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19789163 Ezra Pound Jefferson AndOr Mussolini[1]

19789163 Ezra Pound Jefferson AndOr Mussolini[1]

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Published by ovid4blue3798
Unconventional analysis of two dissimilar and incompatible schools of thought regarding government.
Unconventional analysis of two dissimilar and incompatible schools of thought regarding government.

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Published by: ovid4blue3798 on Apr 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Ezra Pound
Jefferson and/or Mussolini
Volitionist Economics
 April 1935, anno XIII, finally a foreword The body of this ms. was written and left my hands in February 1933. 40 publishers have refused it. Notypescript of mine has been read by so many people or brought me a more interesting correspondence. It is here printed verbatim, unaltered. I had not seen the ms. fromthe time it left Rapallo till it returned here with the galley proof. It is printed as record of what I saw in February1933. The September preface (1933) indicated a flutter of hope, that has grown steadily more fluttery and lesshopeful. E.P., Rapallo, April, XIII. First published by Stanley Nott Ltd., 1935Copyright 1935, 1936, by Ezra Pound 
 Nothing is without Efficient Cause
Letter sent Autumn, 1934, by Ezra Pound to the editor of the
, London
ONE element of the Duce’s gamut is the continual gentle diatribeagainst all that is “anti-storico,” all that is against historic process.Obviously a parliamentary system which is in Italy an exotic. a XIXthcentury fad, imported
ad hoc
, for temporal reason, a doctrinaires’game in North Italy, a diplomatic accident in the South, is
in the blood and bone of Italians.Vittorio Emanuele had reasons, and even necessities of state pushinghim to it, at least as top dressing.What it signified
de facto
in Turin, is best exemplified by the specificoccasion on which a Peidmontese parliament refused to sign on thedotted line of a treaty. Victor told the people to elect another thatwould.The system went into effect in Naples to avoid technical terms in atreaty with Austria.
Given a little time and leisure (XII years) Mussolini emerges with ascheme for ascertaining the will of the people that will be at least inintention more efficient than elected politicians, divided bygeographical districts. He wants a council where
every kind 
of manwill be represented by some bloke of his own profession, by somedeputy who has identical interests and a direct knowledge of theneeds and temptations of a given profession.Mussolini has never asked nations with a different historical fibre toadopt the cupolas and gables of fascism. Put him in England and hewould drive his roots back into the Witanagemot as firmly asDouglas.The blackest lie in autumn (1934) propaganda is the lie of re-employment, considered as possible.Even the technocrats years ago, showed that re-employment atanything like the old hours per day is impossible.Human decency demands the division of work among a great number of people, rather than having it piled onto a few.The economist is faced with a progressively diminishing need of human labour.If they are honest one wonders why the London Gesellites should betouting re-employment in their Sunday propaganda.Gesell had a very clear brain wave, and offered that rarest of all possible things an innovation in economics. It is surprising to find hismore vocal disciples still clinging to what should be a very deadsuperstition.We do
continue to hoist water with a bucket from the garden or village well, after we have laid on modern plumbing.The atrophy which conceals this fact from economic and politicalorganizations is not one which I can explain.There is printed proof of its existence, and I therefore suppose a causefor it exists.Similar phenomenon presented by a professor from London’s

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