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May 2013 Business Journal B

May 2013 Business Journal B

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Published by The Delphos Herald
May 2013 Business Journal B
May 2013 Business Journal B

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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Apr 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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    I    N   S    I    D    E
May 2013
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Know the rules for ‘distress sales’
By NEIL WINGETBetter Business Bureau
Everybody is looking for a bargain. No-body wants to pay more than necessary formerchandise or a service.I know of people who will drive five ex-tra miles to save two cents on a gallon of gas. (Please don’t ask me to do somethingabout the ups and downs of gasoline prices.)People will wait in line for hours to geta special deal on the purchase of anythingfrom sports tickets to high-end merchandise.Merchants have special sales to drawcustomers into their stores using variousmethods to entice the buying public tochoose them over their competitors.Let’s face it; bargain hunting is the Amer-ican way. However, not all that is promotedas a bargain is really as good as it appears.It is an unfortunate fact of life that busi-nesses can fail, owners retire or circum-stances cause a company to go out of busi-ness. When this happens, a “Going out of Business” sale usually follows, accompa-nied by lots of advertising.In order to protect the buying public, theState of Ohio has regulations regarding theadvertisement of “distress sales.” These reg-ulations are outlined in the Consumer SalesPractices Act, a part of the Ohio RevisedCode.Basically, the rules say a business ownercannot:1. Conduct a distress sale for more than45 days. If at the end of the 45 days thereare still items left, they can extend the saleanother 45 days if the dates and announce-ment of the extension are published. At theend of the 45 or 90 days, the business mustbe closed.2. They cannot take orders, or order newmerchandise, during the period of the sale.3. Signs and published advertising musthave the beginning and ending date of thesale included.4. They cannot have a distress sale andthen open in a new location across town.5. The business cannot misrepresent ordisguise the true reason for the sale, such asclaiming to be going out of business whenin reality they are just changing their name.6. To be a true “distress sale” the busi-ness cannot transfer merchandise from someother outlet unless the items were orderedor consigned for transfer prior to the an-nouncement of the sale.The consumer should make themselvesclearly aware of the reality of the sale andthe way it is being conducted and not be ledto believe that they are getting a true bargainwhen in fact they may not.You need to ask questions such as: “Whatwas the price of this item before the sale?”“Who is conducting this sale?” “Why areyou going out of business?”Every day in our region, a company getsready to close its doors and conduct a le-gitimate going-out-of-business sale, but theconsumer needs to be aware that some are just taking an opportunity to make a quickprofit with little regard to fairness or ethicalbusiness practices.
May 2013
Post Grad Degree
Obtaining a post-graduate degree cangive one a sense of overwhelming accom-plishment. It’s also the only way to gainaccess to the highest-paying jobs avail-able. According to Simplyhired.com, theaverage salary for someone with a post-graduate degree is $57,000; nearly 25%greater than those with a just a bachelor’sdegree. The top five highest-paying jobshave two things in common: they requirea post-graduate degree, and all have start-ing salaries over $100,000.
Sitting mightily at the top of the list,the MBA is the most lucrative and mal-leable of graduate degrees. Its specialtiesinclude business, finance and accounting.It can be applied to any type of manage-ment operation. Considering its highranking, the fact that it requires only amaster’s degree gives it the highest cost-reward ratio as well. MBA programs havebecome so popular that they can even becompleted online, or by attending schoolpart-time for less than $10,000. The aver-age salary for a management position is$105,000 whereas CEOs pull in an aver-age of $1,352,000 according to Salary.com. (For related reading, see Alterna-tives To Business School.)
Medical Profession
The medical field has been an in-de-mand sector for employment for manyyears, but no medical career path is asgrueling and rewarding as becoming adoctor. Obtaining a medical doctorate isa monumental undertaking that requiresthree to four years of post-graduate studybefore moving on to a residency programthat can last as long as seven years. How-ever, the personal gratification of savinglives and earning a median annual salaryof $180,000 is healthy compensation. Forthose with entrepreneurial spirits, startingone’s own practice can bring in well over$1,000,000 yearly.
Law Degree
Earning a juris doctorate degree is thehighest degree possible for those seekinga career in law. After three years of lawschool, one must pass the bar exam in or-der to practice as a lawyer. This degree isalso the most popular for politicians. Le-gal professionals typically earn $130,000.
