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Published by IRMÃO AEC

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Published by: IRMÃO AEC on Apr 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MYSTIC FORCES AND THE CONDUCT 0F LIFE - SÉDIR translated from the French by Juliette MAXWELLPREFACE With this re-edition, I have brought a few clarifications to theoriginal text. In fact, « Mystic Forces » is one thing and « Conductof Life » another. There is a twofold task for the man who wants togain Heaven : on the one hand, to make use of the absolute forces likeloving one's neighbour, faith, prayer, sacrifice, death, the exampleof Christ; and on the other, not to make use of other forces, certainmethods which seemingly resemble the first ones, like the will,esoterism, illuminism, practices of clairvoyance, of the miraculous,of the impassive. In other words, I wished to show in all possible ways what should be done and what not to do, what should be believedand what not to believe, what should be desired or repulsed, so asto make oneself as worthy as possible to receive God's bounty.To eliminate any ambiguity in the reader's mind, I have set out thetitles of these twelve lectures, too concise perhaps, and I have,here and there, in the text outlined definitions and reinforcedaffirmations. If my faithful readers find this new edition to theirliking, I beg them to be so good as to pass it around as much as they can. We work not for ourselves do we, but for Him in whoseremembrance these pages have been written. From Him alone they willreceive the power of persuasion and light.IMYSTIC FORCES AND THE CONDUCT OF LIFE« Where two or three are joined together in my Name, I am in themidst of them. »(matthew xviii. 20)The subject on which I wish to talk to you is very old but ever new ; anyway, in the years to come it will become a passionate reality.It is our eternal Friend, Christ, whom we will try to remembertogether, even though our remembrances can never be but stammerings.Christ, no one knows Him, but He himself, the Father who sent Him andthe Spirit that serves Him. No being, understand, none, I say, hascaught more than a glimpse of Him. The searching gaze of mastertheologians, the burning hearts of the saints, the meditations of philosophers have never caught but one of the thousand glitteringsthat edge his cosmic halo. Angelico prepared himself by fasting topaint his celestial faces and sketched them while crying from loveand compassion. By what burning penances, by what adoring tearsshould he not, he who claims to tell the intimate of the Word,introduce his speech ?Surely, I will fall short of my task. So you must help me. For that
matter — even though without comparison — Jesus performed few miracles in Nazareth because His countrymen were incredulous. You understand that it is your faith I am claiming. Your faith, notin myself but in what I am saying ; not in what I am doing but in Himabout whom I wish to speak to you. If, as soon as I present myself to you, 1assume towards you certain responsibilities and above all thatto be useful to you, you too, by the mere fact that you have come, you assume duties or, rather, obligations towards the ideal which isour common concern.There is a mutual give and take as between collaborators.If I am so bold as to talk to you about eternal realities, I give you the tacit promise to render them tangible and alive to you, togive them body, to make you feel their immanent presence under the veils of everyday banalities. I must make it possible for you todiscover new ways of thinking, loving and acting. New landscapes mustunfold before you. I must lift you above the « down-to-earth » ; Imust exalt you with the intoxication of Heaven ; you must be setaflame like everlasting torches ; the thirst for Heaven must dry youup ; the sudden pangs of sacrifice must consume you ; and finally,something must rise in the hearts of everyone of you and cry : toserve, to serve, that is my vow. Will it be given to me to arouse this enthusiasm ? And if such apower responds to my unworthy prayer, will it still last when youhave passed this threshold ?It does not matter ; the effort must be attempted even if it isknown that it will be short-lived.The task of the speaker is so heavy, as you can well see, that heneeds the help of his audience.There are two schools of thought on this.I could, first of all, flatter the innate propensity of men for whatis « wonderful » and, very gently, step by step, convert it into aliking for things eternal.Or I could, openly, fight magic, ritual, esoteric wisdom, and show their precarious bases and their, on the whole, narrow horizons ;then, on these ruins, I could build a new temple or a chapel.But the first method seems a little too diplomatic ; as to thesecond one, I know that Heaven likes demolition no more than theanimation of corpses. When a creature or an institution becomeobsolete, they fall down by themselves. And what I should do if your wishes did not correspond with mine ? What I propose to you is aneffort. Here it is : What I have to tell you is even simpler than what religion teaches us. Expect from me only commonly known ideas, but which are forgotten as they are buried beneath numerous layers of 
silt within you. Some of these ideas will seem incredible, perhaps; but, because your soul has heard them before, on the threshold of aprevious eternity, you will believe me, no matter how rude my blowsagainst your present mental state.I ask first of all for your attention.If you listen to me as you would a teacher or an artiste who is only a man with talent, your willingness to remember and understand will be sufficient. But, if you wish the inner sanctuary to open to thesounds of divine harmonies, then more than a mental attitude isrequired. It is your heart that you must give. Come to him who isspeaking, no matter how unworthy he is, as to the voice of your ownconscience. You and he are coupled forces ; let your ascendant wishesand his descending effort join, let them reunite, let them fusetogether so that, from their union, a spiritual child be born. Anyhow, if I am here at all, it is because you have called me here.The present minute is always the result of countless unknown yearnings. Although your mind may not remember it, your heart hascried out on a night of intellectual or moral distress ; and thereflection of that cry remains printed on the faces of many amongst you. You were anxious ; the ideal inside you has been looking for theideal outside you ; and, as any wish acts by itself and finally creates its own satisfaction, your wish, after many voyages into theinvisible, many hardships, many disappointments, has finally broughtus together, you and me.Often you have been overwhelmed with fatigue, disheartened withoutreason. It was the anxious search of your mind among those seething worlds spreading beyond imagination into the hidden yonder, where weare only dust. Well ! the common wish of Heaven, which has brought us together, will make me intelligible to you if it is really about Heaven that Iam talking. But if you yearn for God and I try to steer you towardsthe Eden of occultism or esoterism, then we will not understand eachother. Also — and this is the stumbling block on which our mutualemotions may clash — if I talk to you about the Father, the Son, theSpirit, as the deep Light within yourselves very well knows They are, whereas your ego, your intelligence, your will hunger only for the « wonderful » and not the « divine », then my wish and yours, runningalong different paths, will not meet, neither will they bear fruit. What I ask from you then is to be simple. For one hour every week,one short hour, become simple again. When returning to this room, theatmosphere of which is still alive with the fluttering of angels' wings, let your hearts recover the artlessness of childhood. Forget what you are and what you have been. Scientists, forget your sciences; philosophers, forget your many wisdoms ; all of you, forget your vices, for all of us, we are, we may have been or we may becomecriminals.

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