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Resolution for Academic Honor and Integrity Vfinal

Resolution for Academic Honor and Integrity Vfinal

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The Resolution for Academic Honor and Integrity, omitting the joint-council contingency clause.
The Resolution for Academic Honor and Integrity, omitting the joint-council contingency clause.

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Published by: Columbia Daily Spectator on Apr 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Resolution for the Columbia Undergraduate Councils’ Commitment to Academic Honor and Integrity 
Student Government AssociationProposed: 22 April 2013 Adopted: 22 April 2013General Studies Student CouncilProposed: 23 April 2013 Adopted: 23 April 2013Columbia College Student CouncilProposed: 28 April 2013 Adopted: WHEREAS Columbia has seen a significant rise in reported cases of academicdishonesty in recent years; WHEREAS Columbia stands apart from most peer schools that have an honor code andis the only Ivy League school other than Harvard without an honor code; WHEREAS students strongly support increasing the prevalence of academic integrity and honor in Columbia’s culture, as evidenced by the 2012 Academic Honor Boardproposal, subsequent
op-eds from faculty and students, and a
editorial board call for us to establish an honor code and “recommit” ourselves toacademic honesty in February 2012; ACKNOWLEDGING the Faculty Statement on Academic Integrity that considersscholarship to be an “iterative process” of ideas that must be cited as they are builtupon; ACKNOWLEDGING that in order to best promote learning and equity, educationalcommunities should be governed by honesty and diligence and not by circumventingrules established to ensure these practices; ACKNOWLEDGING that academic dishonesty should not be an accepted or widespreadstudent response to stress; WHEREAS agreeable rules of academic conduct and honesty already exist and must bepromoted rather than reinvented; WHEREAS students must hold themselves and their peers accountable for academicintegrity; WHEREAS a culture of academic integrity cannot be fostered through isolatedinterventions but must be continuously reinforced throughout students’ collegiateexperiences;
 WHEREAS honesty and integrity are values that should be instilled in students for lifeand accordingly must be a central part of their Columbia education;LET IT BE RESOLVED that an honor pledge be established for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the School of General Studies, Columbia College, andBarnard College such that:1.
The text of the pledge reads: “We, the undergraduate students of ColumbiaUniversity, hereby pledge to value the integrity of our ideas and the ideas of others through honestly presenting our work, respecting authorship, and strivingnot simply for answers but for understanding in the pursuit of our commonscholastic goals. In this way, we seek to foster an academic community governed by our collective efforts, diligence, and Code of Honor.”2.
The pledge be recited during convocation and an inter-school event during theNew Student Orientation Program by all undergraduates in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the School of General Studies, ColumbiaCollege, and Barnard College, exempting students who have a religious orphilosophical objection.3.
The pledge be discussed among new students, including transfer students, andcurrent students in order to collectively discuss and pass on the pledge’s meaningand importance. These discussions should occur as a part of the New StudentOrientation Program or mandatory programming in the first four weeks of thefall semester.4.
 All new students, including transfer students and exempting those who have areligious or philosophical objection, should sign off on the pledge following thesediscussions in a series of books that will be stored and made publically availablein the offices of the deans of academic affairs.5.
Those students who do not pledge because of religious or philosophicalobjections will face no punitive action for choosing to abstain from the pledge.LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that an honor code be established for the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of General Studies, and Columbia Collegesuch that:1.
The code reads: “I affirm that I will not plagiarize, use unauthorized materials, orgive or receive illegitimate help on assignments, papers, and examinations. I willalso uphold equity and honesty in the evaluation of my work and the work of others. I do so to sustain a community built around this Code of Honor.”2.
The system of rules embodied by the code consist of “The Columbia University Undergraduate Guide to Academic Integrity,” most principally the sectionentitled “Dishonesty in Academic Work.”

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