to matchspeed with the ship, and with some help form Linna, & Nene’s hardsuit boosters, they were able to getonboard the ship, although the Motoslave was damaged.The group made it to the station, but unfortunately Galatia’s influence was at a point that itcould now reach the station even though she was not there. Each of the Knight Sabers were forced todue battle with their own doppelgangers, who were able to match them blow for blow since Galatia hadseen into their minds thanks to their first hardsuits. Linna was the first to quickly take out her doppelganger, then so did the others. Unfortunately they were too late because of this and Galatia hadlanded, and was beginning to fuse with the station. Linna and Nene tried to take out the Umbrella’senergy projector that she had used moments before to “finish off” Neo Tokyo. They succeeded after afashion, but were blown into space, traveling at the speed of the explosion back toward the earth.Priss was left alone to fight Galatia, andunfortunately her suit was running low on power andoxygen. After 1 failed attempt to strike at Galatia,Priss was thrown into space herself. As she floatedshe heard an odd voice asking her if she needed power. Priss then noticed her Motoslave not far off  but still out of her reach. It asked her to remove itsrestraints and it would save her. Priss said she wouldif she could, which turned out to be all that wasneeded. The Motoslave transformed into its battlemode and flew out and joined with Priss. Priss thentook off back to finish the fight, Galatia at the same todefending her self also began her final count down toawakening every thing on earth to her will. The Motoslave fused with all of the Umbrella’s collector dishes turning into a massive mech piloted by Priss. Mean while Linna and Nene also had discoveredthe ability to release their hardsuits from their restraints, the suits in turn saved the girl’s lives.In the end the Knight Sabers won, and Galatiacame to a sort of realization about the humanities purpose, or possibly her own. As such she before her consciousness died she restored Mackey to his proper self, and took what parts of herself she had alreadyspread across the world back.This however does not mean that this is the endof the Knight Sabers, or the end of all rogue boomer incidents. Neo Tokyo is in ruins however, and Genomhas lost face because of this, and may very well havegone bankrupt do to this incident.
Campaign settings
The world is a big place and there are many different settings that cam be used, Neo Tokyohowever should be reserved for games involving the Knight Sabers however since this is their turf.Game time lines can occur during the Galatia incident, afterwards or before. Other places that can beused do include other countries and cities. Since this is a Cyberpunk setting and generally occurs after some natural disasters have occurred, feel free to change some cities names to even maps. Havingactual maps of cities can be a helpful prop to use for characters to make their way to a destination.

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