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Multigenre Workshop 1

Multigenre Workshop 1

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Published by Jonathan Ko
Multigenre Workshop 1
Multigenre Workshop 1

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Published by: Jonathan Ko on Apr 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan for Workshop #1 Multigenre project  Activity #1:
Please visit the following website for a good example of a multigenre activist project.http://youtu.be/Cb3D8679n2I This is a good example of a multigenre problem/solution project in action. What genresdoes Oliver use to make people aware of the problem? Do you feel as though these genresare effective in making his point?
 Activity #2:
Working on your multigenre project:1.
If you have decided on which genres you will use for your project, continue on to3. If not, decide and plan on 3 genres to use (at least 1 must be technology-based).2.
Complete the following chart 
this is your rationale chart, which will besubmitted with your final project. In the boxes on the next page, please providea brief explanation of the following for each of your genres:a. Why this genre? Why is this a better genre to use versus some others?b. Who is the audience?c. How is the message conveyed through this genre?d. How is the solution to your problem expressed in this genre?e. Are there any assumptions or power inequalities inherent in this genre?4. Working with a partner (the same partner for your inquiry project), discuss yourproject and any issues you are having with how to present your solution throughyour genres. Do you need to make any changes to your project? Why/why not?Genre #1Facebook A. I will use Facebook to gather the opinionsand thoughts of my fellow peers andacquaintances whether or not they agreethat you do not need a college degree to befinancially successful.B. The audience includes my fellow collegepeers and other students consideringcollege.C. The message is being conveyed throughthe genre by showing
the majority’s o
pinionon whether or not you need a college degreeGenre #2MemesA.
I will use a meme generator to createexamples of successful individualswho started with no college degreeand are now wealthy and successful.B.
The audience includes my fellowcollege peers and other studentsconsidering college.C.
The message will be conveyed in anamusing and appealing to the viewer.D.
By utilizing a meme, the solution tomy problem will be showing many

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