Engineering degrees are popular at ev-ery level, but obtaining a Ph.D. earns tophonors. These professionals cover fieldssuch as computers, chemicals, aerospaceand more, but the highest paying sub-specialty is petroleum. While the pushfor green energy is still a priority, the oilindustry is the number one manufacturerof power and shows no signs of slowingdown. Working offshore on oil rigs maybe a lonely lifestyle, but their annual in-come of $128,000 gives them plenty of spending money when they come back toshore.
Teachers are usually thought of asbeing underpaid, but college professorsare definitely the exception to the rule.A Ph.D is required, along with originalresearch for most collegiate institutions.An aspiring professor must have morethan just a degree to apply for a posi-tion. They must have several publishedwritings and experience as a teacher orassistant professor. Becoming tenured iswell worth the hard work though becauseaverage income hovers around $100,000annually.
The Bottom Line
Continuing college education at thegraduate level is a hefty commitment of both time and money, but the potentialpayoff can be enormous. When consider-ing what field to study, the quality of the job itself should be considered instead of simply looking at monetary figures. TheBureau of Labor Statistics breaks downevery occupation by degree requirementsand salaries, making it easier to find theright path that combines pay with careersatisfaction.
MBA Concentrations:LeadershipSport ManagementCriminal Justice
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Top 5 post-grad degrees that lead to high pay
May 2013
Graduate certificates help nurses advance their careers
As the U.S. health care system continuesto evolve, industry demand for more highlyeducated nurses is growing. Data from theAmerican Association of Colleges of Nurs-ing shows current and prospective nursesare responding to rising education require-ments: enrollment in all types of programsat nursing schools across the country in-creased from 2010 to 2011.Some nursing schools offer graduate cer-tificates that allow nurses to expand theirexpertise and meet critical areas of need inthe nursing profession. Offered to nurseswith a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)degree, graduate certificates are designed toenhance nurses’ professional competenciesand prepare them to apply for national certi-fication in specialized disciplines.“As the patient population becomes morediverse, and the delivery of care more com-plex, nurses with advanced knowledge andskills can influence the quality of care thatpatients receive,” says Carole Eldridge, di-rector of graduate programs for Chamber-lain College of Nursing. “With expertisein in-demand disciplines, nurses can alsoexpand their current scope of practice andincrease their professional marketability.”Chamberlain offers online Graduate Cer-tificate Programs for MSN-prepared nursesto hone their expertise in either educationor informatics, with or without practicums;practicum is optional for students with prac-tical application experience in their area of study. Graduates of the Graduate Certifi-cate in Nursing Education Program will beprepared to take the National League forNursing’s Certified Nurse Educator (CNE)exam, and graduates of the Graduate Cer-tificate in Nursing Informatics Program willbe prepared to take the American NursesCredentialing Center Informatics Nursingexam.Graduate certificate programs help meetthe Institute of Medicine’s recommenda-tions for nurses to achieve higher levels of education and for nursing schools to findnew ways to prepare nurses to better meetevolving patient needs. They can also helpnurses respond to areas of need in the healthcare workforce.-One such area is nursing education. U.S.nursing schools turned away more than75,000 qualified applicants from baccalau-reate and graduate nursing degree programsin 2011 due, in part, to insufficient faculty.Without enough educators, the industry can-not prepare enough incoming nurses to re-spond to the growing national shortage.Health care informatics is another fast-growing field. A 2012 report by Jobs forthe Future and Burning Glass Technologiesmeasured online job postings from 2007 to2011 and found that health care informaticspositions grew by 36 percent, while total on-line job postings for that same period grewby only 6 percent.The modern health care setting is de-pendent upon nurses with the specializedknowledge to oversee implementation of innovative information technology, suchas electronic health records. Nurses witha graduate certificate in nursing informat-ics can be prepared for a variety of relatedroles, including clinical informatics analyst,informatics nurse specialist or chief nursinginformation officer.The increase of graduate certificate pro-grams demonstrates that academic lead-ers and nurses are committed to building astrong, well-educated workforce that is pre-pared to address the health care challengesof tomorrow.(Courtesy of Brandpoint)

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