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Lesson Project

Lesson Project

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Published by Michael Balzano
Health 2
Health 2

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Published by: Michael Balzano on Apr 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FAST-FOOD FRENZY WebQuestForLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Do QuestionColors
So you've been hit with ‘the crave’... you take a hike (or your bike) to the nearest fast food joint to feed your need. Just what are you gettingwith your burger and fries? Usually more than you bargained for in fat (among other items)! How do you please your taste buds but still keep your arteries clear and your  bathroom scalefrom groaning when you walk by?
Read the questions in the next two pages. Answer the questionsthat apply to your level attempted. The first page is a point of reference for the entire project (it gives you an idea of what you’re dealing with). Go to the fast food links(inside the questions they are linked in blue-ignore the ones on the right/left) andanswer the questions to find information on the nutritional value of your favorite fastfoods. Finding the answers will help you juggle your choices
munch out with aclear conscience!
In a dietwith dailycalories of...Which is about right for...(HIGHLIGHT WHERE YOU ARE) Grams of total fatGramsOf totalsaturated fat
Sedentary women, young children, andsome older adults
Most children, teenage girls,activewomen, women who are pregnant or  breast feeding, and many sedentary men.
Teenage boys,many active men, andsome very active women
OK, what am I supposed to eat?
On the average, Americans eat a diet in which about 36 percent of the calories comefrom fat.This is too high for good health for MOST people. The Dietary Guidelines suggest a goal of 30 percent or less of total calories from fat. They also suggestlimiting saturated fatty acids to less than 10 percent of calories.
What % of your calories should come from fat 36, saturated fat 10
(read above).
Where would you place yourself? Highlight the chart above. Using Well, what's the
largest amount 
of saturated fat that should be in my food eachday?
Based on the chart, how many total grams of Total Fatshould be in the foodyou eat
per day?
93Saturated Fatper day 31
What the largest amount of cholesterol and sodium you should have in your dietALL DAY?
Check out theUSDA’s Dietary Guidelinesto find out how much are yousupposed to have all day?Total Cholesterol= less than 300Total Sodium= less than 2,300
What is the problem with having a diet too high in fat and cholesterol
The biggest risk factors for a clogged artery were found to be obesity and a high levelof low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the so-called “bad” cholesterol which forms depositson artery walls.

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