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Q1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? FILM POSTER

Q1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? FILM POSTER

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Published by ejenkinchs

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Published by: ejenkinchs on Apr 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?
Film poster 
Film posters are an extension of a trailer. They are used to advertise the film aroundparticular areas and locations where I think my audience may be, for example at bus stops,cinemas and tube stations.Firstly, I made sure that I started my research by looking at a number of film posters andidentify the key conventions. I have narrowed these down into the most important featuresto design an effective and realistic film poster to attract to my particular audience:
Including the main actor/s names towards the top of the poster, after my research Iidentified that the same actors/actoresses tend to feature in the same kind of genre of film. (for example Cameron Diaz features in romantic comedy genre films.
Strong, bold photo/image to attract an audience but also an image that can relate to thename of the film so without watching the trailer there is still some understanding of thenarrative.
Large title which is appealing and would attract my audience to the film, ensuring thatthe text stands out from any other text on the poster.
It must include credits towards the bottom of the film so that the viewer knows who is inthe film and the productions.
It must have a website for audiences to look more into the film and look at features suchas exclusive interviews and extras
Having a quote from a newspaper or film magazine can be a good way for people to seewhat somebody else from a high up film institute thought of their film .All of these points are what I used to guide me to making my own poster, which I feel is veryeffective.
Safe Haven-2013
This is the first film poster that I analysed. Iparticularly was drawn to the text and where it was
laid out. Having ‘SAFE HAVEN’ on different lines
helped me to read the rest of the text withoutrealising, that way I subconsciously read the actorsnames who were featuring in the film, as well as beingable to see them in the strong image, behind the text.Using such a strong image was something I reallywanted to try and use, especially with the story line of my film. This poster does however use a small area to
announce the release date (bottom right) ‘FEBRUARY’
however as it is bold it is able to be identified.The posters text is not only important towards the filmbut for the production too. As I said in my researchthat I wanted to aim to use the same font to keep itconsistent, this poster changed my mind as the subtlyuse different fonts effectively by changing the fontfrom bold to italics. The most important text to beable to be seen is the title of the film and I feel myposter does this effectively too.
I have also found that the use of colour of text is extremelyimportant. This poster does it verywell as the background is a light skywith a saturated image (slightlydarker areas) this can make itdifficult to use light soft text.

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