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Ujian Akhir Nasional

Ujian Akhir Nasional

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Published by 2day
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stemza wong only

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Published by: 2day on Apr 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ujian Akhir NasionalTahun 2003
PART V31.We have been running the youth camp … five years.a.before b.aftec.sinced.fo32.Irene has been reading that novel …a.for one hou b.when I met her c.next Tuesdayd.last Friday33.Could you send me the catalog to … the princes?a.verifying b.verifiedc.verificationd.verify34. The bigger company … the smaller one which could not survive.a.took ove b.took ofc.took outd.took down35.The package for my parents … by the courier a few days ago.a.was sent b.will be sentc.is being sentd.is sent36.The candidates … have submitted their application letters will have to come for aninterview.a.who b.whomc.whichd.whose37.How can you expect to get well soon if you don’t … the medicine regularly?a.eat b.chewc.take cared.swallow38.The book is … high for the little boy to reacha.enough b.soc.quited.too
39.Energy can be created from the steam of … water a.cooking b.boilingc. heatingd.running40.This classroom is too small, I think we need a … onea.smalle b.biggec.smallestd.biggest41.The production … promotion cost should be reduced to lower the selling pricea.but b.andc.yetd. as42.Waste … must be well managed to keep the environment cleana.refusal b.disposalc.proposald.appraisalPART VI43.The news which were broadcast on TV last night was shockingA B C D44.The builder hasn’t finishing his work yet even though the time limit is over A B C D45.Doctors should threat them patients politely and carefullyA B C D46.If Tyson prepared for the fight more intensively , he would have won itA B C D47.The man said that his brothers was busy with his worksA B C D48.The weather was terrible cold so that the climbers could not reach the peak of Jayawijaya
Ujian Akhir NasionalTahun 2004
PART V31.The last sentences he wrote on is letter was that he sent … regards to all his friendsand colleagues.a.well b.bigc.goodd.warm32.The student … in the workshop when a group of student from another province cameto do comparative study.a.practice b.are practicingc.have practicedd.were practicing33.The poor child thanked us for … him food and moneya.give b.gavec.givingd.given34.Playing together with Mr. Sofyan, Johan’s performance at the Exhibition got a positive …a.respond b.responsec.respondentd.responding35.Agustin … you if she had your phone number.a.will call b.would callc.calledd.would have called36.When you are … a job, you must be patient.a.looking at b.looking foc.looking afted.looking up37.Neither lunch … dinner was served at the hotela.o b.andc.butd.no38.The doctor carefully examined the patients … heads had been injured in an accidenta.that b.whomc.whod.whose

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