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The Sheet Resurrected

The Sheet Resurrected

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Published by Adriana Bautista
A zine based in Rome, welcome to all writing styles and genres. Visit www.wearethesheet.com for more info.
A zine based in Rome, welcome to all writing styles and genres. Visit www.wearethesheet.com for more info.

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Published by: Adriana Bautista on Apr 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SpringApril 12, 2013
Spring will come as peoples war and carscollide; as children cry while mothers fry.And birds will preen and fly, and all that waswill be. As young men tan, and old men sighand cry the truths that are no more, boyswill grow; and spring will bring a nifty breezethat will deceive the lonely floating buoy.And hands will clutch and lovers’ stares will freeze,as pollen grains will waltz beside the cypress;And peepers will peep while children will filltheir noses with damp dirt, and flightlessbirds will quack and smack and break their bills.And I stand still, and around me everythingturns and turns and turns and keeps turning.by VXZZ
N a v i d a d
Ahora vivimos en una casa en el campo.Estamos rodeados de árboles. Árbolesque en anteriores épocas presumían deser verdes. Hoy, sin embargo, se tiñen deantiguo. Se revisten de colores amarillosy marrones. Lloran por que se acercael invierno, pero aún es otoño y nosilusiona. Nos gusta el otoño. Me gusta que teguste, te gusta que me encante. Vienecon tardes de vino blanco, ante un uegoque preparan amigos. Que son a la veznuestros vecinos. Prácticamente vivimoscon ellos.enemos otros amigos que se llaman jabalís. Nos visitan por las noches, y a vecestemprano por las mañanas cuando mepreparas el té con leche. Me lo traes auna habitación, donde nos guardamoscada día. Por la mañana temprano merepasas con tus manos, buscandoalteraciones en mi cuerpo preocupado dehaberte perdido alguno de esos cambiosque vienen con el paso del tiempo. Peroseguimos esta historia. Seguimos y seguimos.by Gabriela Valero Arias
Happy is a 26-year-old Nigerian reugee who has been living inRome or two years.I you requent ermini station you’ve probably seen him, ormaybe dismissed him as just another hustler trying to pick pocketor harass you.Yesterday I was heading into the train station when Happy shout-ed at me rom about 10 eet away and asked to talk to me. I keptwalking and to no surprise he ollowed.He asked, “Where are you rom?” Tis seemed to be a good timeto ormulate my ake identity and prepare to run away.I started to walk away, but realized that it was a Sunday morningand the metro would be packed with tourists headed to my metro
Harvard SquareGentlemen
Location: Cambridge,Massachusetts.I nd Harvard Squarebathed in crimson redby its cobblestoned streetsand rather prestigious-but-once-histor ica lly- o nly- ope n- to- Whitemen-“Ivy League” university.Yet still, it guarantees mean opportunity, just like anywhereelse, to be accosted by somenot- so- e lder ly- b ut- perhaps-wishing-he-were-young Whitegentleman.I use the word “gentleman” out o courtesy and custom.Harvard Square gentlemenlike to hide behindpolitical correctness while evadingthe history o slavery that have paved its streets,upon which they still standand have the audacity to call to mewhile simultaneously attempting to evinceequality punctuated by stereotypical questionslike “Why are you so eloquent? ”and “How did a Black person become one o our residents?”o both o which, I respond, “It happens.”It takes Google only 37secondsto search and nd out that Black women are oen seen as prostitutesin places such as Rome, Italy,still rie with genderand racial inequality.It takes a labyrinth o pseudo-intellectual conversationin Harvard Square, involving disbelie and justicationo my intelligence (due to its combinationwith the darkness o my skinand my apparently aesthetically pleasing nature)to produce a similar result—I remind mysel that “Ivy League” reers to growingplants rather than acumen.Tere is simplicity and knowledgein taking walks through Harvard Square,where stopping while being smart, Black, and emalecontinues to mean a very real potential or devolutiono even the most sel-perceived racially esteemed o gentle-men,including those who have been stamped with a labelo Juris Doctor, alumnus o Harvard University.Even they too suer the wiles o unrecognized “WhitePrivilege” and have bought into thestereotypeso racial hierarchy such as are continu-ally displayed on .V.Somehow it has led them to believein “White” as a commandor racial and gender minorities tobecome their Instant On-Demand,Well, I am not Comcast.And in any case, my dearHarvard SquareGentlemen,the price is too highever to be paidby any man.So be wise.Save your breathand your time.Use those dollars,and that privilegeto board an aeroplane to Romeand while there, learn the languageor, at very least, plain speech.
by D. Blake
 Issue 27
May 2013
stop by the Vatican, so I was in no rush and could aord to listen or a ew minutes.Standing at about 6 eet 2 inches, wearing a badge with just his rst name written on it and a huge grinon his ace, Happy waited or me to decide i I was walking or staying. I decided to stay.Are you Christian or Muslim?” he inquired and without giving me a chance to respond he went on, “I’mhal Muslim, hal Christian-my mother’s Muslim, my atherChristian, and you know what I’ve learned? Tat it doesn’t matter. As long as you care about people andare kind to them, it doesn’t matter what which religion you belong to.With two riends working on theses about religion and immigration in Europe, I elt the need to stay andtalk to Happy.He shared his experience o growing up Muslim and Christian in Abuja. About ve minutes into ourconversation I couldn’t resist pulling out my pen and taking some notes on the receipts I had in my wal-let.“Te world is going on about Nigeria’s growth and its booming economy, but no one asks how religion istreated in Nigeria. Tere are many Muslims and Christians but very ew people are both, and being bothcan be difcult. Being both is what made me leave.Happy told me about the chaos that constantly erupted in his amily because o the dierences betweenhis parents religious values and how he ultimately realized how there was no right or wrong religion.He wasn’t comortable talking about the details o why he le his home but he was grateul I stopped tochat or a while.“You tourists, you think everyonewants to steal rom you or sellyou something. In other places,people are just kind and they want to talk about lie.Happy Sunday!”by ariro Mzezewa
 U n   t   l   e d  , n o . 4  b  y  C  l   a r  i   s  s  a G  h  e l   l   i  

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