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Beginners Guide to Piracy 2.1

Beginners Guide to Piracy 2.1

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Published by tom2121
EVE online guide to piracy
EVE online guide to piracy

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Published by: tom2121 on Apr 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A long time ago, in late 05 when I was first getting into piracy, I wrote a guide that has since becomeone of the staple piracy guides on the sticky.(A side note: this was on another character, who I sold for ISK [which I gave to in-game friends] whenI thought I was quiting the game for good. The player who bought my character seems to be takingcredit for my hard work now, and I cant go back and delete my old post in favor of this one *sigh*.Anyways: )Since then, I've learned much about the way the game is played and how to pirate. I feel I owe it to thecommunity to contribute what I've learned back to the noobies of today, in the hope that they mighttake to piracy and roam the seas of low sec like I did then, and still do now.Piracy is the most fun you can have in EVE in my opinion, and something many new players seemattracted to. I myself played many long hours of mind numbing mission running before I attempted myfirst PvP combat. I died quickly, and could not find any guides that provided the information I neededto survive. So I set about learning to pirate properly all by myself, armed with nothing but a stack of T1frigates and a desire to yar. Now, many years and four corporations latter, I am finally confident enough to pass my knowledge on.EVE is a deep and complex game, and nowhere is this complexity more obvious than in PvP. In everyfight, the myriad of factors and variables that can effect the outcome can be overwhelming in number,and thats even supposing you can find someone to fight in the first place. Life as a pirate, or any PvPer,can sometimes be frustrating, and it is rarely easy. It can take months to become competent at PvP, andyears to become skilled.Don't be discouraged, however: the path of the PvPer is an enjoyable one. The rewards of EVE PvP aregreater in terms of satisfaction, adrenaline, and just plain fun than any other computer game I have personally ever played. The adrenaline rush you receive every time you jump into combat as a newPvPer (and which I still experience when I'm in a particularly dangerous situation) can be almostunreal.This guide is intended to thoroughly fill you in on the basics you need to pirate, and get you up andrunning with the minimum of hassle. Provided in this first draft is everything you need to know to getout and yar, including settings for your UI, scanning skills, basic tactics, advice, and fittings and tacticsfor T1 frigates (and before you ask, YES they are effective pirate ships, even solo, and NO you don'tneed high skill points! Trust me!)Further versions will include everything you see in the index. New players should read each one of thelinked guides IN ORDER (with the exception of the last one, “what ship to train for”, which isoptional) before heading out to pirate.And without further ado, I present:
(Version 2.1, last updated 01/10/09)
By Jack McSwain(AKA Skira Ranos)
Items in
are coming soon, items in
are finished.
Section I : On Piracy, and PvP Basic
s1: Piracy 1012: PvP Basics3: Bookmarks4: Intel and Information5: Overview Setup6: Directional Scanner7: Hunting8: A Pirates Life
Section II: Strategies and Tactics
1: Strategy, Tactics, and Attrition
2: Basics and Maneuvering 3: Terminology
4:Weapon Systems
5: Support: Tackle and EWAR explained 6: Other Kinds Of Support: Anti-Support, Scout/Probe, Logistics7: Agro Mechanics8: Tactics9: Strategies10: Gangs: Tactics and Basics11: Gangs: FCing 
Section III: Ships and Fitting Database
1: What This Section Is For 
2: Fitting In General 
3: T1 Frigates
4: T1 Destroyers5: T1 Cruisers6: Assault Frigates7: Interceptors
8: What Ship To Train For
9: ooby Target Database10: Ship Database

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